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1Alessi Empty Alessi on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:48 pm

Name: Alessi, Buccellati
Alias/Epithet: Frankenstein, Flamingosis
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist{P}, Navigator{S}
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: 2

General Appearance:
Alessi Image%20shit_zpsojn4srf7

A relatively simple style, one that wouldn't exactly be impossible to obtain with a regular stylist. Alessi's naturally wild locks of hair are cut off short, reaching only a few inches from his head. Even with this relatively short reach they still manage to defy the strength of a comb. The only attribute of his hair that really stands out in any way is the common patches and streaks of pink which litter his mane. Appearing only on his head, Alessi isn't sure if it's natural or something that he added later down the line, the event apparently not having enough impact to leave a memory. Overall this gives Alessi a relatively messy look.

Some people are said to have a twinkle to their eye. A little spark that supposedly shows their energy and kindness. Whether such a thing truly exists is up for debate, however Alessi may be the end to such debates. Despite how you fall on the argument, it's almost impossible to argue that there is any kind of spark in his eyes. Entirely bland and dead looking things, they resemble more something a taxidermist would use over something organic. The dull pink iris, marked with a cross shaped pupil grants Alessi a relatively dull gaze that doesn't tend to give away much about his person at all.

Moving downwards, one comes to Alessi's relatively powerful shaped face.  Strong features give Alessi a very masculine face in design. A strong jaw, roman nose, low cheekbones and thick eyebrows all add up to contribute to this effect. This however comes into contrast with the color of Alessi's lips being a very rich pink, something that would cause him to stand out like a sore thumb if it wasn't for the invention of lipstick. While one cannot be entirely certain of this, it would also appear that he seems to be wearing a great deal of makeup at any one time.

A lean and compact beauty, the young man towers at a staggering height of almost two meters (6'5" for you filthy American's) More than enough to shadow over the regular person, however he often finds himself being towered over by the more unique races of the world, those who are built like brick shit-houses. A bronzed body, reflecting the life style that he lives, tanned from day in and day out of working on the deck of a ship under the ever watchful eye of the sun. However, if one were to look through Alessi's ancestry they may be shocked to find that this is a relatively unique trait, as his family is whiter than a dog shit that's been left out for too long.  From head to toe the man is covered with various scars and tattoo's. Of note are the seven circle shaped scars over his chest, a ring of hears around his right arm, a peace symbol on his left, pink circles on his elbow and an intersex symbol circling his bellybutton pointing towards his crotch.

Merely saying that Alessi had a lean body wouldn't really be covering the situation completely. Sure, this is a part to it, but it doesn't give justice to the situation. Birthed with a natural swimmers body, Alessi manages to fit in perfectly with the race of super humans that roam around the world. It's only when he's brought into comparison with other more unique races does the injustice of the whole thing really begin to show its ugly head. Completely hairless below his ears, Alessi has never let on if this was a natural thing or if he simply rigorously tended to himself, however other aspects of his life would suggest the latter.

Set with legs that perhaps may be a little too long, Alessi has the look of a human created from a rough memory of what they look like. Hands, eyes, feet, arms and legs; they're all there but it's the proportions of them that may throw one slightly off. The kind of look that would seem odd to you, without you knowing why it's odd. Hypertonic muscle stretched over an acrobatic fram, Alessi comes with a sense of natural grace and arrogance. No stranger to an aggressive attitude, Alessi's movements and stances can often seem bold or overly confident, acting without a hint of fear or shame, resembling more the way a cat would move in human skin. This brash stance doesn't stop short on his posture, as one would quickly be able to tell as soon as his opened her mouth. Never one for holding back, Alessi's contentious tone is one that often leaves a sour taste for other people on their first meeting.

Clothing is stuck firmly in the world of the extravagant. Having a deep passion for the world of French high fashion (or the pirate equivalent) he was destined to never exactly fit into a crowd, not that he would ever want that. Revealing as much skin as possible while both having an over abundance of material and accessories. While previously in life Alessi would have large sets of clothing to pick from, he has recently been restricted to what was on his back at the time. A frilled jacket, littered with motif's and symbols of hearts, going over the buttons of the jacket and onto the ladybug badges that are placed in columns down it. Moving down lower one would be greeted by his often unbuckled tattered pants, the reason for which is unknown but it would be very safe to say that Alessi's ego has a large part to play in it. Finally, it's worth noting the few other details that one might find a bit odd. These being the fingerless pink sleeved gloves, his wristwatch, several rings and his lack of shoes.

