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1 Fateful findings on Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:06 pm



The seas of Logue Town were calm as the sun started to set upon the town,. Wind guided waves upon the wood and Crete shores as the people began to head home or to the local tavern life. Songs of sleep and adventure would be sung upon the same wind guiding the waves. It was in this town that Erika was born, and it was certainly where Erika hoped she wouldn't die. The town had a majesty and rich history behind it, but Erika didn't desire to be one of those people who died where she was born, if she was going to eventually fall or claim fortune, she would prefer it happen on sea while she attempted to finish her dream than in safety back at her home.

Regardless, this town brought out all of the negative aspects of her, well at least thought wise. It hadn't been hard growing up, but it had been difficult for her snice the others obviously didn't acknowledge just how great she was. This made ll of them less than perfect in Erika's eyes and perpetuated her own need of isolation. Still, while she was once again contemplaing doing nothing but reading by the shore, Erika decided that it would be good to see the local night life again, if only to attempt and break the monatony that had engulfed her life currently.

Walking into the saloon, the salty spitoon, Erika managed to find a seat only near the middle of the bar and it's dance floor, as all of the brooding corner spots were taken. Busting out her journal she started to write down the previous days endeavors, and using her periferal vision scanned the bar for any interesting people or events, surely someone in here would do something amusing, and then she could possibly find a conversation partner, or a fun brawl with which to enjoy her first catch of the day. All depended on her mood.

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2 Re: Fateful findings on Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:19 pm

Alessi! Gish stumbled into the saloon, half inebriated and fresh from her nap. Somewhere in the last few days she and her companion had lost track of each other. She worried about his safety, Loguetown being under the jurisdiction of the Marine forces and all. Hopefully he had taken off from the island. But that didnt stop her from trying to find him. Oi! Alessi-chan! It's me and i've got some sake! Let's drink to our freedom! she poured a saucer full and downed in a single shot. After escaping from that damned prison, they had promised to have a drink together before parting ways. Of course, secretly she had no intention of doing so. She planned to rope him into a pirate crew so they could continue their adventures. Stumbling past one of the busboys, a thin and awkward thing, she accidently bumped into him and spilled a bit of her sake on her freshly cleaned suit. Baka! she lashed out and struck him on the head. The man was left laying on the floor while the bar exploded into laughter. You made me spill my drink! the assaulted man rubbed his wounded head as Gish continued towards the center of the saloon.

Removing her pack from her pocket, she struck a match on her teeth and lit a cigarette. Taking a long drag she sat across from a young woman writing in a journal. Aye! Drink with me! Its been too long since i've been home. And since I cant find that dumb-dumb Alessi I need to drink with someone. she set a second saucer down infront of Erika and filled it up to the brim. Drink up! Bwahahahaha! Drink! the smoke from her cigarette billowed towards the sky. What are you writing about? Gish cracked a grin Is that your diary? Are you writing a letter to your boyfriend? Eh?


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3 Re: Fateful findings on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:51 pm



Loud and rude was the way of this place, perhaps it had been a mistake on Erika's part to come here. While she wished to view the local nightlife and how much it had changed and what type of people now frequented her hometown, this wasn't really getting her anywhere. The entire atmosphere was filled with foolish thoughts and actions, making her dream of the fresh air outside rather than the stench of beer and pretzels. At least she could relax in the comfort of knowing that she now knew what the local nightlife was like, loud and silly, much different than she had seen before where things were more orderly. Granted this could be due to the establishment that she was currently in, but at least it showed that the marines could allow others to have fun once and a while, even if it was foolish fun.Erika had seen far too many horror stories of the restrictions that the world government imposed upon others to know that they weren't really after the general populations best interest, but then again neither was Erika, so she really couldn't complain all that much.

What she could complain about was this wild beast of a woman who barged into her face after assaulting a man for no reason. Erika disliked heroes, but she also disliked those who were foolish in many regards and the fact that this woman was clearly already intoxicated to some degree, and was smoking, and was harassing her, and had already assaulted a man spoke volumes of her character. She wished she could have just been left alone, but then again Erika had chosen to come in here so it was probably her own fault, didn't mean Erika couldn't act a bit entitled, after all, this is Erika and her ego was probably bigger than all the treasure in the world.

