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1 en Regalia on Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:45 am

task info:
Task Name: Don't Dream, It's Over
Tier: 3
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team - two minimum
Description: It really seemed like a great deal at the time, perhaps too good to be true. The job was simple enough, you were recruited to work on a treasure hunting ship, utilizing whatever skills you have. Everything seems to be going great, you pull up a tonne of artifacts from the deep below, that is till night falls. On the trip back to shore it would seem that something has awakened from one of the coffins you pulled up, a creature impossibly old who seems to have survived in that coffin for god-knows how long, which grows younger with each life it takes. This creature has already converted half of the crew of the ship into zombies, undead being who exist only to eradicate all survivors. Fortunately, you're not completely at impossible odds here as it would seem these creatures die in sunlight, granting you two options; First, you could attempt to kill all of these creatures yourself, or alternatively you could simply try and survive and wait for sunrise.
Enemy Details: 13 T2 zombies
Boss Name: Vladimir
Tier: 4
An impossibly old creature, originating as little more than bones and flesh, with each soul it takes it seems to regain a portion of its own life and humanity with it, becoming progressively more intelligent as the night goes on.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Specs: H2H 6 - Neutral, MW - 1

There was a real sense of freedom you got behind the wheel of a ship like this, the idea that you can go anywhere or do anything, the whole world is open to you as if you're just flipping through pages on a book. It was the kind of freedom that was hard to find, here and at the reigns of a horse. Shielding his eyes from the suns rays with his hand, he gazed up towards the gulls that circled around the vessel, dipping low in turns to, trying to swipe at whatever scraps of food they thought they  could see on the deck. Was this how a bird felt? Having a full 360 degrees of movement would really be something great, sort of like swimming but without the risk of coming in contact with some brand new species of fuck-your-shit-up shark. He loved gigs like this, if he could it would be all that he did. Nice and easy, no hidden surprises, getting paid even if you don't find anything special. Treasure hunting really was a unique way to live. Plus, it didn't help that this would be his first paying legal job in a very long time. He had gotten so down on himself lately, a bad head space to be in, the kind of negative thoughts that would just give you a headache.

Remembering his duty, his gaze returned to the workers who were currently peering over the edge of the boat, as if they could see to the bottom. It all seemed like a bit of a long shot, but these people were the professionals for a reason. On their order they were to drop anchor in an instance, something that would be disastrous if Alessi wasn't aware. The crew here was a ramshackle bunch, essentially anyone that had the slightest skill that they could offer to the table was hired, but that was probably to be expected considering how low the pay was. It was a basic flat rate, however anything that was brought up had thirty percent of its value dished out across all of the crew members. It essentially meant that if you didn't get anything all you had accomplished was getting your lunch paid for. Of the mishmash crew there were a few faces that he could recall, the most notable of which being the girl in the park who had hit on him with a fiery aggression (it would seem that where ever he went he was bound to be chased after by pretty girls). However, what was of more importance was that he hadn't been able to pick out anyone in the group that he thought might be working for the loan shark he had previously scammed, Bruno.

Lost in his thoughts and worries, Alessi nearly missed the order to drop anchor. Holding the wheel tight to ensure they didn't turn onto their side from the kick-back, he watched as the crew hurried to their places, from here they looked almost like ants. "Ready!" He cried out, unsure if anyone heard him among the chorus of similar shouts. No doubt they would spend the rest of the day here, probing around at the sea-bed and finding absolutely nothing at all, still his job was done for the most part. Feeling the tug throughout the entire vessel, it would seem as if they had finally come to a stop. Tentatively pulling his hands away from the wheel, his thoughts were confirmed as it didn't budge an inch. Now it was time for him to just kick back and enjoy the show.

There was a sense of curiosity at play here, of course how could there not be? You hear about a job asking for people to search for treasure, even if you don't need the money it's something you're going to want to try at least once. Who knew what it was you would find doing something like this? Perhaps it had been spurned on by his youth, he recalled many a long night reading adventure stories about great heroes going across the land and into all kind of unique places searching to make their name. Silly stories, of course, but a dream has to start somewhere.

Jumping down from his post, he landed on the main deck of the craft, among the crowd of workers preparing their diving outfits and hooks. To them this time was money, but for Alessi he was just along for the ride. It was one of the un-spoken benefits of being the navigator, you had so much downtime to simply waste while everyone else was earning their bread. Running his hand through his all too dry hair, he scanned over throughout the crowd, searching for the girl. Tiring of the search, he tossed his head back and yelled "Painter girl where are you!?" There was no doubt that he would have heard that one, unless she was just  intentionally ignoring him, which was admitably completely possible. Ignoring the looks of shock from the crew of the ship, he pushed through taking the opportunity to continue.

