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1 Waters and Kingdoms on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:28 am

Kyo sat in the office of his ship. In front of of him was his desk while he sat in a twirling chair. Behind him was the large window which was pointed towards the sea rather than Water 7.  The cyborg was out patrolling the ship everywhere while Xena, his navigator was sitting in a basic wooden chair in front of him. The room was quiet as Kyo rubbed his hands on his chin. Hopefully no one dared try to attack him because he didn't feel like fighting at the moment. This was a moment of dire need. He needed to see if he wanted to stay on Alabasta or face the waters of the Grandline once again. Looking at Xena he would say "So Blacksmith, what do you think. I here this place is beginning to be filled with Marines. With my bounty percentage it wouldn't be good to stay here. A lot of heat could be on our head." said Kyo as he stared at the red haired beauty. She was a amazing blacksmith as well as a navigator. One of a hundred. Was amazing he had met her back in the Four Blues long ago.

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2 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:37 am

Xena looked at the org like man. His ears were pierced and skin as white as stone. Probably cold as well. His hair was black and red which was quite crazy since it was natural. The teenager wasn't a good captain, but he was smart at times. Like in battle he wasn't one to go all out. Hw rather analyze his opponent so that he could find a weakness. Though he was right. His bounty was quite large. Near that of a Supernova. She would not even be surprised if he was to become one sooner rathwr than later. She was sure a lot of people knew of him in Water 7. He had melted a lot of the island. She was still surprised that it still stood tall. But she couldn't answer him yet she still had yo think. What about the others. Was he thinking on leaving then on the island. If so, why? Taking a deep breayh she would say "First, tell me what you are going to do with the others. Are you going to leave them?" she would ask as slowly as she could in means to not irritate him. The captain was a very powerful man and she didn't want to get on his bad side.


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3 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:44 am

Kyo would sigh hard. He hated it whdn people questioned him. It irritated him. And the fact that Xena was trying to slow her words like he was dumb made him even angrier. He would slowly calm down as he would say "Why are you questioning me?" seconds would pass as he would give her time to answer. "But anyway, I will simply leave them here. They can do whatever they want. Though, the Cyborg is coming witb us. The huge guy and thw others can stay here for all I care. Now that I have answered you. You answer me." said Kyo as he stared into the eyes of his nav.

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4 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:13 am

The blacksmith stared hard at the winged man. She had annoyed him. Something that she was hoping would not happen. Though, why was he leaving everyone else besides herself and the newly recruited cyborg. Could it be that he felt that her and Genome were more useful to him than the others. If so, why? Her fighting abilities weren't that powerful. She was only mostly useful on the ship. Though, Genome could be another case. Now she felt like she was prolonging the answer to a serious question. Looking at the captain she would say "Yes, I think we should leave. Unless you feel like fighting marines back to back. Who knows what types of admirals are lurking amongst the island. Like you yourself said, your bounty is pretty high and a lot of people is after it. Marines, Bounty Hunters, hell even Pirates like ourselves. I say we should leave as soon as possible. However, we can't at the moment. The Log Pose we got from the Baron person still hasn't attuned to another island yet. So, we have to wait until it does. According to what I have been reading, it shouldn't take long. We have been here for over a month. The time fram is usually from a day to a month." said the navigator.

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5 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:20 am

Kyo would nod at everything the Navigator had said, but he could still feel that she wanted to ask more questions. However, questions he couldn't answer at he moment. Upon her completing her opinion he would stand. "Yes, I feel the same. Now listen, I know you don't really fight much. Though, I want to know the full extent of your power in basic hand to hand combat. We can use the deck of the ship." said Kyo as he wanted to test the fighting abilities of his navigator. He already knew what Genome was capable of doing. He saw the man fighting a group of pirates back in town only days ago. Xena was of his concern. If he and Genome ever left the ship. How would she defend it if she didn't even know how to throw a single punch at someone. Though, he was sure she did seeing as she helped him take down those idiots all the way back in the Four Blues. Walking around his desk and to the door of his office that led outside to a case of stairs that led down to the deck. He would wait for Xena's reply.

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6 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:14 am

Xena would frown at the offer the man had gave her. It was like he was reading her mind. Did he have an ability that allowed him to do so. Though, she should take him up for his offer. It wasn't bad to learn new tips and tricks. She would see him walk around his desk and to the door as if he was waiting for her. Or at least her answer. She would give it only a moment of thought before she would say "Sure Rikaro, I don't see why it would be bad." said Xena as she rose from her seat from in front of the desk and would begin to walk behind the man and wait for him to open the door to the deck. Looking at his back she would see his demon like black wings. She still wondered where the man came from. She had her of a place called Sky Island back when she was little. Apparently it was filled with winged humans. Though, she of course knew that place was only a myth.