"If you wish to drink with someone go and find a man with whom you can waste the time away with, clearly you are in need of it."

Spoken with a condescending tone, Erika even took the time to close her journals pages and look at the woman's face, she had to admit if it wasn't for her horrendous attitude she was a little cute.

"I also was just writing about my adventures, romance isn't for one who has ambitions, it is for one like you who is excitable and... rambunctious. I don't feel like drinking anyway as there is nothing to celebrate. Now then, are you quite finished here?"

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4 Re: Fateful findings on Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:50 pm

Bwahahaha! You're a feisty one arent you? Gish was amused with the young woman. It wasnt everyday that she met a girl like this; one with an attitude and brains, or so it seemed. Not to mention Gish was clearly packing, her gun on her hip and her rifle slung on her back. Very well, if you wish to refuse my hospitality then thats your choice. You'll regret turning down the sake, though. Its the best in the East Blue! she plucked up the saucer and took a sip. Erika's gaze was met with one equally as intense. Perhaps Gish was bothering her, but she was somewhat tipsy so she didnt much care.

Gish leaned back in her chair and kicked her feet up on thr table, the brilliant sheen and craftsmanship of her shoed were really a site to behold. So you're an adventurer, huh? Me too! Or atleast I used to be. Haven't been in a crew in a while. Four years to be exact. Gish stroked her chin and seemed to be deep in thought. Though, you were probably just starting puberty then by the looks of you. Perhaps that explains the attitude. Every woman goes through it once a month. If you need me to talk to you about how your body is changing, im okay with that. No need to be embarassed.

Taking another drag she blew smoke rings over Erikas head. They drifted together, forming the shape of a target. Finishing the sake in the saucer she continued speaking. Ah, my names Gish by the way. Drifted into town a few days ago. I've been looking for a friend so we can get back out to see. You havent seen a baka with highlights in his hair have you? His really big and tough looking. she tossed her cigarette butt into one of the empty saucers and began to fill the other one up. Her sake bottle was almost empty. Aye bartender! Lets get some rum over here. I dont think this young lady likes sake!


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5 Re: Fateful findings on Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:39 am



This conversation went from bad to worse, now she was talking about basic bodily functions like it was nothing, which granted it was nothing especially when everyone on the same side of the gender coin went through with it, but still to be so vulgar it was just tasteless. Clearly she wasn't the type to get her point across with the proper tone and word usage, but instead just barged in and began speaking like it was nothing, and then to ask for help after all of that too, was this woman mad? Clearly, Erika had already answered her own question, this woman was mad just like the majority of those out there in the world. Was she always doomed to become the deadpan to the comedy routine? Most likely she would be doomed to be the deadpan as her ego didn't allow her to do or really say anything else other than condescending answers. Still, she had to concede a little bit that this girl was at least honest in her intentions, or at least that is how it seemed. Erika could stand her from that perspective, but still, if she managed to barf on her due to her drinking habit Erika would probably punch her straight in the face.

"A crew? I'm sorry there is a difference between a pirate and an adventurer, or at least that is what I assume you mean... Anyway, I haven't seen a man like that, but even if I did you would have to give more of a description for me to accurately recall. Are you sure he didn't just ditch you somewhere, or you made him up?"

Again a harsh tone, but it became a little lighter than before, if only because now this girl was trying to get her drunk. While she didn't enjoy drinking all that often, she also enjoyed something that was free, and maybe if she got a little buzzed she could tolerate her a little more, since it was evident that the girl wouldn't leave her alone at this point, and would probably just follow her if she got up anyways.

"Though let us change the subject if you really are an adventurer then what kind of stories do you have to tell? Make them good and I might even take a swig of a drink with you, make them terrible and I'll walk out and ignore you, deal?"

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6 Re: Fateful findings on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:57 am

Ditch me? Gish had never considered that possibility. For all the time she knew him, he seemed like an honest and trustworthy guy. He always kept his word, and never lied to her for as far as she knew. Maybe he did. Don't see why he would, though. Men don't leave until you have sex with them, and I never did so. she finished pouring the last of her sake into the saucer and downed it quickly. But you wanna hear a story? Hmmm she had quite a few stories to tell. But only one did she consider being worth her time. Okay! It all started around six years ago, right after I left home to join a crew. I was only eighteen at the time, and fresh to the life on the seas. The crew I joined had decided to venture out to the North Blue....can't remember why at the moment. Something to do with the Captain's daughter being sick or something. Deathly ill, in fact. She purposely left out the fact that the girl died. We were caught in a massive storm on our way back, perhaps the biggest storm I have ever seen. Every man and woman on the ship was sure we'd all die. Even I was! It was, truly, the scariest thing to ever happen to me. When you get caught in a storm that bad, it makes you lose hope. And it was in that storm that I realized something, when sailing on the waves your only true master is the Sea.

