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1A tangled web  Empty A tangled web on Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:29 pm



A sigh escaped the lip's of the brown headed male. "I don't see how this is my problem" the deep tone of Vega Stigan would say within the large stone room. He was alone, so if someone where to peer in it would seem as if the male had come off as crazy. That is until they moved passed the large throne that he sat upon to see the large Den Den Mushi that was in use. "Come on Vega, Your my best friend man, I need yer help. He's my cousin and we gotta save em." A voice came from the snail. "I swear to what ever powers that be if you where anyone else demanding something like this off me, I'd have you strung up by your balls" Vega uttered, though there was something in his voice, a hint of humour. The smile that crept upon his face would have given it away. Oscar seemed to detect it, the snail laughed. "Shut up" Vega said with another sigh.

"I'm at Jaya, I'm not going to risk my own neck just because Wallace is your cousin Oscar, tell me what you need, and I'll do what is in my power. If he becomes free, he and his crew may use Jaya to hide from prying eyes" The doctor said. His feet came upwards before extending resting in front of the table next to the snail. "Ah Vega your a fucking star" Oscar shouted over the communication device. "Yeah yeah, I'll organise the call. Just get your ass here" Vega ordered as he pushed upon the shell.


"So how much is it going to take?" Vega would ask, once more utilizing the Den Den Mushi to communicate with someone. "A single favour, simply when I ask" The voice uttered from the snail. Why was it, that whenever he had to speak to this man that he got a vibe so eery that it sent shivers down his spine. Vega was a cruel man, his work shop would tell you that, smart enough to figure anyone out yet for some reason Kiretsu, the Shichibukai was someone whom he could not figure out. He couldn't fathom what went on in his mind. Yet he had promised Oscar, damn the one person in the world who could essentially ask him anything and he would do so. Best friends can be such a pain in the ass. "Fine. It's a deal"

"Good, Wallace is being moved from Impel Down""We gathered that, we plan on intercepting him we just need to know where, then we will bring him to Jaya and keep him safe until he is ready to make his return" "Reeeaally, how interesting, It would seem you have it all figured out. Well Vega, the intended area of Wallaces transportation is the Island of Dreams. I assume there is where he will lose his life" Kiretsu said, though Vega disliked the way Kiretsu spoke. "Remember, one favour" He uttered before the den den cut off. "Idiot" Vega uttered, his mouth forming a smile as he lay back within the large throne. It was true that Kiretsu was someone he could not figure out. He was someone who did not plan, his mind changed upon a whim. Yet this would not matter to Vega. Vega was the type of man to say one thing while his actions did another. He had offered to grant Kiretsu a favour yet this favour would never come to fruition. No Kiretsu did not realize it yet, but he was Vega's pawn. Not the other away around. Once the pawn was used and its worth diminished, it would be thrown away. That pawn would be Kiretsu.

Vega would rise, heading back towards his laboratory, as the doors slowly opened, as they pulled apart. Screams erupted from the open room. Standing in the door way, Vega would grin, his smile devilish. Inhaling the scent of death filled his nostrils. Walking forward the doors shut behind him, the sound cutting off as the doors closed.


Waves rushed forward, rocking the large boat that the six main forces where upon, these six where Vega, Oscar, Kiretsu, Sakuma , Tyson and Raphael. Looking around Vega would sneer at those on board. He did not like the crowds, nor did he like the fact that this was cutting in to his surgery time. So many things to do and such little time. "It looks as if Oceanus isn't coming, though that was to be expected" the voice of Oscar chirped up. He would stand tall, though being around two of the Yonko had him terrified. He was also worried about Kiretsu, a World Government lapdog, he had been the one whom had supplied them with not only information, but had set up this meeting. Someone whom could not be trusted. "We have been informed that Wallace is being moved shortly, the intended destination the Island of Dreams. I believe it is there that they plan on executing him. I'v come here today, requested that each and every one of you help us in making sure that does not happen." Oscar would say, his voice held, no quiver escaped him, no shred of the fear he felt in side.

