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15 Re: Lets Make This Quick{Hiest} on Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:31 pm

As Kyoto stared at the bank robber. A circle of fire would come circling behind him. Of course, she didn't know at the moment who had caused it, but if it would help her and the geezer defeat him then sure. As the flames were inches away from his body he would seem to fall down through the earth. The flames now heading for the Kuja who had reacted before it got close to her body. Creating a rectangular barrier with a height of 3 meters and width of 3 meters 1 feet in front of her. Shielding her if the fire ever came close. As the Kuja saw the flames still coming towards her. A streak of purple would shoot through the air with water behind it. It seemed like Lucian was using some of his fishman skills and had put out the fire before it could get close to her barrier.

Though, this hadn't stopped Heavy Joe whose hand hand appeared directly above the geezer and would punch towards his crown with half of his strength as he didn't want to kill the marine just yet. However, the Kuja still could see the old man from her spot and couldn't let that happen on her watch. Heavy Joe's hand was moving slow, so she knew that she could stop him if she just used her surroundings to her advantage. A piece of sharp scrap was on the ground to her left a mere 2 meters away. Breaking into a sprint going for a dive for the shrapnel. She would pick it up and flick it towards the air above the old man's head. It quickly sped through the air as it rotated, its sides propelling it even further as it burst in the air. The shrapnel would connect with the wrist of the hand. Easily severing it. The hand falling on the old geezer's head a the circle like thing in the air would disappear.

Running towards the old man to see if he was alright, she would feel something heavy hit her. This time she knew it wasn't a punch or kick. Looking briefly to where the attack had hit her. She would realize that it was Lucian. He had a bright red spot on his arm. Blood? It seemed like Heavy Joe had gotten to him. As Kyoto pushed the fishman from off of her she would hear Heavy Joe say "You marines are no challenge at all. You may have cut my hand off, but that still won't stop me from killing you." a vein would appear on her forehead as she would begin to channel her inner power.

Barrier Constructs: The user due to the powers of the Devil Fruit is able to create barrier constructs. Meaning with will alone they are able to create constructs that look like 3 dimensional figures. Though, these constructs can't exceed the height or width of 3 meters. The constructs can move with the user's will alone, but the speed of it caps at T3. Meaning you would need 3 points in Df in order to obtain the speed. The amount of constructs the user can create are one. The durability and the destruction power of the constructs are also based off of DF points. 2 points in DF can block "x" attacks and are "x" powerful. Though, durability and destruction power caps at 3 points. For each construct created it costs the stamina for a T1 skill. As said in description, the user is able to change the shape of these constructs at will, happening at the speed of manipulation.

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16 Re: Lets Make This Quick{Hiest} on Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:42 pm

Poppa Perk

Having tumbled to the bottom of the scrap heap, he began to get back up, but was hit on the head by something he'd never expect. A hand. It still had downward force despite being as slow as the strike was, so Hanbei would still feel Heavy Joe's attack though it was more of a simple thump from losing muscle power that propelled it. "Ow." It didn't really hurt, the thump just surprised him. Feeling something on his head though he figured he'd see what it was, so letting go of his scabbard he brushed over his head with his left hand only to knock Heavy Joe's large hand off his head. Gripping his scabbard again he got up and as he did so he looked behind him to the object he knocked off his head. "Oh my, that's nice." He stomached it and moved on, not paying much mind to the Rear Admiral having to combat his own attack and stuff.

Brushing himself off with his left hand, Heavy Joe was 7m in front of Hanbei and leaking blood. "Looks like we can bide our time, he might just pass out from blood loss." Heavy Joe laughed at this and turned to face Hanbei. Hanbei didn't what was funny, he was right. This made Hanbei a bit irritated, but he wouldn't let it get to his head and cloud his judgement. "I'm not sure how he hit me from so far away or how his hand ended up on my head, but something isn't right." Unaware of the man's abilities, the geezer would take the defensive. Heavy Joe charging at him, steam radiating out his pores, Hanbei really didn't know what to expect from this guy. With his single fist he'd punch downwards at Hanbei trying to smash him into the scrap metal. Jumping to his left since his back was to the pile of scrap metal, he'd evade. Again Heavy Joe would come at Hanbei with the same style of attack, then once more. Both times Hanbei jumped back, but with this last smashing strike, Heavy Joe's hand didn't collide with the surface. It went through much to Hanbei's surprise. A window opening up above Hanbei's head the fist came through it striking the old man on his dome and knocking him down into the rubble.

In relation to Hanbei, Heavy Joe was in his own league, but that didn't mean the man would give up. Bleeding from his head, but still conscious and fully functioning, Hanbei listened to the heavy steps of his enemy as he walked forward, perhaps to finish Hanbei off. His fist still tight around his katana, he'd activate his thunder dial that was attached to it. A bolt of lightning jolting from the sword's guard into Heavy Joe's chest, Hanbei would cackle as old people did. "Most people die instantly from their heart exploding in their chest. You might still be alive, but you're gonna be stuck for a minute." Hanbei could only manage to lift his head up and observe what his attack had done. The hulking man was having spasms it seemed. Falling to his knees and clutching at his chest, more so his heart, he couldn't even manage to yell.

