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1 [Vault and Suna Suna NPC] Finale on Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:46 pm

Any staff can RP it, will deal with unworthy adversaries if in grave danger.


Name: Officer, Finale
Alias/Epithet: Fruit Cannibal
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27 visually sometimes, actually 57 mkay.
Haki Aura: Savage Soul

Occupation: Martial Artist, Doctor
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 4

General Appearance: Besides a uniform, Finale prefers to keep a consistent and simple appearance. Primarily, he aims to achieve maximum edginess. Roaming about, Finale wears a dark black and purple cloak that looks worn out from wear. The cloak covers his entire figure, and he also has a matching tan mask to go along with it. Equally worn out, Finale's mask looks like it has bugs living in it. Besides the cloak, Finale can be considered a streaker. The streaker's only visible human aspects are his hair and eyes. Plain black, the streaker has eyes that match his also dyed black hair that is shaggy and unkempt. In complete opposition to his outward appearance, Finale has a sculpted figure befitting his occupation as a fighter. In addition, he's also relatively tan from roaming nude sometimes. The only sign of Finale being relatively unkempt on his physical figure is he's hairy everywhere.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left thigh
Personality: Finale approaches life and interactions in a professional manner. Always, he's looking to gain an advantage. An advantage to Finale can come just from physical or emotional gratification. Regardless, Finale doesn't like to waste time, and he knows he can only do so many interactions before he overloads himself with unnecessary information. Despite all this, an interesting fact about the streaker is that he dislikes reading books. Personally, he feels it's a forced behavior and an activity that can be improved upon. No matter the book though, Finale dislikes books being banned and he believes people should seek knowledge in whichever way they desire.

An easy way to describe Finale would be to say he's flexible. Even in his belief of being flexible, he can be flexible. Most importantly, he cares about giving and taking rights from people. Giving people a framework to improve upon and reach an understanding is important to Finale. To Finale, everybody has some form of potential or can teach him something he might have naturally avoided. In a way, Finale's belief can be described as assimilation. Having others be like him or give him ideas that they themselves don't recognize is an ongoing motivating factor. To Finale, consistency and repetition are clearly different though. All the time, Finale likes to prioritize trust and consistency rather than undertake useless repetitive endeavors that will rust his ideals.

For fighting, Finale enjoys trying to find as many advantages as possible as well. In addition, he's flexible in how he'll pounce on a perceived advantage immediately upon conception. As far as preparing for fights, Finale doesn't enjoy the heat or rain hindering him. On the off chance he encounters an injured individual, he has found that trying to heal somebody being poured on is difficult for a shining example. Likes rights, assimilation, child labor. Dislikes restrictions, repetition, desk work. He's interacted with each race and doesn't have any preference towards their abilities or attitudes.

Crew: Slut

Hand to Hand: - 6
Melee Weaponry: -
Devil Fruit: 5

Haki: S

Face Claim: Tokyo Ghoul - Donato Porpora


Come one, come all.
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