Overall Alessi has a rather unique presence. A mix between hyper sexuality and someone who is simply trying much too hard to be larger than life. It's plain as day by his appearance and his way of carrying himself that he is screaming for some kind of attention or recognition, be it positive or negative. Because of this it would be pretty easy to refer to Alessi as simply being a diva, however that wouldn't really cover the whole thing. Behind the layer of makeup and ridiculous outfits is a quiet intensity ticking away, the kind that is always present but not always viewed, present most often through his increasingly lifeless eyes. That said it is entirely possible, and incredibly likely to never notice this feature, even after knowing the man for many a year, simply writing him off as an over the top eccentric who is far to in love with himself to stick out being around.
Height: 199cm 6'5"
Weight: 110kg 240lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left butt-cheek

Personality: As a broad statement for those who wish to read no further. One could describe Alessi as a cocky and somewhat flamboyant man with little respect for the actions or reasons of others. Furthermore he's difficult to approach, often lacking the ability to make friends quickly.

Alessi initially comes off as being a cocky and aggressive contestantin the game of life. Unlike his rival competitors he's comfortable to rush ahead as quickly as possible and then fend off any who attempt to block his path. Alessi is a relatively rude man all things considered, debasing the vast majority of those he meets with insults and mocking commentaries. Even with his closest friends and comrades, he doesn't make the habit of mincing his words, often being blunt and extremely to the point. The only person who Alessi shows any form of respect or formality towards is his stern father, whom installed the traditions and core beliefs that carry Alessi to this day. Aless's cockyness and rudeness extend into his fights, during which Alessi is prone to mock his enemies in some way or say something all too cocky. However, bravado aside he lacks the ruthlessness that others have and will avoid killing his opponent if at all possible. Alessi is particularly prideful of his cooking, an art that has been passed down through his family for generations. On the flip side, his navigation, a skill he is much better at is often regarded as a waste of time, something that he does merely to pay the bills and lead him towards his other goals.

Alessi nonetheless possesses an altruistic side, and likes to help anyone who needs his assisstance, however he only extends this towards those that have shown the desire and drive to improve their situations. Those who waste their team wishing things would improve without making action, without drive and determination are just as bad as those who preform the offending act in the first place.

Out of combat, Alessi also possesses an eccentric personality, and is particularly flamboyant. Alessi has a penchant for gags involving puns or an inexplicable brand of humor, frequently telling such jokes to those around him in the spur of the moment. He has a fondness for dramatic gestures and quotes, often quoting poetry or such texts if only to inflate his own sense of importance rather than to get any real point across. Alessi is a womanizer, often taken any chance that he can to flirt with those who catch his eye. However, he is capable of becoming stern and serious on the drop of a dime, embodying the memory of his late father.

Heavily influenced by Sergio's teachings about the uncertainties in life - using a " tennisball over the net" metaphor - and the Devil Fruit's power being nothing short of miraculous, Alessi has a somewhat optimistic outlook on life and is convinced that he can overcome setbacks, even if they'd need a miracle to overcome, as long as he follows a virtuous path. Nonetheless, following the "tennisball over the net" belief, Alessi is aware that failure is just as likely. This ideology is repeatedly somehow confirmed with numerous coincidences and miracles helping him throughout his journey and alternatively working against him, notably the death of his father that banished him initially from his homeland but also the events that lead to his escape.

Travel - There's certainly something to be said about going to a place where no one knows your name, all previous convictions and pretenses about ones person simply not existing, the chance to be reborn. In some form of another, Alessi has always had a fiery passion for travel, no matter how temporary. It's through this fixation that he first began racing horses in his youth, and it is because of it that he is now able to make a living acting as a navigator.

Assisting Others - A partially awkward trait when one considers the person that Alessi is. However contrary to his brash nature he does believe that everyone has a chance at redemption, that there isn't a truly despicable person, only a scale on which we can measure ones intent and disposition. The books he read as a child, of the evil man and the knight in shining armor was a lie, there exists both in each person, shades of good and evil repeated thousands of times over.

Cooking - A sign of Alessi's bleeding heart, his creativity which is just leaking into the world in heaps. It would seem that it was a mission by god himself, set forth on this Earth to grant his friends and allies the height of the culinary arts, exceeding anything which had previously been put onto this earth.


Ego - The irony of this one isn't exactly lost on him. There's something in science about two of the same just not meshing, and that's something that Alessi believes whole heartedly. When presented with a reflection of himself it's pretty often that tensions will reach and all time high.

Snails - Call it what you will, there's never anything good that comes from snails. Perhaps it was a book he read at a young age, or perhaps a spooky story he was told. Either way Alessi cannot stand to be around the creatures, considering them to be the lowest of the low. Maybe it's the eyes...

Children - For as long as he could remember, even as one himself, he's never had a particular love for children. Something that's only grown the older he's become. The attraction is something that he'll never understand, nor be able to relate to.

Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, "Why have you done this to me?" And the snake answered, "Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake."

