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1 Resignation. on Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:37 pm



Sergei paced back and forth in his house almost endlessly, the life of a marine it was not at all what he was expecting. He was placed in relatively horrible spots for marines to be stationed, but still it wears a man down. He took a seat and placed his head in his hands, he'd be such a disappointment to his parents if he quit the marines, especially after becoming an ensign. But the hateful glares, the snide remarks from the common people, it was enough to drive a lesser man insane. "I wasn't cut out for marine life after all," he mused as he went for a bottle of ale, "especially with the horror stories I've been hearing."

The townspeople often talk of the higher ranking marines being saturated in corruption and Sergei couldn't help but think the whole system needed fixing. But he was one man and couldn't make the change himself, it'd take an entire new generation to see things differently. Earn the trust back of the civilian populous and it was too much for one single man to undertake. "I guess this is how it ends eh?" it was here that he took pen and paper and began writing his resignation. It was late by the time he'd finished, so it was then that he went to bed and slept throughout the night.

At the crack of dawn Sergei was out the door to his CO's office, taking a seat Sergei explained the situation and handed the letter over. The CO, a man in his late forties and prematurely gray hair, let out a sigh. "I can't stop you from resigning, but I truly hope you'll reconsider and return someday." Sergei flashed the man that shark smile of his and stood up "Have a good day, commander." with that he was out the door, no longer a marine.

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