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1 Put some respeck on my name on Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:14 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: Disrespect is Not OK
Tier: 2
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team or Personal: Personal
Description: Some of the people in Water 7 have been talking about the revolutionary army. They have been saying that the army is weak and that they will destroy anyone who says otherwise. The people involved are devoted nomads and drifters, and see the army as nothing more than a group of pirates and criminals pretending to be something bigger. Baron will make sure they pay and are crushed before they can become a larger movement.
Enemy Details: 15 t0, 10 t1, 2 tier 2
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Chichu
Tier: 2
Description: he is a tall bald year old 57 monk in an orange kimono. He keeps his arms folded and fights with his feet only. he can use jio-ken as well as life return to become more deadly. Chichu is the founder and leader of his nomad group. He started the group because he is a bitter old man and deep down just wants to hurt people. D rank haki which he uses for his feet mostly unless its to protect himself.
Devil Fruit:
Haki Aura: Pugilist
Specs: 5 hand to hand speed based

Baron was surprised to actually be enjoying his time spent in the island of water 7. He was happy to finally be free, he had spent most of his life on his home island and only recently started exploring the outside world. There had been much skepticism in the back of his mind about how well he would actually adjust to life off of the island where he had grown up. Secretly, he was glad to be off, he had grown strong on the island but too much time there had caused him to become a bit of a frog in the well.

“This place is truly glorious” For some reason, Baron felt like today would be a good day to just relax as he learned more about the island of water 7. He had been in the grand line for only a small amount of time, thus he would make sure to learn about every island he stopped on. So far, water 7 seemed like the type of place more for shipwrights but surely he would find something there to entertain him. Baron was hopeful for some mellow laid back sort of activities to be done there.

“Witness the weakness of the revolutionary army!” Like glass shattering, Baron’s plans for a peaceful day were destroyed directly in front of his eyes, even though the sound came from behind him. His expression changed from a smile slowly curving downwards. Baron turned around ever so slowly, keeping his face totally blank even though he was hiding a boiling hot cauldrons worth of rage behind his façade. He slowly walked towards the direction from which the voice had come.

There he saw a group of people standing around a man bound with ropes. There was also a group of people watching the entire spectacle unfold before them. “This man is a member of the revolutionary army, who thought that the strength of his army would protect him” The man who spoke was an old man, who after his statement, stepped aside for one of his comrades to step forward. “He thought his army would support him, but where are they now as he takes his last breaths of this life” This new man pulled out a large scythe from behind him, and raises it above his head. “Forsaken by his army, here is where this man dies by the hands of the true revolution” He begins too swing his scythe down towards the neck of the helpless man, but right before he strikes, a large metallic clang is heard as Baron makes his presence known.


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2 Re: Put some respeck on my name on Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:03 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

"His army's right here" Baron had stopped the scythe with his hook, before he pulled on his chain causing the man to stumble towards him. The wannabe executioner had a look of utter shock across his face as he hadn’t been expecting resistance as he killed a helpless man. “What, you weren’t expecting to be interrupted as you attacked a man who couldn’t defend himself” Baron taunted the man who decided to make the bad decision to attack a member of baron’s army, and it would be his last decision.

“Are you his caretaker of something bitch” The idiot made it worse for himself by opening his mouth once more.

“No, im a member of the revolutionary army, and it is my duty to destroy you for your transgressions, now tell me the name of my prey foul dog.” Baron had run out of patience and decided to make his move now.

“I am Rico of the true-” Rico was cut off by a chain whizzing past his face. Baron had definitely become sick of hearing him talk. “woah woah hold on” Rico didn’t have time to think as the hook looped back and nearly took his head off. He looked at his people and they were all nodding at him. If he defeated a member of the revolutionary army it would give people confidence in his order. “Alright dog, let us do battle”

As soon as he finished talking he staggered back due to a punch to the side of his face. He stumbled back from the follow up and nearly fell on his ass. Baron was showing no mercy to the man who disrespected his army. Baron wrapped the chain around his arm while holding the hook in his hand. Rico pulled out his scythe swung at Baron, but the blow was deflected off of the hook. Rico stepped back before he swung at him again, this blow was aimed at his chest, but baron pulled his arm close to his chest and the strike was blocked by the chain. This time Baron moved his arm with the scythe as it was deflected, causing him to hit it again while Rico was off balance which knocked it out of his hands.

“You fucked up boy, you and your entire group need to reevaluate life before you mess with the men like the revolutionary army” Baron used his hook to hit Rico in the throat, tearing out his throat. “Next, little ones”


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard
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3 Re: Put some respeck on my name on Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:45 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

“We are an elite force who will not be messed with” The old man who seemed to be the leader of the group said “ Leo, Tigre, deal with the revolutionary trash” At the command of the old man, two man stepped forward. They both seemed to be on a much higher level than Rico, and both wore animal prints.

Leo was a large man, with magnificent hair, along with golden looking fur all over his body. His eyes were a dark red what seemed to glow with a dim light in them, he looked to be a bit taller than what appeared to be his brother. “Little brother, tonight we bathe in the blood of two revolutionary army members”

Tigre looked more feral than his brother, with bright orange fur all over his body besides a few black striped areas. He had sharper teeth and appeared to be more muscular than his brother. His eyes had the same eerie glow in them except they were a dark green color. “Yes, he will pay for the death of our comrade with his life” With those words, both of the brothers pounced.

Baron was barely able to follow their movements as the both struck, dealing powerful punches to his stomach, making him lose breath and stumble back clutching his stomach. They both vanished and reappeared, with one behind him and one in front of him and they both swung at him with claws extended. These strikes left long gashes along his back and chest. Both of them vanished again and reappeared in front of baron once again.

“Brother, I guess he isn’t as good as he wanted us to think he is” The two brothers laughed at how easy it was to get him vulnerable, as Baron had fallen down to one knee shaking with his head down. “Oh is the big bad revolutionary crying now” baron continued shaking as he raised his head.

“Its been so long” Baron shook as his cape swayed in the wind. Faster than they could react, the weight from his chain flew from beneath his cape as he stood up. The weight flew out so quickly that they were unable to react before the weight hit Tigre in the face, splattering his brains everywhere. “Humans are fun, but I haven’t killed some real prey in so long that I nearly forgot how fun it was”

Leo recoiled in terror at how quickly his brother was killed. He began to take steps back slowly trying to get away from the monster who had killed his brother. Baron would not be allowing that “Im not going to let my fun end on your terms prey” Baron extended his own claws and slashed the beast, knocking him down due to the force. Baron stood over him, and swung down, reaching through his chest and pulling out his heart and crushing it in his grip. He allowed the blood to drip from his hand into his mouth, as he watched the light leave the beast’s eyes.


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard
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