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1Auron [Finished] Empty Auron [Finished] on Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:25 am

Name: Auron Wolfhart
Alias/Epithet: The One Eyed Reaper
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: Applying for Tier 2

General Appearance:
Auron is a fairly tall and muscular man, standing just a little over six feet. He has blue eyes, though one of them is covered by a large eye patch. He has large, spiky white hair that grows down to his neck. He wears a short purple coat that covers his shoulders and upper back, though the sleeves are generally left unworn. Much of his chest is left uncovered, save for two thick straps that criss-cross against his torso as well as a large collar that covers most of his neck. Auron also wears two wrist guards that cover everything beneath his elbows, as well as a pair of purple gloves. He also wears a purple waist coat that is secured with a floral patterned sash. Below that, he wears what is reminiscent of traditional samurai shin guards and a pair of black slippers.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 240 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: (Not yet joined) Auron's crew tattoo covers a vast majority of his back.

Personality: Auron is a complicated person to understand due to his many conflicting emotions and characteristics. On the surface, he is a very pleasant person. Auron values respect among all other things and is very kind to everyone he meets. He takes interest in people, sometimes becoming genuinely invested in a stranger's blights. He enjoys helping people and does it often. He is also a huge joker when he gets in a good mood, constantly goofing off and pulling pranks on his friends. Other times though, he is much more reserved. Auron is often seen speaking in a very low, relaxed tone. In fact it is very rare to see him stressed or without a smile on his face. He is a good friend and someone that is loyal to a fault.
However, deep down Auron is very troubled. His past weighs down on him like a sack of lead. It keeps him depressed and fuels the strong self-loathing he keeps hidden deep inside. The consistent smiling Auron does is simply a mask to draw the attention away from him self. He does not feel like he is worth anybody's attention and is very self-conscious. He does not want anyone to try to help him, because it only fills him with a sense of uselessness. The smile is his way of keeping himself from being a bother to anyone, although it is starting to make a real change inside of him. By faking his happiness, he has become more cheerful and with the help of his friends, it may be possible for him to be truly happy.
Unfortunately, there is a side effect of his repressed emotions. It leaves Auron burdened with an overwhelming source of anger. When he is pushed over the edge, all of his sadness is converted to rage and he ceases to be the same person. When he lets his anger out, he is ruthless and dangerous to anyone who stands in his way. It is because of this that he hates fighting, because any time he engages in a serious battle, he loses control. Auron is the type of person who excises control regularly and attempts to install a sense of order into every aspect of his life. Overall, Auron is a genuinely kind person, who will jump at the opportunity to defend others faster than he would defend himself but is also someone you do not want to trifle with.

  • Relaxing- Auron has a tendency to be a little high strung, so he makes it a habit of taking any chance he can to sit back and relax. Whether it be sipping some tea, reading a book, or simply taking a nap.
  • Training- While Auron is not the type that enjoys fighting, he very much enjoys training. He enjoys it because training is more of a game to him than anything, but it also grants him piece of mind that should he need to, he can fight.
  • Talking- Auron loves to talk, probably a little too much. He takes interest in people and wants to learn anything he can about them. He also enjoys talking about insane hypotheticals, or about his hobbies. However, he often never talks about himself.
  • Cooking- Whether it be for himself or for someone else, he loves to cook. He will often spend his spare time learning a new recipe, or learning new tricks to make him a better cook.
  • Animals- Auron has a soft spot for animals, any and all kinds. Whenever he sees an animal he normally will not rest until he has befriended it.


  • Fighting- Auron hates to fight. In fact, he hates whenever something gets violent. He prefers to settle disputes peacefully. However, if pushed to it he will fight for as long as is necessary.
  • Marines- The Marines are Auron's number one enemy. Due to past events, he believes all marines are corrupt and terrible people. Even if they are not at first, he believes they will turn rotten eventually. Auron almost never shows any mercy towards Marines.
  • Disrespect- Disrespect is among the few things Auron will not stand for. Auron respects everyone he meets, even Marines. He feels that no matter who the person is, they deserve at least some form of respect, even if it is the respect of a quick death.
  • Pessimists- While Auron may not be the most optimistic person in the world, he does not like pessimists. To him, pessimists are people without hope and thus take away the hope of everyone around them.
  • Insects- Auron hates any kind of insect with the heat of one thousand suns. Any insect he sees he will mercilessly kill.