From the corner of her eye the saw the Bartender cleaning out two shot glasses. Then he reached under the bar and pulled out a large bottle of rum. Our Captain always was a lucky son-of-a-bitch, though. He managed to traverse the storm and save our asses, but we ended up crash landing on an island somewhere in the North Blue. It was the largest island I had seen up to that point, I was a rookie after all. Our ship was beat to hell and back, and the repairs we needed would take a few months at least. the bartender handed to glasses and bottle to the busboy she had struck earlier and pointed towards their table. We were hoping the island would be abandoned. If was had to deal with any indigenous people it would only take longer to get back on the waves. It wasn't abandoned. In fact, it was home to many native tribes who constantly warred with one another. That's actually how we met the tribal people of the island. About a day after we crashed we witnessed a hunting party chasing a single man into the sea. The busboy laid the shot glasses and rum onto the tables, head hung low, and hurried away. If Gish were sober she'd feel somewhat sorry for his present condition. But shit happens when you're drunk.

Upon seeing us and our ship, the natives got on their knees, seemingly worshipping us as gods! Communicating with them was, at first, impossible. But not too long before we had captured a man who was wanted by the Government. He was searching for the Poneglyphs, which is quite the crime under the World Government. We agreed to set him free should he be capable of speaking to them. Lucky for us he could, since apparently the natives spoke an ancient dialect exclusive to the North Blue. One that he happened to have studied in-depth on his travels. she removed another cigarette from the pack and placed it between her thin pursed lips. It turns out the natives thought we were their gods of legend. Men and women who rode "great boats" on the sea that they revered. They had yet to build their own ships, and simply boated on the small streams and rivers of the island. A primitive civilization indeed. the cigarette bounced up and down as she continued to ramble on.

Gish unstacked the shot glasses and popped the cork to the rum bottle. She help it up to her nose and let the scent waft so she could smell it. It was at that moment that she wished she hadn't done that. The smell sent a shiver down her spine, this was definitely some of the worst rum she had ever seen. The translator asked the natives if they could aid us in returning out to sea. The question seemed to perplex them, as it seemed, to them, that we had arrived to fulfill a prophecy. If we truly were the gods that they worshipped, then we were foretold to help them wipe out the other tribes on the island so they could ascend to the ocean. She began to fill the shot glasses with the sub-par alcoholic beverage. It was a real hassle. But if we wanted them to continue not being hostile towards us, and indeed assist us, we had to fulfill this insane ancient prophecy. My Captain split the crew into two groups; our best fighters assisted the locals in their bloody crusade. And I, along with a few others, worked to repair our damaged ship. It took three long months to accomplish both tasks, but we did eventually finish what we started. she reached into her pocket again to grab her matches, and struck another one on her teeth to light her cigarette, wisps of smoke danced in the saloon light from her cigarette and the extinguished match.

After finishing what he had promised, they invited us to join in their celebrations. For a whole week we feasted. We drank liquor distilled from the roots of the plants grown their. It caused intense hallucinations. And we smoked herbs that made all your worries disappear. We also partook in.... she took a drag, letting a silence set in for a moment rituals of the flesh. cause that was better than saying "we had an orgy, bro!". After that we left them as friends, but not before they gave us a gift; a compass needle suspended in an orb. It strapped to the wrist. It was apparent that the tribes had gotten their hands on a Log Pose, but it was a mystery on how.

Gish slowly pushed a rum-filled glass towards Erika. So there, I hope it was entertaining enough for you. How about you return the favor? Im sure you have one or two interesting stories in that journal of yours. Gish drank down her glass of rum. The second it hit her taste buds she cringed at the taste, making a disgusted face. Fuck! That's terrible! What are you tryna do, bartender? Poison me or something?!


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