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2 Re: en Regalia on Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:26 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

a line of notes here

The boat rocked through the waves, blond hair flowing in the sea breeze as the female, dressed in school like attire leaned over the balcony of the ship, Across he back in a diagonal position was her newest gain. A very large brush that she had managed to locate, the brush was something special, unique in that it was made by some very special kuja women. She was holding on to the very same banister when the order to drop anchor came in to it. She was not a ship hand, having came on board this mission as the medical professional. So she simply held on while the others did their thing. When the ship died down in movement and in sound. She heard a voice familiar to her. Turning her head she could make out the male, his head swiveling looking for her. A gentle sigh would escape her lips.

This man was somewhat agitating, annoying and so full of himself, yet no matter what was said Summer felt as though he was hiding, he gave the sense of the Okama life style, of being a man who loves the company of other men, his style was some what feminine but not to the point where she believed him a true Okama, yet he kept talking about girls in some sort of sexual way, as a Kuja that rarely bothered her, his advances would be met with humour and violence if need be. Yet she truely felt him to be hiding his true feelings, perhaps thats why she put up with him. She understood hiding herself, she tried to comform to the true way of the Kuja in Amazon Lily but it just did not work, it would not be, she could not lie to herself and to those around her. She was not a full warrior, she was not as powerful in the way of combat compared to her sisters, her talents liked else where.

So she would raise her hand, probably not the smartest thing, but she was alone knowing no one on this boat. A friend watching her back was perhaps the greatest thing she could hope for. "Im over here" She would say, loud enough for him to hear her. Yet at the same time she would begin to walk towards him, once the distance was cleared, she would offer him a smile, a nod of the head."Fancy seeing you here Ooookama" she would say, the final word lingering from her lips drawing out the ooooo, yet soft enough so only he would hear it, not wanting to "out" him.  

made by sei

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3 Re: en Regalia on Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:30 am

She was the kind of girl who shined bright like the sun, a radiance that filled Alessi's gaze rendering him unable to see anything else. He had heard about a similar effect, the kind of thing that popped up when you saw the person you love. Apparently whacky shit like this just happened all of the time, some people claimed that time crawled to a stop or that they simply instinctively just know. This seemed to real though, as if his eyes were actually in pain as he stared at this girl. Oh, wait, that's probably because she's standing in front of the sun...

Shifting around so that he wasn't permanently blinding himself, he couldn't help but feel a little proud that the girl had come to his call. It was stuff like that that let you know that you were a player, you could call out in any random group and still have girls flocking to you. Blinking away the burnt circle into his retina, he couldn't help but laugh as the girl got his name wrong. It was fair enough, it was a pretty complicated name, especially for a blond. "No, no it's not Okama, it's Alessi!" He burst out, raising his hands in front of him, each with the forefinger extended. "You've got to sound it out, it's really easy once you do that. Come on, do it with me." Bobbing his fingers on every vowel, he continued. "A-less-si, Alessi. Don't worry, there's plenty of girls who struggle to get their lips around me." He teased, giving a wink.

Turning away from the young thing, he leaned over the edge of the railings, peering into the deep blue below. Whatever it was that they had supposedly seen in it was completely invisible to him, as far as he was concerned this was just another no-name patch of ocean in the middle of nowhere. He gave off a sigh, realizing that it wasn't really up to him. No matter how it went down, with this kinda stuff you had to all make the mistake together, a group not know what the fuck they're doing is still better than a single man being stubborn.

A sly grin danced across his lips, a plan forming him his devious little brain. Suddenly pointing out into the water, he motioned for the girl to come closer. "Did you see it? No, I suppose you just missed it." He chanted, referring to absolutely nothing. "It was a dolphin that had a starfish stuck onto it." He turned, face to face with the girl once more. "Where I come from, we have this legend, an old story that's passed down from generation to generation. When you see a dolphin and a starfish working together, it means that there's a pretty lady onboard the ship." Barely able to contain himself, he gazed out across the crew on the ship, using his hand as a visor from the sun's rays. "Hmm, that's weird... I don't see any pretty girls." He spat, his excitement getting the better of him. Caught up within himself, the man doubled over in a booming laughter that spread across the whole deck. This continued for an almost uncomfortable amount of time, during which Alessi was pathetically oblivious to the world around him, meaning that if a crew member would happen to rush past him he might end up falling over board. Which, of course, is exactly what happened.

Apparently they were pulling something up, but that was the least of Alessi's worries right now. Tumbling back over the side of the deck, he wasn't exactly worried. After all, the ship was docked and they weren't exactly in dangerous waters. However what happens next with SHOCK you! there was one factor that he had not considered, this being the fact that the crane was currently pulling out a very large something from below him, putting Alessi on a crash course with a hard surface. Hitting what appeared to be a coffin (how fitting) he had his consciousness stripped from him in an instant, from there the man continued to fall into the water head first. Sinking deep into the depths, his lungs burning as they were flooded with water, he was no doubt going to be in trouble if everything continued.