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7 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:24 am

Kyo would nod when Xena accepted his offer. Opening the door which went outward, he would walk to the staircase. The blinding light of the day would take his eyes as they would begin to focus, showing him the deck of the ship. Barrels and boxes of food were everywhere around it so they would not starve to death. Walking down the staircase with his hand on the beam that led to the bottom for his balance, he would look for the ideal spot to fight. Finding a spot in the middle of the deck that was 10x10 meters he would smile. Getting to one end of the square and leaving Xena standing on the other end he would say "Ok, this will be our arena. I will draw a square around us. Whoever moves out of the square first or whoever gives up will be deemed the looser." said Kyo as he would begin to draw the square around them. Minutes later he would look at the perfect square. He would walk into the middle of the square and motion for xena to come forward. Leaving 2 feet of space between the two. "You can have the first move." said Rikaro as he bent his knees slightly and rose his hands in this new fighting style he was learning.

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8 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:27 am

Xena looking at the man draw a square would frown. He sure was taking this small fight quite seriously. Seeing him come in the middle of the square and motioning her forward she would come. He would say that she had the first move which was a good thing. She always liked to throw the first punch. Looking at his stance she would see that their were a lot of holes in it. But what if he wanted her to take the openings so he could hit her. She would think as she slowly roses her hands in front of her chest. Then it would begin. Her hand would go forward towards the throat of the winged man as her left foot would rise quickly at T1 speed and attempt to kick him in his right knee cap. If her attacks would be deemed successful then his leg would lock and he would loose breath for a moment.

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9 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:34 am

Kyo would see the attack coming. The movement of her body and her eyes looking at different openings. Maybe she was good after all. A punch would come towards his neck with her left hand, but when he was about to block it he would see a kick coming at the same time. What to do. He thought only for a second. Then it clicked. He would shift his body, turning it backwards with his right side of his body moving first. At the same time he would lean his head back. Her attack moving over his nose and the kick scraping his pant leg. As her arms and legs were still going forward he would grab her wrist and duck, bringing her down with him as his elbow would come to hit the top of her ankle. Letting go of her wrist his wings would shoot forward as he went flying backwards. A gust of air hitting the woman in the eyes. If his attack was a success her ankle would be bruised and her body hitting the ground hard.

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10 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:37 am

Her limbs were open as Kyo had dodged both of her attacks. She was too slow to react as he grabbed her wrist and hit her ankle somehow. She would feel her body being brought down to the ground. At that moment she knew she had lost the fight. If this was a real battle then she would have been dead already. Hell, being this close at all would have killed her if her and Kyo were in a real battle. He would have already either turned his body into magma or shot magma from his body. Ankle bruised and her body hitting the ground hard she would say. "I give up. If this was a real battle I would have been dead already." Wiping the hair that had gotten in her face due to him flying backwards she would re-position her body. Coming to sitting on her ass as she looked at the pale skinned man.

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11 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:40 am

Kyo would nod upon her saying she gave up. So, she knew that was a poor excuse of fighting. It didn't matter though. She can always be taught. Seeing her sit down he would do the same. Coming to sitting indian style as he looked at her. "So, I see that you still have questions. Anything else you want to know." he asked. He was up for story time so he really didn't care now. Though, he thought of some questions that she may ask. Why do you look like that? Where are you from? Why do you have wings? How did you get your devil fruit? None of those were secrets and he was happy to tell her how and why he had all of those things.

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12 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:45 am

So he finally wanted her to ask questions. She would look at him. Observing his weird body. The wings he had were so majestic. The only possible answers she had for them was that he was from a island that she knew wasn't real. Letting out a deep breath she would say "Tell me, is there a island named Sky Island that is filled to the brim with people who have wings as such as yourself. If so, where is it, how do you get there." asked Xena. She was a navigator. She liked going to new places and if this place was real she wanted to go see it. Sky Island, it would be amazing if the books were true. But if it was real. Why would Kyo leave a place as such as that. The streets were lined with gold and silver. Houses made out of marble. If her mind was true than it was the real life heaven.

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13 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:50 am

Kyo would smirk when she had asked about his wings, but was blown when she said Sky Island. What the hell was that. The place he had come from was Skypiea. It was a island in the sky, but only out landers called it Sky Island. How did this woman even know of it. He would focus on her trying to see what she was trying to see what she was trying to pull. Seeing that she was simply asking a question he would say. "Urm yes, Sky Island does indeed exist. But it is not named Sky Island. It is named Skypiea. A island filled with us winged people. There are multiple races of us. The Skypieans. The Birkans which is the race I am. And another race whose name I always forget." said Kyo as he frowned. Pointing into the sky he would say "To answer your where is it question. It is up there." said Kyo as he looked up into the sky. Still looking up in the sky he would say "Though, there are multiple ways for you to get there. You can have an Airship, use the knockup scream and multiple other things." said the man as he thought of his home.

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14 Re: Waters and Kingdoms on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:53 am

Xena would nod, so this Sky Island did exist. Though, it wasn't called Sky Island which wasn't really mind blowing. Books always changed the name of important places. She was about to ask what a knock up stream was, but she rather no why he would leave a place as such as that one. "So, why did you leave. According to the books, Sky Island or as so you call it Skypiea is a ideal place of dreams. Why would you want to leave a place as such as that one." asked Xena curiously. Though, she knew she could have answered that question herself. Looking at the man who was rutheless in combat and rather play with his opponents than kill them quickly.

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