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1 Hanbei Chinjao on Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:04 am

Name: Hanbei Chinjao
Alias/Epithet: Jojo, Hattori Hanzō
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 85
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weaponry Specialist|Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 2

General Appearance: Being as old as dirt, Hanbei practically looks like dirt. His appearance does well to communicate that he's seen the sun rise and fall many times. His face is engraved with wrinkles, yet those etched in creases that hold wisdom aren't the most discerning traits about his profile. First and foremost, Hanbei has an impeccable jaw bone that is very well defined. He claims it brought in many women back when he was a young sprout and that it is sharp enough to cut down just as many foes as his sword has. Next would be the x shaped scar he has where his hairline would start if he had hair. He claims he's bald by choice, but no one has even seen fuzz on his dome before, let alone witnessed him shave. Next would be his mighty impressive facial hair. Perhaps its compensation for what he can't manage to grow on the top of his head. Nonetheless, Hanbei has a long beard that reaches down to his waist. To keep it from getting organized and out of his way he keeps it bound by a length of purple thin cloth that forms a few x shapes down his beard. He also has a mustache that is actually quite the masterpiece, but his beard just takes away from the wow factor of his mustache. The two thick grey whiskers cascade down to near his chest. They stay in a nice bundle and meet under his nose to seem like one object, though they drape to make two whiskers. Last are his long eyebrows. All the hair on his face seems to really have been groomed nicely and have been grown out long, it's no wonder he has so many rumors going on about him having the inability to grow hair on his head. It is also worth mentioning Hanbei has that old guy squint going on. While it is also because he has mono-lid eyelids that give him eyes people would consider Asian, he is also old and just has that squint where it seems like his eyes are closed. Not pressed closed or in a resting state, just squinting as if he were tired and trying to stay awake, yet they still hold energy behind them letting people know he's not in the process of nodding off. Or maybe he is he's just faking it.

Moving on we have Hanbei's style of dress. He's a rather old fashion type of bloke, adorning your traditional black kimono and hakama. Underneath he wears a white gi that would slightly visible outlining the v of his kimono if it wasn't for his majestic beard. A bit of the white Gi can be seen peeking beyond the rim of his black kimono's sleeves. However, barely even a centimeter of the Gi sleeve protrudes beyond kimono sleeve. On his feet he wears tabi and white tight socks that trail a few inches higher than the ball of the ankle. As far as accessories go, Hanbei wears a white sash around his waist though that's not really an accessory as it is something to ensure he doesn't accidentally flash people. But something that is surely an accessory is his haori that he wears draped over his shoulders. His marine superiors don't like when he wears it, because they say it is too close to the admiral's coats they wear over their shoulders, but Hanbei usually argues that he's old and needs to keep warm or else he'll get sick and perish.

Beneath these garbs is the body of a beast. Sadly not many people get to see this body nowadays, but Hanbei sometimes goes to hot springs and gets his backwashed by pretty women, so he knows all his muscles aren't going to waste. While he's not bulky ripped, he's not really on your economical build either. He has some volume to his body, something you wouldn't expect given his age and with the way his clothing hides his body's lines and stature. What makes his physique even more sexy to women or at least Hanbei says this used to run up females water bill, was the fact he had scars. Sounds gross, probably feel grosser, but when he was in his prime times were different. Women wanted a man who could and had fought and was strong and scars displayed perseverance and that he'd been in his fair share of battles.

Appearance goes a long way, but what also matters is how one carries themselves. You can be a beauty, but carry yourself in a way that makes you lose all your charm points or seem like a chill dude, but seem checked out and mentally absent 24/7. Demeanor is another defining factor in how people evaluate you with their eyes alone. For Hanbei, he carries himself like a frail old man most of the time. He ask for those he's with to walk at his pace, he gives soft smiles to people, especially animals like puppies and young children. Being a swordsman he usually always has his sword with him and often he can be seen using the sheathed blade as a cane which annoys many swordsmen he encounters. Hanbei moves just fine of course. He's kept his body in tip-top shape over the years and is as full of vigor as these young marines if not even more energetic. While he has a lackadaisical vibe that usually makes people not take him too serious, Hanbei knows how to flip the switch. He can remain hunched over propped up on his "cane", but the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, and the looseness in his character can fade in a moments notice to a rigid and composed individual with his body language and voice alone.
Height: 5`6
Weight: 115lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: -

