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1Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] Empty Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] on Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:44 pm




Revolutionary Transportation Services

The Revolutionary Transportation Services are available to Pirates and Revolutionaries alike who participated in Phase 1.  It is a service ran by the Revolutionaries and is heavily guarded. The ship itself is Tier 5 On Water and is guarded by 1 Tier 5 NPC, 3 Tier 4 NPCs, 5 Tier 3 NPCs, then 30 Grunts.

For this topic only, this Escort Service is open to all Pirates and Revolutionaries who participated in Phase 1. Travel timer is lifted, but still post your travels from Jaya Island to where you are going. Phase 2 won't be rolling for a while.

Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] Pirateship-640x390

Oscar D. Rose:

Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] XxEQ2fW
Name: Oscar D. Rose
Alias/Epithet: Crimson
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Haki Aura: - Savage Soul

Occupation: Martial Artist l Historian
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: - 4

General Appearance: Oscar just as his cousin sports a style just as crazy as Wallace. His hair color being silver, short haircut with bangs and a spiked top add to his personality of being a very upbeat hyper pirate. For attire Oscar wears a skintight shirt which doesn't go past the belly button, when it comes to his pants they are equally as tight as his shirt and made of the same material along with that they match his silver hair. On the center of his shirt is his crew's insignia for which he pays homage to Wallace. On his arms, from wrist to tricep Oscar wears silver arm sleeves that don't mean the outfit but match the boots Oscar wear which is a more metallic style than the attire itself. On his right backhand is Wallace's jolly roger on Oscar's hand. For his features Oscar is brown skinned and has a muscular slim build to him for his height. On his face he has an x scar across a major portion of his face.

Height: 6'3
Weight: 225 LB
Crew Tattoo Placement: backhand

Personality: The usual personality of Oscar isn't known to many people as they only know him for his time post Wallace's arrest. He seems to be a very distraught emotional person who leads his men fearlessly as a means of avenging his fallen comrades and incarcerated cousin Wallace.

Crew: Considering all those above him in the standings have died, Oscar is the de facto leader of the Rose Pirates. His crew features a crew of roughly fifty members and a division commanders.
Hand to Hand: - 6
Melee Weaponry: - 3
Devil Fruit:-

Haki: - B

Face Claim: (Syura|Akame Ga Kill)

The tides of the ocean have shifted, those who entered the battlefield in the Blue's were soon to have their fates decided. In the room Oscar stood in featured a view of the Gorgeous Jaya Island which was a pirate haven in a way. Oscar frantically looked out the window, silent but yet very emotional and distraught. He awaited the return of a few Revolutionaries before he could effectively start this meeting to start phase two. In attendance were a few key members in his crew along with the man who ruled over Jaya Island with an Iron Fist or in this case poisoned fist, Vega Stigan. He was looming to the far left just listening to the situation and making sure people remember who this island really belonged to just in case they had forgot.

The table was rectangle and there were gallons of sake along with maps littered all around the table. A thud could be heard just outside the room and none would be alarmed as the man making that noise was the incoming Sakuma. A thrilled Oscar turned swiftly and smiled at the sight of the high ranking Revolutionary. "Now that Phase One of the plan was a success, we can effectively get started on Phase Two" An annoyed Sakuma took his place at the table, not before staring at Vega lurking in the corner swishing the contents of his cup back and forth. "Since the clown isn't with you I can assume..." the words of Oscar escaped his mouth after he sat and noticed Sakuma wasn't with one of his usual subordinates. A head nod from Sakuma confirmed just that "I'm sorry for your lost but Wallace and I surely appreciate the gesture of sacrifice in saving him."

A moment of silence after Oscar's words ushered a few more head nods from Sakuma who wasn't really in the best of moods now. He lost his trump card and his subordinate during the transgressions of battle in the form of Ren and Jester respectively. "First and foremost I'd like to thank Vega for granting us use of his island. Secondly I would also like to state that because of outside assistance of the next generation of Pirates we've received great help. To repay that help we will be sending out several ships to different islands in Paradise and one back to the Blue's so that those who helped us can choose to go where they want before everything picks back up."

