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1Waffles Empty Waffles on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:28 am



Name: Waffles D. {Danish} Pancakes
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Age: Twelve
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Thief
Affiliation: Free Agent
Tier: 2

General Appearance:


Waffles ZvXmTtP

She’s not short! Waffles would shout at the top of her lungs, despite only standing at a height of four foot, four inches. Her weight matches her short stature, as she is lithe, slender, and predatory in build, weighing around 72 pounds on her best day. The fact of the matter is even though she’s only twelve, the rogue probably won’t grow anymore, the idea that she even made it to be as tall as she is mildly unbelievable. Though a Dwarven by race, she is an exceptionally large one, thus with her heritage lost, she believes herself to be a short Mink rather than a tall Dwarf. More specifically, due to her own upbringing, a lion type Mink, which has prompted her to shave down the generally bushy tail of dwarves into that resembling a lion’s tail. The tail is mostly hairless with the exception of wheat colored sprouts, and a large poof of hair at it’s end. But this is about the only feature that she has that is even mildly reminiscent of a Mink, and even that had to be fashioned to fit the description of one. Nonetheless she clings to the hope that she will grow bigger, and everyone will praise her giant stature, though this is a distant and impossible dream.

However she does have more reasons for believing herself a Mink rather than a Dwarf aside from the tail she created. Or rather, she has misread them as being signs of her heritage, rather than accepting that sometimes genes just do crazy things. Waffles has absurdly big hair, which is also extremely coarse in nature. Pretty much going in every direction, the big, unmanageable, and orange tinted hair has been mistaken for a mane rather than just big ass hair. Nonetheless, to her it’s a sign, however annoying that sign actually is. Incapable of being truly tamed, the long mane of hair flows down below her thighs in length, where it is generally always bound and pulled into a ponytail. The giant hair however, even with the attempt to be bound is most unruly, as it takes six industrial strength rubber bands to keep the ponytail from erupting into a giant afro that veils her face. Her side bangs are bound by an array of colorful string to make sure none of that interferes with her vision either. The final addition to make sure her hair stays in place, is a tattered blood red bandana that she keeps wrapped around her head, leaving the back open to allow her ponytail freedom. Her dream is to have a Jolly Roger of her crew on the bandana, but so far she’s had no luck being accepted into a crew…

Yet regardless of her wild untamed hair, short stature, and short span of life, Waffles face seems to portray a lot more wisdom than her age should allow. Having to struggle and make it on her own since she was four, the shallow marks and scars about her face and body tell the tale of someone who's had it a little rough, but not so so bad. Nonetheless, her deeply tanned skin, though a bit rugged, is still quite beautiful. Despite her good skin, Waffles has always been one of those girls who was tom-boyish in nature, and her face didn’t betray her guise. Though as she got older, and the guys features continued to get harder, her’s remained soft and feminine, much to her displeasure. If no one took her seriously as a young man attempting to join a crew, in her mind it got even worse when the world started realizing she was a girl after all. Because of her small size, being a girl, and being a Dwarf, the bandit has racial features that could be described no less than chibi-ish. Her eyes, large sky blue orbs, with a nose the size of a small button below it, with lips that are generally pressed into a firm stiff line, with one bottom canine tooth poking out at all times. She has full cheeks, which house noticeably deep dimples, dimples so deep that they are noticeable even without a hint of a smile.

Though Waffles tries to keep her tough exterior on the forefront, really she’s as emotional as any twelve year old girl. And even though she’s usually a bit dirty from her dealings, she also cares about fashion a great deal too, though she’d never let anyone know it! And more so than that, she is extremely sentimental, as everything she owns of any value stays on her person in some form or fashion, aside from the bandages wrapped around her budding breast that is hopelessly trying to keep people from noticing she’s “developing”. An assortment of gold hoop earrings run down in a line upon her small ears, the wares from some merchant who wasn’t paying attention. The one’s she couldn’t fit along her ear are like tapestry upon her bandana, which sway of their own volition when a breeze comes by. Over the bandages around her torso, she wears a cut-off blue vest made out of jean material. The vest is a bit tattered around the sleeves and hem, showing extreme wear.