The loud pitter patter of rain drops echoed through the house, paired with the screaming of a woman. A beautiful white haired woman sat on the bed, screaming in pain as she gave birth to her second son. A tall man with pitch black hair knelt beside her, holding her hand. "You can do this, Rowena. Just a couple more pushes and you'll be there." Her screams echoed through the house as a young boy with black hair wandered into the room, "Why is mommy screaming," the boy asked. Shocked, the man turned and hurried the boy out side of the room, "You're too young to see this. Just wait in your room and everything will be okay," repled the father. He shut the door and continued to hold his wife's hand. The woman let out one final scream, before a small sigh of relief. A small baby, with snow white hair emerged from the woman, crying as loud as the woman had been screaming just moments ago. The man sighed, "Rowena, look at our beautfiul baby boy. Isn't he just perfect?" Rowena smiled at her second born son and simply muttered out the name, "Auron." Before losing consciousness. "Rowena," the man shouted before setting his son down and shaking his wife. He shook her harder before putting his ear to her chest, not hearing a heartbeat he began to panic, attempting to resuscitate her. He attempted to resuscitate for an entire twenty minutes before burying his face into her chest and crying, "Rowena..." he sobbed, "Please come back to me..."
Never had a chance:
A boy and his father sat at the table, smiling at each other. "Auron! Where the hell is our food," exclaimed the man. A small white haired boy emerged from another room, carrying two bowls of soup. He had a large smile on his face, yet his clothes were torn and dirty. It was apparent that he had been wearing them for quite some time. The boy set the bowls of soup down onto the table and folded his hands behind his back. His father took a sip of the soup and sighed, "Swill. As always Auron you fail to impress. All you do around here is cook, I'd expect you to at least be good at it," he said before smacking his son across the face. Auron fell to the ground and tears began to flow from his face, but he didn't sob. He knew better than to make sounds when he cried, it would only get him into more trouble. "I'm sorry father. I'll try better next time", he said before running to his room. As he shut his door, he could hear his father and brother laughing at him, though this was not out of the ordinary. Auron's room was not actually a room at all, it was a closet that his father had cleaned out. His room consisted of a few sheets of fabric for a bed and a small, mildew ridden teddy bear. His stomach growled as he pulled a small slice of bread out from his pocket. He bit into the bread and chewed it slowly, savouring every second of it because he knew he would more than likely not eat for almost another day. He began to cry again after he had swallowed the last of his bread. He clutched his stuffed bear tight and cried until he fell asleep. Auron awoke early the next morning and began to prepare his father and his brother breakfast. He made them two plates of scrambled eggs and brought it to the table where they were waiting. He folded his hands behind his back as his father tried the eggs. He looked at Auron and waved his hand, meaning the eggs were good enough for him not to be slapped. He hurried into the kitchen and scraped every last remainder of egg that he could and ate it before washing it and running outside. Going outside was one of the only joys in his life, he got to be away from his father and brother and he even learned a few things from watching the people. Auron stood outside of his house, deciding on which direction he wanted to explore today. Just before he had decided, his brother had pushed him over. His brother looked down at Auron as he laughed in his face, then continued on his way to school. His father paid for his brother to go to a very expensive school. Auron, however was forced to stay home, only being allowed to stay outside so long as he was home in time to make his father's meals. Auron wandered around the market district of his town, looking at all of the delicious foods they had for sale. He never understood why he did this to himself, but sometimes it just made him feel good to look at all of the amazing foods, even if he wasn't able to eat any of them. He looked over at a stand that was filled to the brim with pineapples, they looked so good his mouth started to water. It was just then that he saw a hand reach up from under the stand and begin to pull pineapples down. The hand had taken four of them before a kid burst out of the stand down a nearby alleyway. Auron became curious and decided to follow the kid down the alley. To his surprise, he came upon three kids standing in the alley, one of them holding a pineapple out towards him and smiling. Auron sat down with them and shoved the pineapple down his throat as the kids explained to him that they had seen him wandering around town and felt sorry for him. "I've seen your dad and brother, they both have really fancy clothes. Why do you wear those rags", one of the kids asked him. Auron explained to them that his mother had died giving birth to him and that his father and brother hated him because of it. Tears began to stream down from his face as he finished telling his story. "That's not fair, not fair at all. You never even had a chance. Your father is blaming you for something that isn't even your fault." The kid clutched his fists, enraged by what he'd been told. "I'm Kenji. From hear on out, you're one of us. We'll look after you. You can even have some of my clothes." He held his hand out to Auron and for the first time, he actually felt happy.
A change of heart:

After Auron had become friends with Kenji, Rose, and Genshin he had become a lot happier. Meeting them had been the highlight of his life so far. They gave him clean clothes, real food and even let them sleep in their bed every once in a while. In fact, he had so many new homes that he was hardly ever at his own anymore. At first his father was furious, but as Auron was around less and less, he eventually got over it and began to make his own meals. Him and his new friends caused all sorts of trouble around town. They stole food and even got in some fights. Even though it was trouble for the adults, they were all having fun. They had become the proud and strong Pineapple Bandits, a name that was chosen for their gang because of their first gathering, when they all ate pineapples. Over the years, the gang started to get more serious. It stopped being about fun and actually started to become a real gang. This made Auron start to feel uncomfortable, every time he did something mean to someone else it made him feel as if he were his father. The more serious the gang became, the less comfortable Auron was with it. The name even changed from the Pineapple Bandits to the West Blue Bandits. More and more people began to join up and before he even realized it, he had become part of a real problem for the people of his town. He had only been eight years old when he joined the gang, now he was thirteen and understood much more about the world, but he still knew so little. One thing he knew for sure, though was that he did not want to live in his town anymore. He was ready to go out and become his own man. But before he could, there was two things he had to do.
Farewell, Good Riddance:
Lightning lit up the night sky as thunder echoed through the night, rain pouring down hard as Auron entered the hideout of the West Blue Bandits. He entered to find the leader, Kenji talking about plans for the next week. Auron walked into the middle of the room, sopping wet. Everyone stared at him with puzzled looks on their faces, while he glared directly at Kenji. "This stops, today Kenji." Kenji now had a puzzled look on his face as well, "Stop?" he laughed, "Why on earth would we stop? I mean, we have to be the richest kids in West Blue", he laughed again. Auron stepped forward and grabbed Kenji by the collar, "I mean it. This stops today. Have you not noticed the effect we've been having on this town? Everyone here is miserable", he shouted. Kenji became enraged and pushed Auron back, followed by sending a swift punch directly at his face. Auron took the punch, yet his face didn't move an inch. "Look what you just did. We were friends, once. You swore to look after me. Kenji...the way I felt all those years ago, that is the way you are making the people of this town feel." Kenji's eyes shot open and he pulled his fist off of him. Kenji stared at his fist and smiled. "I never realized how much power I actually had. Thanks for helping me realize that, Auron" The entire gang started laughing, it was foolish of Auron to think that they would change. He clenched his fists and swung at Kenji, hitting him directly in the nose. Kenji screamed as he hit the floor, blood pouring out of his nose. Auron had broken his nose with that single punch, he couldn't help it, he was furious. "I'm leaving, Kenji. I'm not coming back. Not for a really long time. If I ever do come back and I find out you are stilling pulling the same crap, you'll regret it. Take my word on that." Auron stormed out, leaving Kenji bleeding and infuriated, Auron had just embarrassed him in front of his whole crew. That was one thing he needed to do, now it was time for the last one. Auron entered his father's house, it was the first time he had in almost two years. It was the same scene as always, his father and brother sitting at the table, eating dinner. His brother was shocked when he entered the kitchen, while his father was just furious. "What the hell are you doing here, get the hell out of my house", he screamed. Auron smiled at his father and looked him right in the eyes, "I hate you. I hate both of you. I just want you to know that. I'm leaving this god forsaken place, this is the last time either of you will see my face." There was a few moments of silence before his father stood up, looking out the window. "It was a rainy day the day your mother died. The day you were born. I hate rainy days. You think you're all grown up now? Fine. Leave. Maybe after today, I'll actually start to like them again." Auron's smile faded, "Mom would be ashamed of you," he said just before leaving. He heard his father turn around to chase after him, but he was already walking out the front door. Now, he was finally able to move on.