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4 Re: en Regalia on Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:00 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

a line of notes here

A fluster of color burned within the girls cheeks, the mans tone, the way he made her look stupid after she tried so nicely not to blurt out his secret. She could do it, she could tell everyone he was an Okama right here and now. Yet she wouldn't, she was far to nice to out someone, not when it could potentially be used to her benefit. "Fine Okama Alessi, its hmmm, is it nice to see you again?" she would ponder, she had said the words out loud but the curious thinking tone had given her pause for thought. Then the attention of the pirate changed, some story about a dolphin, when asked if she had seen it of course she had replied with a solid "No" in which was true, she had yet to see a single dolphin in her lifetime.

Then the punchline came, apparently it showed a pretty girl was on board, when the punchline came it seemed to floor Alessi, yet Summer did not get it, was he trying to insult her appearance? A diffuclt thing to achieve for the glares of lust she got from men all the time was enough to bolster her confidence in her appearance, not to mention Amazons are taught not to give a rats ass about how other people see them. "Are you finished" she would ask, crossing her hands. Summer shook her head, turning from Alessi, she managed to avoid the rushing crew members whom were running towards the crane, seemingly intrigued by whatever it was that was being pulled up. "SHIT" she heard a grunt say, turning in time to see Alessi's feet flow from the balcony.

She had would peer over the bannister as her eyes watched his quick descent, was that idiot still laughing but all sound would falter from Alessi as he made contact with the hard surface, sliding from it and in to the harsh water. "You, get over and save him" she commanded to the very same guy whom had knocked Alessi over. "But but but" he kept saying over and over, yet the glare of the female, of the adorable little girl seemed to seal the deal as the man ran along the balcony and jumped in to the water in a rather ungraceful cannon ball. "What a fucking idiot, I swear, self concieted son of a bitch" she muttered to herself as she withdrew the large brush, the sword like instrument would soon dance across the deck, moving, to connect lines, to shade, to form the eagle like creature she intended on using. "Appear" she muttered and as she did the creature came to life. The female and bird now hovering in the sky across the hard surface, eyes scanning the sea, awaiting one of them to break the surface.  

made by sei

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5 Re: en Regalia on Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:58 pm

You always hear a lot of dumb shit about death. There's a million different theories about what happens afterwards, but what happens during is largely a mystery, it's as if there are many people who have experienced it and lived to tell the tale. Some people say that you see your whole life flash before your eyes, a recap of your entire existence played on fast forward during these final fleeting moments. First of all, it this instance wasn't just an instance, it was like an ocean of time, going out in all directions as far as he could possibly perceive or imagine. Single moments in his life acting like an eternity, those little moments that you cherish for your entirety. He was lying on his back as a child, looking through the gap in the ceiling at the stars, wondering what could be out there and how impossibly small their little world was. Then, he was both simultaneously and posthumously running with his sisters, the wind hitting him in the face as if it was trying to go right through him, never feeling more alive. Finally he was winning his first major as a jockey, the dominance he felt in that singular moment of success, it was enticing, like an hold drug he had long since given up. It was apparent that he could feel pretty pissed off about what was happening. Maybe he was finally finding inner peace, or maybe his brain was just starved of oxygen but it would hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. He felt like all at once there was too much, as if he was going to burst like a balloon, but then he remembered to relax and let it all pass through him like rain. In death he was happy, happy for everything that had been his stupid little life.

It would seem that there was something he had to accomplish in this life, as fate had dealt him a hand of cards that were completely different to what he was willing to accept. A firm hand gripped around his ankle, pulling him up towards the surface. What happened next would be a mystery to him, only being able to pick up the specifics from various accounts on the matter. From what he had been able to piece together, he had been brought onto the deck and had CPR preformed on him. The ship wasn't exactly able to leave without him being conscious, so instead he was set up inside till he awoke. The crew apparently abusing his time out to try and pry open the coffin, apparently not getting too far before they gave up entirely, leaving it for tomorrow, leaving the ship into the dead of sleep.

Awaking into the darkness of the room, the obvious thought ran through Alessi's head. Am I dead? No, of course not. If he was dead he wouldn't have this crazy swelling on the back of his head. The memories of the last day flooded back into his mind. Raising to his feet with a groan, it felt as if his skeleton had just stepped out of his skin. Perhaps he wasn't as well as he had previously thought.

Stumbling out of his doors, he ignored the growl that one of his shipmates gave him. He didn't really have time to get in a fight with some moron about how he got pushed overboard and it totally wasn't his fault at all. Right now he had to find the girl with the red bow and thank her for pulling him out of the water. He hadn't really expected her to have it in him. From what he could remember, the rooms were ordered by names and gender, girls on one side, boys on the other then in alphabetical order. He ran his finger down the sign in sheet before realizing that he still didn't know the girls name. Wandering into the center of the housing area, he cocked back his head and yelled out, "It's me, Romeo. I woke up! Where's my girl in shining armor?" Coming to think of it, this was the second time he had been forced to randomly call out to her awkwardly in one day, hopefully he wasn't going to make a trend of it.

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