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1 Sergei Volkov [finished] on Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:19 pm



Name: Sergei Volkov 
Alias/Epithet: Vol
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist/Cook
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Sergei is a young man who looks his age, a pale white complexion and brown hair which reaches between his shoulder blades. A pair of ice blue eyes that hold a warmness behind them and a (quite literal) shark smile with sharpened teeth. His build is rather lean with beginning of muscle mass showing, his outfit is the white shirt, cap and long blue pants standard of the marines.

An easy identifier for Sergei is his hands, which are riddled with scars from incidents in his youth. However he normally wears gloves to cover them.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 175 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/a

Personality: Sergei is a very carefree man, often drifting around on his time off, more often then not however you can find him training or in the kitchen working on a new recipe. However when on the clock Sergei is a stern, nearly joyless, man who prefers to work to work either alone or with one partner maximum. Sergei has great respect for the WG and fellow marines and an intense dislike of criminals in general, which leads to an absolute justice view of the world.

Sergei has a grand love for cooking and often writes down ideas for meals in his free time between work and training. Should someone ask him about either training or cooking you'll see his eyes light up like a powder keg explosion. He'll gladly talk your ear off about either and even discuss the finer points of either with you if one enjoys such things. One thing to never ask him about however. is his hands, when questioned about them he gets rather insecure and clams up, not from shame of how he got them but from insecurity in his looks.

Sergei is a prideful man when it comes to his family past as his father, uncles and grandfather were all marines who either died in the line of duty or retired whilst his mother and her family were all masterful chefs. He speaks highly of both parents history and will viciously defend his families name. An odd habit he picked up from his grandfather is chewing on the end of matchsticks which he saw as a better alternative then picking up his fathers smoking habit. Sergei also has an intense arachnophobia due to being bitten as a child.

His family.


His hands.



Early Childhood:

Sergei was born to Natalia and Ivan Volkov, a cook and marine respectively. He was an average child, cried when he got hurt, learned things at a normal pace and the like. Both parents taught him their respective skills when he was able, his mother let him help bake and cook, his father taught him proper stretches and went on (albeit small) jogs with him. At age six he was slightly above average then most children physically, was often on one end of the rope while two more were at the other in games of tug of war.
At age eight is when he started getting really involved in both of his parents activities, helping his mother in her restaurant kitchen and doing actual training with his father. Of course there were times where his father went out and it'd just be him and his mother. But things were fine, it was a town with a high marine population so they didn't have any real issues with crime outside of corrupt marines. It was through his fathers teachings that he gained his sense of justice, that the marines are the heroes and pirates the villains and thus that marines need to do anything they can to stop the pirate threat.
Teenage years:
Sergei's father decided to up his training once Sergei was thirteen, including weighted training and sparring between the two whilst Sergei's mother brought him into the restaurant full time. He had little free time between all that and school but he didn't mind as he enjoyed what he was doing and at age fifteen, a year after his fathers retirement, expressed interest in joining the marines, much to his fathers joy. His father taught him proper marine etiquette, ranks and all the things he'd need to go before entering the academy.
This of course also meant an increase in training time which was of course done, leaving less time at the restaurant., but giving him a more solid base in martial arts. 
Marine Academy:
Life in the marine Academy was easy, he had been  learning for four years from his father so it was a breeze. He graduated at age twenty and currently awaits a crew to take him.

Face Claim: n/a

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2 Re: Sergei Volkov [finished] on Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:41 pm



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