Like her upper torso, Waffles has also bandaged around her legs from where they begin, down to just above her calves where it stops. Over the bandages, she has fashioned something of a skirt out of a cloth map of the Four Blues and the Grand Line that she found in the trash one day. It is also tattered and worn, but the multitude of colors that show the different island and seas is very eye pulling and doesn’t look bad at all. Regardless of this, Waffles, like most beings who consider themselves animals, doesn’t wear any shoes. Nope, she prefers the feeling of soil on her feet, and simply cannot be fucked with when it comes to wearing shoes, believing it will somehow hinder her ability to perform her duties as a thief in some form or fashion.

Height: 4’4
Weight: 72 pounds
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A


For basically the entirety of her life, Waffles has been forced to survive the harsh world on her own accord, and because of that, she has become extremely tough. Maybe not tough in the physical sense, but in the mental sense she is peak. A girl of unstoppable willpower and ambition, when the girl gets her sight on something she doesn’t let the idea of possessing it escape her. No, if she wants it, she will have it, a mantra which has enticed her to become a thief rather than a beggar, not to mention all in all one was a lot less dangerous than the other. Waffles however looks as thievery as both difficult profession to master, as well as a hobby, thus it may be one of the few things she takes with extreme levels of seriousness. The prodigy that every bandit deserves to help grow, most of Waffles skills were developed own because of two reasons A.) She was young and no known bandit wanted that burden, B.) She was a girl, and no known bandit wanted that burden. Yet it’s because few people have ever cared to look after or help her that she has developed the mental fortitude and tenacity that she has thus far.

With that said, even though she is a believer in taking care of herself, she is also a tad sensitive and emotional, the opposite of someone whose selfish. No, instead of being a douchebag and letting orphaned youth make bad decisions, she tries to help provide the resources they need when she does her dealings. She doesn’t look at it as a burden at all, as she can’t turn a blind eye to someone in severe need, but she also can’t ever say such a thing either. So instead she tells all the young ones that the only reason she helps them is to hone her skills some more. Somewhere in her mind Waffles believes that the other smaller kids see her to be incredibly tough, as that’s the persona she tries to push out at all times, nonetheless most just see her as being incredibly compassionate and having a soft spot for those who have come from her circumstance. However more reality of her situation kicks in as Waffles loathes the rich, the government that won’t help anyone, and the Marine’s that govern her island that see people hungry every day and do nothing. But more so than that, she wants those riches to herself...she wants it all.

It’s almost amazing how someone can go from being as quiet as the wind on a calm Summer day, to being as loud and goofy as Waffles is when she’s conversing with someone. Extremely boastful and arrogant, Waffles has yet to learn how to keep her mouth shut and just listen. Instead she wants to be seen, to be noticed, to be heard, and more over to be accepted. Yet she hasn’t quite figured out the formula to making friends isn’t about what you have or can procure, but more about the type of character you are overall. But one day she’ll get it, until then she’ll continue to mouth off. She has the mouth of a sailor, as well as the rudeness that it entails, though when she begins pushing buttons and noticeably ruining people’s day, she backtracks and becomes incredibly soft spoken, attempting to lap up the wound she created. However when someone is actually mad at her, that she somewhat respects, the young lady in her comes out as she begins to shrink within herself, fighting back tears, with a quivering lip.

Incredibly sensitive to a fault, Waffles doesn’t like to be yelled at or scolded, as such things may immediately make her start sulking and questioning things that don’t need to be questioned. Nonetheless, she is continuing to grow, and needs that reassurance that she is pushing herself in the right direction, and more so than that, that she is genuinely a good person with a big heart. But aside from that, Waffles is extremely thirsty for adventures or anything that involves some form of calculated risk. She doesn’t mind high pressure situations, and more often than not, thrive in them. Nonetheless, so far all she’s had in the form adventure in Logue Town is stealing from a few people and having them give chase to her. She hates the self-righteous and those who looks down on her type, and often makes it her duty to make their day as hard as possible. As she is a mischievous, prankster, and trickster, who has grown more than adept at making people miss the things that they just knew they had on ‘em. What was once a means of survival has become a game as well as ambition to be the most noteworthy person of her profession the world has ever seen.