Elder: Given his age Hanbei is very insightful and is almost like an advisor of sorts. Actually most of the time he just comes off naggy, but he likes to think of it as being a conscience to the youth. He's been through life and has sailed the seas as both a Pirate and Marine and knows what the waters and its inhabitants are like. The world is something all too familiar to him, yet at the same time he still feel it has a lot to offer him. He likes to say that every person is like a different fruit and the type of fruit he is ripens at age 85 and onward, though he's been saying that since he was about 25. He feels he has a lot of wax left to burn on his candle of life and it presses him to always embark on new journeys and try to teach himself new talents.Most of the time he's open to letting the young fellas steer while he tries to learn a thing or two, but at other times he can be pretty bossy and stubborn, just depends on his mood and how his bones are feeling that day.

Youthful: 85 never looked so young. While he may spend majority of the days slowing people down with his turtle like walking speed and asking the same questions, Hanbei is still youthful at heart. He likes to run his mouth and gossip while giggling like a school girl, he's very competitive and rivalrous in nature. Mixed with the lessons he's learned so far in life and his wisdom, he makes for an odd encounter. He loves to joke around and enjoys a good prank. The fact he acts childish at times explains why people have a hard time ever taking him serious.

Woman-Lover: Hanbei never understood why this generation's sexual attraction levels seem so low. At age 85 his libido is flowing as if he was 18. He loves to look at women, to "accidentally" feel up on women, and though he doesn't like anyone other than him making much note of his age, he'll use being elderly as an excuse to get a pretty woman to get a little hands on with him and help him out. It does pain him when he has to fight a woman, especially if he has to kill her, but what must be done, must be done.

Racist: All good things must come to an end and Hanbei isn't your perfect little flower. While it's not hate without reason, it is still hate that can be called racism towards Fishmen, Mermen, etc. He tolerates those who are his allies, but is truly ruthless to the ones who give in to their evil nature, as he sees, and decide to align themselves in a faction that opposes Hanbei's own. He doesn't see human's as a better race or fishmen as inferior, he just hates them due to an experience he had. He still acknowledges their above average physical capabilities.

"Storyteller": Hanbei's been around for a long time, longer than most of the people he knows and that makes him a great historical reference though he hates it when he's seen like that. Nonetheless, Hanbei has hundreds of stories, some true, some not so true, some partly true, you get the point. Hanbei's word when it comes to telling stories about his "Glory Days" is said to be as believable as the ocean is dry. Hanbei likes to entertain people so he purposely stretches stories, but sometimes he'll have told the exaggerated version of the tale so many times he believes it really happened that way. Despite this, Hanbei's word does still have weight to it when he's not talking about something that happened before someone's time or back when he was in his youth.

Likes: Women, Adventure, Telling Stories, Being Young.
Dislikes: Fishmen, Being Told He's Old, Being Rushed, Harming Women.

History: Hanbei's childhood wasn't much special. He was raised in the Chinjao family in Kano Country, but he rejected their teachings that were forced upon him at a young age. More interested in swordplay he was treated like a black sheep at home. This lead to Hanbei setting out when he was only ten with a man he had met and begged to teach him swordplay. Finding himself at this man's mercy they travelled around until one night the bastard stuck off on him and he was left stranded in Wano Country. He spent about a month looking for his sensei until this wandering turned into him challenging dojos in exchange for money or lodgings, things like that to survive. From doing this and traveling all around a fair portion of Wano Country, he had wins and loses, but most importantly he had experience. Looking to get off Wano Country and see the world Hanbei decided to join the Marines for the very first time. So at the age of 17 Hanbei signed a few years of his life off to the World Government and worked as a Governement Dog.

He wasn't really interested in the World Government and all their Justice mumbo jumbo, but instead the teen saw it as his ticket out into the world. He wanted to see what was out there, the women, the foods, the waters, the land, he wanted to experience it all and that's exactly what he didn't get. Station after station, Luca was constantly sent to insignificant islands with other insignificant people doing insignificant things for insignificant reasons. It was life sapping and Hanbei couldn't have the youth being sucked out of him while it still came to him naturally.