Becoming a man:
The night he had confronted his father and brother, he spent nearly all of his money that he had obtained through his career as a bandit and paid for passage on a ship. He arrived at a busy trading town just at the edge of West Blue. A few days after he arrived, he met a man who owned his own restaurant and was in need of an assistant. It was there that this man had completely turned his life around for the better. The man's name was Hanzo and he had been a sushi chef for most of his life and was learning to cook new and different food for his restaurant. Auron spent a few years of his life working with him, learning how to cook. It was unexpected for Auron, since he used to hate cooking for his brother and father. But Hanzo had turned it into something he loved. When he was sixteen years old, a girl his age had joined the restaurant to help with the now higher traffic. Her name was Helena and the first time Auron looked at her was the first time he felt love in his heart. She was the apple of his eye. He became good friends with here and it stayed that way for a year, until he finally got the chance to ask her out. She agreed and what followed was the two best years of his life. Helena was everything to Auron, he spent every waking moment with her, she taught him so much about how to be a better person and helped him to forgive himself about all the things he had done in the past. Auron, Helena and Hanzo had become like a family. He could have happily lived out his life right there in that town, working at that restaurant. Unfortunately, it was never going to work out that way.
The end of everything:
It had been happening for a while now. Every so often, a group of thugs would come to the restaurant and demand money. At first, it was easy enough to give them the money. But each time they came back, the ransom would be higher. Auron and his family weren't the only targets, but they definitely got the worst of it. No one knew where they were coming from or when they were coming. Auron was not going to let them push his family around anymore. He had been training with a staff, preparing for the next time that they would demand money. He had to stand up to them, because there was no way they would be able to pay the amount they were asking for. One million beli just to have them come around and demand for more the next time, there was no way. Helena and Hanzo were both scared out of their minds, panicking about when they were going to come back. If he lost either of them, he would not be able to cope. It had been a few months and hope started to creep in. Everyone was hoping that they wouldn't come back. Unfortunately, that hope was false. They finally returned, the night Auron had been training for. This time it was different though, they had more people than ever. There was one person in particular though that scared Auron. He could feel that this guy was stronger than the rest. "One million beli, if you will." The leader laughed and held his hand out. He was met with silent, nervous stares. "Come on now, you don't want to find out what happens if you say no to us." The tension in the air was rising, it was time for him to act. Auron pulled his staff out from under the counter and sent a strike right to the leader's face. It hit with a large crack as the leader fell to the floor. The rest of his crew laughed. This confused Auron, but he understood as the leader got up from the floor and began to laugh too. He wasn't strong enough, not nearly strong enough to get these guys to back off. The entire time they just wanted to hurt Auron and his family, they just wanted to squeeze as much money out as they could. The leader drew his sword and struck down Hanzo as if he was nothing. Auron pulled Helena close to him, "Hanzo! No!" The leader advanced, going for Helena. Auron tried to fight back, but he was kicked to the floor. The leader of the gang advanced and swung at Helena. Just like that, the man who had changed his life and the love of his life were gone. It took less than a minute for everything he loved to be ripped away from him. "What a pathetic loser," the leader chuckled as Auron screamed at the sight of Helena's dead body. "You should have given us the money," he said as he took his a match and threw it on the tapestry. The whole place went up in flames as the men walked out. He held Helena's body in his arm. He had never noticed quite how green here eyes were, or how silky her hair was, or the softness of her skin. It was the last time he would ever look at her as the flames engulfed the entire building and it was like he was seeing her for the first time. He spent a few more precious seconds with her before he laid her down. He closed Hanzo and Helena's eyes before running out of the building. He ran right out of the restaurant and into the street, his staff clutched in his hand. He ran as fast as he could down the street, following the sounds of incessant laughter. He had caught up to the gang of criminals and was directly behind them, the leader hanging in the back with his head up, laughing louder than all the rest. Auron took a chance and swung his staff with all of his might, hitting the leader so hard his skull caved in on itself. Just as soon as he had landed his hit, he was on the floor, screaming in pain. The one that had stood out among the rest had sliced him across the face with his sword before Auron could even register it. The man sliced him right across the eye, then followed up with a quick stab into the chest. "That was one of my favorite lackeys," said the man. "You won't die right away. You'll bleed out here in unimaginable pain before you die. You should really pick your battles more wisely, kid. You couldn't possibly hope to kill a Marine, after all." The men walked away as Auron laid in the middle of the street, cold and choking on his own blood. The last thought he had before he lost consciousness was of Helena and how he hoped she didn't have to suffer his pain.
The night of the assault, Auron was rescued from an old man that had found him lying on the ground. The man was a skilled medic, though he was unable to save Auron's eye. The man never said a word, but insisted Auron stay with him. It was with this man that Auron had undergone vigorous training, learning how to fight. Auron was nineteen when his life was destroyed. He was twenty five when he left the care of the old man. Auron emerged a completely different person. He now had a clear goal in life. He was going to set out to get revenge on the marines that ruined his life. To get revenge on all marines. The best way for him to do that was if he sailed as a Pirate. So Auron set sail for Water Seven, to truly begin his life.

Face Claim: Sengoku Basara|Motochika Chosokabe

(Only for Tier 2 Characters)
Bonus: 1,000,000 Beli
Location: Water Seven

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2Auron [Finished] Empty Re: Auron [Finished] on Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:00 pm

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