Eyebrows raised as the last part was mentioned as people wanted to know exactly what the next phase was in terms of rescuing Wallace. As for the ships those were outside ready to go with guards placed on them to make sure those who helped had received a form of safe travel. "I hope you are all ready to put everything on the line. In two months time, we will be raiding Impel Down. Those who are ready must go ready their men and their ships. We will be keeping some people on Jaya Island considering this is the stronghold until otherwise stated. But until that day we prepare. Here i have maps and routes to Impel Down I want you all to analyze. I want you all ready"Oscar would hand each member at the table a map before he himself got up and left the room. Once out the room Oscar would exit the building and see a sea of pirates and revolutionaries alike, all prepared for the rescue of the Pirate King, Wallace D. Rose

Pirate/Rev Rewards :
Sturm - (MVP) Cursed Wheel Ticket|25 Exp|40,000,000 Bounty|8.5M Beli
omeh - 15 Exp|5,000,000 Bounty|2.5M Beli
Kincaid - 19 Exp|15,000,000 Bounty|5.5M Beli

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2Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] Empty Re: Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] on Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:01 am



Even after the transition of event's , Jaden was still stunned at the fact of war. It was his first time actually gaining experience through being at that exact point before , as compared to watching it through surveillance den den mushi. He owed his life to his newly acquainted friend Sturm , seeing as he gave up his own personal equipment to save the life of Jaden. After the crowds would begin to thin out he'd attempt to find Sturm and give a heart filled apology to him , before heading out for awhile. The leaders of the assault did well to accommodate those who risked their lives during the expedition , and Jaden would use that to replace the equipment that was lost at war.

Though he did have other plans to intend to , seeing as his performance in phase 1 wasn't that of par with others having his life to be saved , he'd go off to another island for awhile to train. There was a fighting style he decided to work on by the name of "Kitsenubi-Ryu" , a swordsman style that utilized the usage of flames generated by the blade. It seemed useful as means of better protection , and that horrific image of the rear admiral that used poison would haunt him in the back of his head. Definitely fire cancels out poison and if he would ever have to stand toe to toe with such a person he'd at-least stand a fighting chance. Now he'd be off to locate Sturm , then off to find a ship that'll take him to Vulcan where he'd get used to being near raised temperatures.

I'm the Sin that'll cut you down | You're truly slothful
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3Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] Empty Re: Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] on Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:09 pm



The ride through the Red Line had been rough for Cyrus and his bleeding arm. Luckily once the ships had exited the roaring seas that composed the entrance to the Grand Line, medics had been dispatched around the ship to tend to those who had suffered wounds in both battle and travel. Cyrus smiled as a young man bent down in front of him, removing the bloodied rag that had once been his undershirt and probing the bullet wound to make sure all fragments of the bullet had exited his arm. Cyrus grit his teeth but said nothing, the young man was helping him, there was no point in lashing out, regardless of the pain. Carefully, the man helped Cyrus remove his arm from the sleeve of his jacket and began stitching the wound. This might sting a bit. The man muttered as he poured medical alcohol on the bullet hole to kill any bacteria or infection. Cyrus inhaled sharply through his teeth, beads of sweat forming on his brow but he continued sitting in silence. Once the man finished he stood up to leave but Cyrus grabbed his arm, First of all, thank you. Second, and most important, leave the bottle. The young man was confused as he looked down to the basket of medical supplies he carried with him and raised a questioning eyebrow, This is medicinal alcohol. The man said but Cyrus simply smiled and held out his hand, You had me at alcohol.

Several hours later Cyrus found himself up above deck with dozens of other pirates and revolutionaries, many of whom were celebrating their recent victory. Cyrus was happy with their victory, but the cost had been great. As he nursed the bottle of rubbing alcohol, the sharp burn making his nose and eyes water, his thoughts drifted to the Rear Admiral he had briefly engaged. For some reason he hoped he hadn't seen the last of her. Once docked in Jaya, Cyrus exited the war-torn ship that had taken him through the Red Line, placing his hand on the hull of the beast in thanks for getting him through the battle alive when so many others had not been as fortunate. Finishing the bottle of rubbing alcohol Cyrus threw it behind him, a splash of water marking where the empty bottle had entered the sea. Revolutionaries and Pirates milled about the island, many lingering by the docks. A fresh set of ships had arrived, per the Revolutionaries, and were waiting to escort those who had put their lives on the line a free trip to any destination they so desired. Cyrus wasn't entirely sure where he wanted to go. Truly he was at a loss for what to do next so he simply closed his eyes and listened carefully to the chatter of the crowd around him. A single word jumped out at him, Drum. He opened his eyes, turning in the direction of the word and saw a squat man standing atop a wooden crate, most likely to make himself seem taller in the crowd when in reality his short stature made him only seem average. The man was ringing a bell and calling out, Drum Island, last call for Drum Island. Cyrus looked up at the ship behind the man and noticed that it appeared relatively empty save for the crew that manned it and perhaps a dozen or so fighters from the battle. It wasn't ideal, but it's what stood out to him. Cyrus walked past the man, tipping his hat as he did so. The excitement of adventure and the liquid courage that could come only from a strong buzz propelled him forward into this next chapter.

