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1 Nightmarian arrives / Haki training on Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:42 pm

Nightmarian had just been dropped of via her transport contact on the island of Alabasta with instructions to locate an underground meeting chamber designed for a small group to discuss details of their assignment. Though this was a rare situation for Nightmarian as she was given a code name and her role in the operation and nothing else. "Pardon me sir...but this isn’t enough information…if you want me to accomplish this task i need my target and at least the name of my contact….” before she could continue her pierced volley of words as the man stood tall right up close within Nightmarians personal space “You do as you're understand….your nothing but a dog I wanted to kill him right here and there I already disliked this man with his reak of pigs and shit as if he didn't understand the concept of a soap let alone a shower , nor his overgrown beard reaching down to his belly button filled with old molding food and magguts disgusting and how he had just spoken to me and invaded my space… I should've pierced his heart right there but I didn't…….such a fool i was.

Tolerating the pathetic man Nightmarian makes her way into the desert land of Alabasta heading towards the nearest town to gather information making sure to keep her full attention on all her surroundings as she walked step by step with her gear being ideal for the storm ahead, protecting her from the blowing sands of the desert covering the steps created in her markings of steps baring behind her as her feet moved in a relaxed motion. While keeping full aware of her surroundings using all her senses smell, sight, hearing and even the touching patterns of the sound which she could feel slightly striking the leather and silky sections of her clothes, though despite not using Kenbunshoku her brain would be process large amount of data to be remembered for long periods of time due to her photographic memory she would train the aspects of her brain that would be in touch with Kenbunshoku haki even if only slightly. Something taught to her in her days on Amazon lilly to train your haki simply work in simple exercises in order to train aspects of yourself intertwining with its applications “Logically the nearest town requires water, thus the trees ahead should a good starting location” she whispered to herself

On reaching the tree before her the sandstorm that was starting to gather had fully borrowed into her surroundings and thus she couldn’t see a thing and all aspects of life in the area would surely have gone to ground seeking shelter from the storm. Placing herself at the base of the trees stem crossing her legs and leaning back. Nightmarian simply meditated listening to the storms moving sands….remembering their movements trying to find a pattern to the chaos lifted, a routine Nightmarian always attempted to complete with new weather events in order to understand them better in case the need to fire through such a condition would ever arose not to mention the tapping into an aspect of her Kenbunshoku and photographic memory.

D- D2 / 530 words

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2 Re: Nightmarian arrives / Haki training on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:20 pm

With the desert still raging with no signs of letting up Nightmarian would stay motionless as her head leaned against the tree behind her, a hard rough surface supplying a small amount of comfort or at least the most she could hope for considering the circumstances. With nothing changing around her she simply stayed meditating focusing on the sounds of crashing sands, blowing leaves of the trees top and for anything else that could giver her a clue to the direction of civilisation but alas nothing would change and thus her mind would continue to explore.

Wait…. Something had caught Nightmarian attention; A large force had made contact with a section of the sandy hills within the outer rim of her facility. Did an object get launched in the storm,,, noo its moving. Similar sized sounds of a heavy force making contact with the ground leaving a slight echo with every step “Footsteps?”. Sure someone was approaching her location she would griped her bow tight, focusing her attention to this individual; the sounds of the sand riffling against his garments revealed he was armed, large and in combat gear but strangely his face seemed bare. What a strange individual is he i thought as he came closer….. Should i kill him or should i wait for an interaction “Excuse me lass but mind if i take the other side, I’ll promise not to bother you”. As his very pressence would allow her to train her mind and observation haki a tad more effectively she would nod, testing his visible sight in this weather.

The gigantic man standing over two meters in height, large muscles that give the impression of being able to kill a beast with his bare hands, Burning red hair and full matching beard, chiseled body all details that were obvious to Nightmarian despite relying on the sound of the sandstorm, other senses and a small amount of haki to determine these aspects. Standing right in front of Nightmarian who still had yet to move “I am Great,,,, yes that's my actual name” taking 4 steps to place himself on the opposite side of the tree  “So young lady you don’t seem local why you here.  This is as good as he going to feel today i thought to myself as he had broken his word and was already annoying me..significantly, he will hear about this when the storm silencesI think you should turn around, and go back where you came from. Zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz” “zzzzzz zzzzzz”. Great had just fallen asleep and began snoring “ REALLY REALLY REALLY!”. Nightmarian wasn’t really one for reacting but being trapped for this long and then this to happen she snapped, covering her palm in armoured haki *SMACK*. She had slapped him hard against his face leaving a small dent in his bone “ZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ. * SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. “Zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz*.  This mans face had just become her training dummy for her armoured haki and she had no consideration for his health or even if it actually had woken him up at this point.

Despite having his skull fractured in multiple places it would take a total of 140 slaps to actually wake him up  “Did you just slap me?”  “YOU DON’T SAY”.

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