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15 Re: Pick Pocketing, and a Ship{Open} on Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:40 pm

mark er

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16 Re: Pick Pocketing, and a Ship{Open} on Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:49 am

Mr. Brazy Hoe

The elder's toiling wouldn't go without bearing fruits as he'd go by unnoticed mostly due to the buffoons own actions. This lead to no one being sent to grab Hanbei and no attack being sent at him, while on the contrary his attack on Jack went unanswered. His whole upper body, including his head, would be burned to the bone and his body would actually be set ablaze as mentioned before. Hanbei was looking to bring the guy in alive, but he honestly expected the guy to pull off a dodge or something. With his flesh already eaten off in some spots, being on fire wouldn't help his condition and would only accelerate his decline to death should such a thing be fated for Jack Snow. The civilians that the man would try to pit against Hanbei would proceed to run through the blizzard, albeit not as fast as they normally could do to the presence of the leftover snow, but no matter they'd continue to run in Hanbei's direciton. Not intentionally, but looking to flee the scene. Hanbei would have grabbed his sword and took off first though. Perhaps he'd encounter the man another day, all he knew was he couldn't risk to fight him around so many innocents. He couldn't fight at his full potential and beyond that the Jack Snow fellow had a myriad of allies. Despite their I.Q. being a bit low, or maybe it was just they were following the orders of an idiot, they were quite troublesome and keeping up with all of them would be a vexing task especially with all the innocents around. Further his reliance on Haki was beginning to take its toll and while it was essential to his success in this situation, he couldn't afford to keep it up for much longer. His sword gripped in his right hand, grabbing it out the docks wooden boards, he'd flee in the direction the crowd was running before, away from Jack.

Hanbei didn't see this as a victory defacing the man in the way he did. It'd surely scar his face where he was struck with hideous burn scars, the same went for his actual body. Nonetheless, Hanbei didn't see this as a victory unless he read in the paper later that the man had succumb to death from his assault. He didn't see it as a solid defeat either. Disappointed in himself for not being able to fell his target like he set out to, he did still see his progression and patted himself on the back for doing as much as he did while remaining unscathed. He'd be well away from any snow when he spoke, accumulated snow on the ground accounted for, when he spoke. "Should you not die from those flames, we'll meet another day Jack the Drought!" He'd turn his attention back towards the man as he yelled at him. Should the man be in his previous spot, Hanbei would be a healthy 15m away and still traveling, a crowd of the leftover people trailing behind him, but having no hope of catching up as he was running as fast as he possibly could.

His Kenbunshoku Haki was still active, but this was the final term he could afford to keep such a thing active. He'd be able to react to something should an attack be sent as his person, but with their boss man on fire Hanbei doubted he'd be pursued by the man's peons. Even then they'd have a crowd of people blocking their vision and bumping and shoving them, the same conditions Hanbei was vulnerable to before. So getting a good shot with one of their pistols was out of the questions as was throwing a knife or anything of the sort.


Leave Me Lone Haki Stamina: 10.

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

18 Re: Pick Pocketing, and a Ship{Open} on Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:46 am

As shown with Akainu vs Ace, superior elements force inferior one's into solidity and effect their actual bodies. Thus Ace dying from Akainu's punch. I say I'm superior to Snow in my app (the +1), so what Akainu's lava is to Ace, the fireflies are to your body. Meaning ur actual body was hit by the fireflies, no intangibility. That's why the details in my post was written how it was ._. If it'd melt straight through you, then you wouldn't be able to recover because you're being hit be a superior element.

So you can follow this easier, if you could recover with ur logia power from being effected by a superior element, Ace would have been ok from Akainu's attack. But he wasn't so you aren't ok.

So those holes you say the fireflies burned through you would result in your death ._. "elephant skin, i'm tuff, etc, etc" I also mention the fireflies setting you on fire in my post and it's in the skill description, you kind just decided to ignore that. I ain't gonna call nothing cuz ur don't even have much bounty and it's not worth the drama, but yeah.

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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