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4Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] Empty Re: Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:53 pm



Finally he had made it. He was on the start of his adventure all be it he was alone in a way. his crew had disappeared without a trace and the battle with the marines had left the crews he had traveled with injured but not defeated. his spirits held high as he stood behind the helm of his ship the dawn bringer. He brought his lovely ship into port with all the others and raised the sails and dropped anchor. It felt good to be back on land once again. He let out a loud audible belch as he descended down the ramp onto the dock. This was his first adventure on the grandline and he was going to make a a memorable one.

He smiled happily and returned to his ship and returned a few moments later carrying his violin case in his left hand and in his right hand he kept within his coat s pocket. Oh what fun he was going to have but sadly he was feeling some what stingy at the moment. He was going to have to spend his remaining berry very carefully. he wanted to buy something for his ship a weapon of great power in case he needed to ever to make a escape or just to finsh off the enemy. He had always wanted to get a air cannon for his ship it was powerful and deadly and the most important part it resembled a beam. Oh his inner child wiggled about happily at the image of him firing his weapon looking all majestic and regal and awesome looking.

He walked along the dock and heard a voice call out " Drum Island, last call for Drum Island." He then spotted a man he had seen previously at the meeting back in east blue he quickly ran up chasing after the man. He did not know exactly why but he saw a familiar face that could perhaps clue him in on what exactly what was going to happen next. " hey you blonde hair guy in the hat hold on a second I got a questions for you." He would push through the crowd and hopefully have caught the mans attention. He was a stranger in a unfamiliar place he was somewhat lost and needed some sort of guidance

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5Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] Empty Re: Call to Arms [Pirate/Revolutionary Event] on Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:29 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Naesala was previously in Alabsta, but had encountered a few chauvinistic Pirates who were recruiting other Pirates and vagabonds for a job with undisclosed details. As far as Naesala was concerned with Alabasta, not much was going on, but he still had had Geryon in his company, so he promised the man he'd return in due time. Taking his own vessel and crew, he followed the ones who were recruiting and ended up here in Jaya Island.

"Can I ask what all this commotion is about?" He knew Jaya Island was a hub for Pirates and nonetheless was under the finger tips of Vega Stigan, but it seemed odd that there was this much activity going on. Was the renown Pirate even aware he had this many Pirates crawling about making the Island such a hot spot? Naesala figured he'd have to be aware given the power that his name held. No one would be foolish enough to try to use the man's Island as a base for an operation he wasn't aware of. It was then that he was walking around the Island, but a small handful of his crewmates with him, that one of them noticed a wanted posted of Wallace D. Rose. "Hey Naesala, you think this might be a rescue effort for that Wallace fellow. He had gotten captured by Howard D. Saint a few months back and I heard his execution is coming up soon." Naesala hummed in thought and scanned the area seeing an area dedicated to treating wounded people and the amount of injured men was not modest. Something big had happened. "You might be right there, but lets just return in the alloted time we were told to return in. I'm sure we'll be able to make our decision whether to assist or not then." His crewmates nodded and they returned to their own ship.

Naesala was a bit peeved about not getting much insight on the task at hand, just being told that their forces would be meeting up here again in a few months. In the meantime Naesala figured he'd take a quick detour from Alabasta revisit Drum Island. He wouldn't need his Log Pose and it would be no help getting to Drum Island anyways since it was attuned to Alabasta's magnetic field. Instead he'd travel to Drum Island by following one of these escort ships, just to scope out how the public was taking to the carnage he had caused or if it had just been overlooked and they had moved on.


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