+ Stealing
+ Playing Tricks on People
+ Learning
+ Freedom
+ Pirates
+ Adventuring
+ Money


- Self-righteous People
- Boredom
- Vegetables
- Marines
- Stagnance
- Lack of Growth
- Being Scolded
- Half-Hearted Ambition
- Being Second Best At Anything
- Any Form of Government


Waffles, from the time of her conception was basically doomed to be a failure and nothing more. Heck, she isn’t even supposed to be alive at this point. Her mother, a Dwarven, hid her pregnancy from the rest of the Dwarves, as the father of her child was not the man that she was married to. Thus when she pushed out the baby, she immediately cast it into the oceans, in an extremely small floating carriage made of sticks and wood. Though her compassion for the baby was thin, she wasn’t enough of a monster to just cast the baby off of a cliff, instead opting to let the child be swallowed up by the current. No more than the size of a peapod, while floating adrift, the cries of the whee baby were heard by a crew of bandits who were floating the sea on their next raid. The Captain, a gargantuan lion type Mink, though told by his crew to just put the baby out of its, decided to keep her, at least for a little while, taking her back to live with them in Logue Town.

But even this was rough, as the crew of bandits had no regards for babies, and thus treated the infant as if it was just another item to sidestep around. The only person who cared even the slightest bit was the nameless Captain, nurturing her as best an unruly lion-man could. But even his patience would wear thin, as he felt the small girl to be an impeding factor of ever being worth anything noteable, his crew beginning to depart as the adventures they used to be on were thrown away for babysitting. Thus, when Waffles turned four, the Mink left her to her own devices, returning to the sea and basically telling her to fend for herself in a world she didn’t understand. However what she had learned if nothing else, is that if you wanted something, you took it, you didn’t ask, you didn’t beg, you made it yours. It was a weakness to have one’s hand out when they could easily use those same hands to pocket whatever they’re begging for.

Living the most scummy of lives, Waffles avoided sex trafficking by pretending to be a male, while being small enough to avoid chase by slinking into just about anything. She made a very small hut in the worse part of Logue Town, and lived there as she pilfered the necessary things from everyone. However her skills as a thief were terrible, as she often ended up being caught and forced to scurry away, having to opt to stealing from the trash in order to calm her stomach. Nonetheless, never once did she complain, instead using it as fuel to desire so much better than she had right now. And as time went on, she would get no form of tutelage to help her realize her ultimate goal and ambition. No bandit wanted to help a girl, no bandit thought someone that size could be useful, and no bandit wanted the burden of someone that young. Yet as the years cascaded by, her dream still remained like a burning passion inside of her.

At the age of eight, the thief reflected on the story told by the bandits when she was little, using it as warmth in the harshest of cold, as she was no longer small enough to just fit anywhere, as a growth spurt had come along. Yet the myth went, when a thief become so great that the world would have to know of them, the power of the Grim Reaper would be bestowed on them, the greatest power of the night, the power to steal lives. They called the power the Shibui Shibui no Mi or Grim Grim Fruit. And ever since she was a jit, that’s all she had ever learned to desire, as it meant being the best, as well as being known. And to be known meant that people would have to care about you, which is something that she also always wanted. But despite the hardships and running her life has been made of, not once has Waffles ever cursed her parentage, assuming that leaving their cubs is just what lion’s did after a while, and it wasn’t like she wasn’t thriving in some sense.

Nonetheless, her skills as a thief were still mediocre at best, and had taken a substantial leap down due to trying to learn to control her new long limbs and tall stature. No pirate crew would take her still, and worse than that, none of the local bandits or thieves would teach her either. So she sulked as children often did, throwing a fit as she ran into the forest. But it seemed like this was fate, as the animals themselves taught her how to steal more efficiently than any other being could. Not only that, she had learned that some people were just prey, and that for a predator to survive, sometimes prey couldn’t. It was a harsh lesson, but one that was needed. Years propelled by, and her success rate for her thievery improved, though so did the pressure to escape Logue Town. At the tender age of twelve, her female anatomy was beginning to show itself, destroying the ruse that she thought she had, as well as growing another foot taller. So now she had to try harder than ever to evade the sex trade. Thus making the only option for Waffles to sail out to see and escape the island once and for all to begin her quest for greatness.

Face Claim: N/A

(Only for Tier 2 Characters)
Bonus: 1,000,000 Beli
Location: Logue Town

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2Waffles Empty Re: Waffles on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:32 am



Archieved / Killed off Nightshade. Soooooo yeah. Smile

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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

o k

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