The eldest of three children to the dishonorable Brando Cocteau, Alessi was born with what he would call ‘a severe handicap in life’. Spending each day caring for the Pettingal horses and each night caring for his two younger sisters while his mother whored herself out to anyone who would take the bait. What she was going for was pathetic in her eyes, no man wanted a widow with three children, especially one at her age. As far as Alessi was concerned she was simply putting her problems on the sidelines for immediate physical enjoyment. The funds that he managed to gather covered the necessities for himself and his siblings, food, clothes and school supplies for his sisters. The only lucky part about the whole deal was the house that had been inherited from his father, but even that was falling to pieces with no one to tend to it.

The boys busy lifestyle meant that his schooling was at a bare minimum, taking only the classes that were available at his local church which at best only gave him a brief understanding of English. It would seem that the boy was destined for a mediocre lifestyle, living and dying in poverty to help those around him. Naturally, he blamed his parents, with each passing day he became more distant from his mother till eventually he truly loathed her very existence. It wasn’t fair, something he wasn’t yet aware the world was not. Perhaps he could have lived this existence, constantly acting as someone else's heel, however destiny had a different path laid out for him.

Even since he was just a small child, Alessi had always had a special ability when it came with dealing with horses. It would seem that this was his gift in life. The ability to attach himself and understand the whims of the animal, allowing him and them to essentially become one with the beast. Even those which had been dubbed untameable were not out of his reach.

Is was through this ordeal, through the cards he was given that Alessi developed a strong sense of pride, not shame. However, this was something that was destined to never be without its own struggle. At the age of fifteen both of his younger sisters were shot dead, their bodies left in the rain, the assailant never found. The boy grew up bitter, a hate for the world and it's actions that seemed like it could never be tamed. It was here that he understood. As a youth he thought that he was simply treated badly, looked down on for no reason, however it was clear that the only concept that mattered was money. There was no such thing as decency to another human being, money was the blood coursing through the veins of society, the world belongs to those who have the money to control it. He took an oath that day, to go through whatever means possible to be the one who would rule this corrupted society.

On horseback, it would seem that he could get everything that he wanted, the world flattered him from below and shared with him their power. At sixteen Alessi won his first derby, he could recall distinctly the events that followed. Visiting a millionaires house, the guy's daughter and her friend started taking their clothes off without him saying a word. "My parents aren't going to be home tonight." Picture yourself as a sixteen year old boy, what would you do. His ambition was both a blessing and a curse, one that went too far ahead of him. It would seem that you just can't trust the word of a pair of horny woman, a lesson that he would take to heart from their on out. Discovered by the man of the house, Alessi was banished from the town, never to ride again.

Forced out of the country that he had no love for, Alessi took to the seas. Working on a shipping freight, bringing stock across the globe. It was hard work, easy to relieve the strains of the world from his mind, the kind of job that he would never be satisfied with. Abusing his natural charm, he wed to a wealthy elderly widow. The rumors were out, of course that he only did it for the inheritance from her eventual death. Publicly he would deny, he would always deny. It was obvious that they were right, there was no attraction in their relationship, only a willingness on Alessi's part to give up her body to her. Eight long years their relationship lasted, Alessi's patience slowly whittling away with the years.

It would seem that her will to live was stronger than Alessi's desire to not take a life, as the woman was found dead, a slashed throat in a river three miles from her home. The investigation was quick and brutal, Alessi was sentenced to 20 years. Shipped off shore once more, sent to a co-ed prison where it would seem that he was destined to spend the rest of his days, cut off from the world completely. It was here and now that Alessi finally became aware of the futility of it all. He was destined for what he wanted twice, if he had only been able to keep his cool. His life was one of extremes, one side or the other. He would either be plagued with hellish evens or the blessings of heaven, there was little in between for his future. He knew here that he was destined for escape, even if it required a miracle.

The fire that had existed in his heart was steadily dimming away, returning to a level that was good for his health. Aware of this completely, he couldn't exactly explain it at all. Perhaps he was just growing up. It was while incarcerated that Alessi met those who he could truly call his equals, finding companionship in his cellmate Gish. Together the two of them made their escape. After four long years on the inside, Alessi finally tasted free air. The experience, it wasn't something you could really imagine, the kind of weight that was taken off of his shoulders was insane as if he was finally alive for the first time.

Stowing away in a ship heading towards Loguetown, Alessi was given a second chance on life. A place where no one knew his name and he was freed from the chains that bound him down so tightly in his past. Here he was able to invent himself as a new man, he could become the person he always saw himself as in his head.
Face Claim: Fist of the North Star - Kenshiro

Bonus: 1,000,000 Beli
Location: Water 7

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2Alessi Empty Re: Alessi on Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:37 pm



Beautifully written Application.


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