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17 Re: Lets Make This Quick{Hiest} on Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:23 pm

Kyoto looked at the actions that had happened before her eyes. It seemed like the old man was no push over. Smirking a little, she would pick Lucian up and help him stand as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "So, you aren't just a old man after all. I was starting to have my doubts about you. Though, now that we have captured Heavy Joe it is time for us to go back to the headquarters. Or maybe we should question him now because it seems like he is about to die." said Kyoto as she walked slowly while hoisting Lucian on her shoulder towards Heavy Joe. Getting to the man that was on his knees. She would leave Lucian to stand by himself. She would crouch down and look the man into the eyes and say "Now, tell me who ordered this bank robbery. From the looks of it you didn't do it because you aren't flaunting with money and the fact that you are still here. Not to mention you aren't that smart to pull something off. Now, you either tell me or you stay here in die in the next 30 minutes with no help whatsoever. Or we can get the medics to heal you up and you will be a free man." said the Kuja who was obviously lying.

Three minutes had passed Kyoto thought the man was dead. Though, blood would come out of his mouth as he coughed saying "Ok, ok. I don't know the guy's name. We just called him Jack Frost. He was a towering man. Even larger than myself. He had the tusks of an elephant, hell he looked like one. Though, his abilities. His abilities were what made people scared of----." He didn't get to finish his words as he took his last breath. Falling forward with his head lying on Kyoto's chest. Limp and beginning to cold. Dammit, what was he going to say. Sighing and frowning at the same time she would say "Welp, you killed maybe our most reliant witness geezer." said Kyoto as she stood fully, helping Lucian back up once again. Looking around just in case anyone else tried to ambush. "We should still tell that guy about this. This Jack Frost person seems like a threat and I rather he be taken care of now." said the Kuja as she turned around with Lucian and would begin walking back towards the town.

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18 Re: Lets Make This Quick{Hiest} on Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:07 pm


Poppa Perk

Hanbei simply laid on the scrap metal below him. He hadn't possessed to the strength to get up, not yet at least. From there he'd just listen and see how the Rear Admiral handled things and boy did she seem like a tough cookie. "Now, tell me who ordered this bank robbery. From the looks of it you didn't do it because you aren't flaunting with money and the fact that you are still here. Not to mention you aren't that smart to pull something off. Now, you either tell me or you stay here in die in the next 30 minutes with no help whatsoever. Or we can get the medics to heal you up and you will be a free man." Hanbei began to sweat, the pressure was on. Sweating wasn't helping his case though for it was making his scrapes and head wound sting. "I don't know, honestly I don't remember anything about a bank robbery. Maybe I was brain washed, please don't leave me here to die. I have so much left to live for." His eyes began to swell with tears until he realized he wasn't the one being spoken to. It was a good thing his face was turned away from the Rear Admiral, because a single tear fell out one of his eyes as he came to the realization. He was a bit delirious from the blow to the head or maybe exhaustion, or maybe blood lose . . . he wasn't sure, but he felt pretty tired. "That's what I'd say if I was him haha." He chuckled kind of nervously, beginning to move his arms to push himself up off the metallic ground. Now sitting down on his butt he tapped lightly on the head wound, wincing at the pain. "Ugh, I think I'm on the brink of consciousness. That blow to the head was no joke." He blinked a few times and rather hard too. Then Heavy Joe would begin to talk, but soon after pass away. "Hope you wrote that down, because I don't think I'll be able to remember." Coming to a stand, he sheathed his blade and spoke again. "But seems like we just need to find this Jack Frost guy and bring him in for some questions . . ." Not bothering to keep walking like the old fool he was, he would take his leave. "I'm going to the barracks to get these wounds treated. I trust you can handle the rest of this Rear Admiral." Should she allow such a thing, Hanbei would take his leave. On the way to the barracks though, he'd stop and pick up some lemonade and some dice. He couldn't remember why he was buying them, probably due to the blow to the head, but he felt like someone had asked for them.


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19 Re: Lets Make This Quick{Hiest} on Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:35 am

Kyoto would nod at the old man who seemed pretty delirious at the moment. However, she would sigh seeing as she didn't know how to deal with a dead body. Shaking her head. She would help Lucian and begin walking back to the marine headquarters. She would just get someone else to come and obtain the body. Though truth be told. This Jack Frost fellow seemed like a man of power from the way Heavy Joe talked about him. But the way he was describing his power. Could he be one of the many devil fruit users in the world. And if so, whcib one.

Seeing the headquarters coming into view. She would see people standing in front of it. Most of them marines, waving her hands they would come running towards her and picm up Lucian. Running him to the infirmary to treat his injuries. The detective seemed to already be outside. Walking up to the Kuja he would say "You guys weren't gonw for long? Did tou gind anyone?" asked the man. Sighing Kyoto would say "Yes, though he isn't of much use now as the old geezer I was partnered with had killed him. However I did get a name of the man who had robbed the bank. His name is Jack frost anf I have reason to believe he is a devil fruit user. If you want I can draw a picture of his appearance though it isn't really something natural. Apparently he is even taller than Heavy Joe and has the appearance of an elephant. So, tkae that info however you want it. You also need to deal with the dead body in the scrap yard." said Kyoto as she walked into the building. She was feelimg a little tired and needed some rest.

Maybe she would go back to the Sea Train and travel to another island. It was quite boring in Water 7 and she had nothing to do. Looking around she would see multiple criminals seated around with handcuffs. Seems like tomorrow will be a long day. Sighing she would go walking to the back. She still needed to figure out how to get back to Amazon Lily. Truth be told, she didn't know that once she left she wouldn't be able to get back.

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