"This would be a true battle, one that my blade would love to be apart off. I would not dream of allowing my children to fight without their father" Everyones eyes turned to look to the source of the voice, the rather large and barely dressed Taisen would speak, a single hand upon his blade. He looked so calm, so beautifully relaxed. Everyone else had some sort of look, something he could read. Taisen just felt so normal, so confident. He was indeed influential. "Alas, I can not let Raphaels crew take all the glory, it shall be my crew, my sector whom shall take the glory" The secondary Yonko stated. His flaboyant clothing brightly coloured. He smiled as he placed his hand upon his sword. Eyeing those around him. "We older generation can not let the young upstarts out shine us" The flamboyant male said with ferociouty and excitement. "That is true, though we need more information" Spoke the revoloutanary guest. "The marines are troublesome, though right now they have their hand's full dealing with the rear admiral whom murdered Sansom. This would be the Ideal Time" Sakuma would say, though he would not stand. The oldest of the men. He would look to Kiretsu and Vega, the two whom had kept silent, Vega's eye's had yet to leave Kiretsu, while the latter simply sat, a grin upon his face. As if he where enjoying this. A decision was reached though, they where all in.

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2A tangled web  Empty Re: A tangled web on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:26 pm



There she stood, seven feet tall, slender, beautiful, with such gorgeous pink locks. The scar upon her face seemed to add to her beauty not take from it. Her white, pale complexion seemed whiter in the face of the dauntingly blood like red of the coat she bore. Her incredibly pirate like outfit seemed to scream QUEEN. She sat upon a throne, her legs crossed, gently pushed, dainty, delicate. One would never have assumed simply by looking at her that she was the current reigning queen of the Pirate World. Her eyes, green, like emeralds, looked ever so gently to the man standing around. She knew of him ofcourse, nothing within this world got passed Fiona. Kiretsu the dog of the government. Yet a pirate at heart she knew that sometimes certain protection was needed.

"So that is their plan?, They plan to free Wallace upon Jaya Island?" She uttered in such a delicate tone. "Why are you telling me this Kiretsu? Do you not work under the leash of the government?" the Queen would say. "I'm bored, the world needs a little ruckus, and my dear queen, your status is in danger, if Wallace returns he shall attempt to reclaim his kingdom, a battle of kings and queens. It sounds as though it would be electrifying don't you agree?" the red headed male would utter, his voice coming out like a hiss. He had such a cruel smile upon his face. Yet if Fiona trusted him, if Fiona distrusted him, it would not show, her eyes gave nothing away, her mouth remained in the same delicate smile. "My dear Wallace, his title was taken from him the day he lost to Admiral Howard" Fiona would utter. Yet at this moment she would stand, her hand gently pressed against the hilt of her blade. "In fact dear Kiretsu, Wallace was never king, I have always been Queen of the pirates, and when I halt there attempt to save Wallace, then no one shall question me again" She said proudly as she walked towards Kiretsu. The red headed clownish male would simply remain, his breathing steady as he watched her. This is going swimmingly, I'm going to have the perfect show to watch. I must remember to get some popcorn he thought to himself, his smile widening.

Then something fell from in front of him, orange strands of hair fell like droplets of rain. His face showed some form of expression, was it shock? Was it amazement? Fiona could not place it. Yet it had seemed like she had not moved. Her hand remained upon her hilt. No sound had come from withdrawing it. No air moved as it swung across the distance to meet Kiretsu's head. His fringe now lay upon the ground. Blood now trickled from his forehead, moving down his face over his eyes and slightly across his lips. "If this is a trap, I'll cut more than your hair" Fiona said with a smile as her eyes looked down to the males crotch. Then with her swaying hips she walked away, leaving Kiretsu to watch her. His tongue moved to lick the crimson liquid from his face as it continued to pour. As Fiona walked away he removed the den den mushi from his pocket. "She's in" he uttered through the machine.

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