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1 Fear Reborn, Archiving The Fury on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:15 am

The Fear



Name: Kaiser Stein
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: Long Leg Tribe
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance:

Kaiser has a green tint in his hair, one that he keeps covered by a black mobster hat. Not be mistaken for a fedora because he thinks that is unbecoming of a man. Those who wear those kinds of hats are jokes to him. His eyes are that of a bright amber color, almost snake like in nature. Being from the tribe of the long legs he stands taller than most normal humans due to the extra joints located in his legs. He stands at 12ft with a 8 foot leg reach. So in terms of combat he can reach quite a distance. Regardless still being taller has favors darker suits that stray from the normal uniform of a marine. He likes to wear black suits wherever he goes. He has matching white and black shoes that are thicker at the bottom due to his fighting style that requires kicking. He likes to think it makes him stand out above others. His body is lanky naturally due to his birth right as a long leg. However, he has taken the time to tone his body out giving him a deceptive look. He has a lot stronger than he appears to be.

Height: 12ft
Leg Length: 8ft reach
Weight: 300 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/a (Marine)


Tenacious: As the word suggests, Kaiser is a man of great tenacity. He knows little to no fear when it comes to dealing with high priority targets or persons of interest. He always exhibits his ability to push forward even when things look rough and tends to find a way. ‘If there is a hole it is a man’s job to thrust into it.’ He says on a constant basis to show how determined he is too get a victory in a conflict. Even the minor victories are enough to satisfy his tastes.

Calculating: He is a very calm thinker and tends to keep to himself. In combat his mind races but stays focused on the prize. Even in the toughest situations he can keep calm. A calmness that can seem almost intimidating to those he faces in combat. At times he even taunts his targets to throw them off their game. There is no such thing as fighting fair to him. If it can get him a victory he will do what is needed. One can say that it is the best trait to have in the face of danger.

Chaotic Lawful: He doesn’t really identify himself as good or evil just that he needs to get the job done. As a marine he tries to uphold the law to the best of his ability as he has his own idea of what justice is. He usually picks his targets according to strength and doesn’t pick on the weak. Nor does he really care for those who find enjoyment in crushing those who can’t fight. He finds his pleasure in dealing with those who believe they are strong, especially pirates. They are always a fun source of entertainment.

Deadly: Kaiser never hesitates in the heat of battle. If someone needs to be put down he won’t think twice about pulling the trigger. Because he knows that if given the chance anyone would try to turn the tides of battle. He always tries to make someone or something feel maximum pain before putting them down. A lot of the time this could be seen as cruel, of course he could just put them out of their misery, but where is the fun in that? Everyone has their thing that they enjoy the most. Inflicting pain on his target and watching them squirm is how he gets his pleasure. It is like he becomes someone different whenever his bloodlust is unleashed upon his target. Thankfully he has a great sense of control because he could be a great threat to the world.

Determined: Whenever he sets his mind on something, Kaiser gets it done. He always tries to do things the best of his ability. He is a huge fan of training his heart out to get to the next level. He knows there are some people out in the world that excel far beyond that of his own strength. Especially since he doesn’t possess the power of a devil fruit at the current moment. So to do this he supplements it with sheer power. In the face of adversity he finds his greatest strength.

Likes: Suits, expensive shit, getting stronger
Dislikes: Cowardice, wet socks, Weakness

History: File: Kaiser Stein
Code name: The Fear

Born on a vessel floating in the sea of Loguetown Kaiser was born to a family of adventurers. His father was strong but he did not ally himself with marines nor pirates. He just became strong enough so he could defend his family against anything that came before them. A martial artist himself he was proud to have a healthy child with no birth defects. As a matter of fact, due to his powerful crying this meant he had the potential of a warrior. Of course his mother saw him as a strapping young scholar but she knew better. She knew that in a world of constant battles one had to be strong to survive. Knowing this she let her husband train him to be strong. This would be no normal feat, as his father was a renowned fighter who master of the Black Leg Style. A rare style of fighting that only a few have trained in. However it was rumored that a few of these select masters exist in the world. Kaiser’s father, Kruger Stein is one of those masters. This is why he chooses no side because this style has shaped an era once before. He did not care to play a part in the war between pirates and marines.

Of course he asked the same of his son but he knew that he could not control what fate had in store for him. Growing up, Kaiser’s body, mind and spirit was placed to the test. For this was something that all students of the Black Leg Style. Granted his father sensed something in him, a great potential that must be tapped into. All he could do was open the door, Kaiser must do the rest. Throughout the years he fought hard to please his father, as time passed on his skill would only grow. At the age of eleven is when he got his first kill. A blood lust that was hidden suddenly released during a run in with a band of pirates inland. His family had stopped on a business trip and Kaiser got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Confident in his abilities he challenged the captain to a match. A rising star in the pirate world he could not imagine losing to a mere child. Of course he was proven wrong. Not knowing the full extent of his power Kaiser dispatched the Captain with minor effort but something snapped. He was caught up in a whirlwind of ecstasy and took the man's life unintentionally. Of course he was not really punished for it. The man was a wanted criminal in the blues. Word traveled around that a child defeated a pirate, this of course caught ears in the marine base located near by. Scouts went looking for Kaiser and brought him in.

Instead of a bounty award he was offered a spot working in a marine division when he came of age. This was his shot at becoming great so of course he took the offer. He went back to his family who supported this decision, but of course his father warned him against things that were in the world. The blues were only a intro into the world of chaos. He had to make sure his son was ready to walk this path. Eager too please Kaiser pushed forward with his training until he was eighteen. By then he wasn’t a master but very well versed in the forgotten style passed on to him by his father. He started from the bottom like everyone else and would push himself to become something great. He trained with higher ranking marines because of his high aptitude. Also was showing levels of powerful haki levels. It was something that definitely caught the eye of the world government.

He fell into the special ops division of the marines where he would take on the nastier missions that required a bit more skill to deal with. He was even given the title ‘The Fear’ as over the years his methods of taking out targets struck fear into those who heard the name. People know his look and know his name this was something that he hoped to achieve. However, he knew that the blues was only the start of his adventure. If he was to achieve his full potential he would have to push himself further. He would have to go beyond the bounds.

Face Claim: (BlazBlue|Hazuma/Terumi)

(Only for Tier 2 Characters)
Bonus: 1 Mil beli
Location: Water 7

Apping for tier 2, Change name to The Fear

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2 Re: Fear Reborn, Archiving The Fury on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:53 am



App roved

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