Immediately he demanded change and thus he was moved from the World Relations branch to a more combat oriented branch, the Navy. This is where the field missions were assigned and people were trained to go up against the powers of the world, this is what people think of when they think of Marines. Now surely Hanbei would get what he wished for here and he sure did. First however, he had to spend his first two years aboard a ship doing grunt work. Swabbing decks, raising and lowering sails, cleaning latrines, etc, but also during this time period he was being trained. Prepared for the things to come when he was no longer a plebe in the ranks of the Marines and boy was he eager. Night and day he would spend training to make sure he could perform as efficiently as possible when he time for his promotion came. First one in, last one out, that was always his aim and never once did he fail to meet that standard he set for himself in his two years of training.

Finally the day came and he was promoted to an actual infantry soldier and he couldn't have been more excited. However he wasn't exactly as great as you'd think he'd be. Perhaps his head was in the books too much, but Hanbei would find out he was always behind relying on the knowledge he got from useless live action scenarios in Marine Field Training books. His first mission though he was confident, he looked like a paranoid chicken. Head constantly whipping around to and fro. Eyes wide, ready to stare anything that made a bush rustle. Feet carefully stepping out in front of the other slowly making him constantly fall behind the group. He was teased for a few weeks from his performance on his first assignment alone. The teasing however, was enough to make him realize there was no better teacher than experience. With that he trashed all the useless books and started playing things by instinct and following he lead of other Marines. He soon enough got he hang of it and was well respected in his Company as a great swordsman.

As time persisted, soon Hanbei felt he had established and learned to use his sea legs he had grown during his time in the Marines. With that, he quit and began to rove the seas alone. This was around the age of 26 and before he'd become 27, he'd encounter a pirate crew that'd develop his sea legs even further and he'd enter his first marriage and have his first child. This is where he learned about dials, how real fights work on the sea, and just how pirates did things. You get it how you gotta. Be practical and use what is allotted to you. Marines and Pirates both had different ways of doing things, one structured and one more free form and while in his youth Hanbei liked the free form style better, he still respected the structured nature of the Marines.

During his pirate era is where he earned the nickname Hattori Hanzō or at least that's what he tells people now-a-days. There he and his crew were. Taking their first steps into the Grandline. Hanbei wasn't the captain, but he was a well trusted member and their best swordsman. It was just like they said about the place being a whole different world. Not only were the waters totally foreign, but the other crews out there were too powerful. Nearly every encounter with another crew, Marine, Pirate, or just freelancers, Hanbei and his crew were forced to retreat until one day his Captain had had enough. No more running, they'd stay and fight to win or die on the ship they had swore their loyalty to. Fighting valiantly or like cowards, it didn't matter, because Hanbei and his comrades were thrashed. The battle lasted for nearly three days and in this altercation Hanbei had come to gain many of the scars that are on his body now. Having killed near one hundred of the enemy pirates, Hanbei was given his moniker that he still treasures today, but not many people believe him.

Come the end of the battle Hanbei and a few others including the Captain were alive when the enemy crew had finally seized them all. On the very same ship they called home, Hanbei and the others watched their Captain be executed by the other Pirates. Sent back to the Four Blues with their tail between their legs, the crew tried to regroup and recruit more members, but it was just inconsistent. Eventually the crew broke up and Hanbei was back on his own back doing his own thing. This time it consisted of seeing what the family life was about. 13 kids deep and 45 years into his marriage, Hanbei's home in Jaya Island was attacked by a crew of fishmen pirates. His wife and some of his children killed, some kidnapped and assumably sold into slavery, and two managing to flee or at least Hanbei believe they did, he never looked at fishmen the same. Left with nothing, Hanbei set out to find the fishmen responsible, but after seven years of searching he had no luck with the resources at his disposal. Ever so aware of his fleeting vitality at his age and with dreams to avenge his family that he loved oh so dearly, he decided to turn back to the Marines. His life of piracy catching up to him, he was only pardoned for his acts of piracy after spending five years in prison. After his term he was them readmitted into the Marines as an Ensign.

Face Claim: Bleach|Yamamoto Genryuusai

(Only for Tier 2 Characters)
Bonus: 1,000,000 Beli
Location: Water 7

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