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1Return to the blues. [Asher/travel] Empty Return to the blues. [Asher/travel] on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:52 pm




Clarissa Syfer
Standing upon the edge of the ring in Impel Down. Clarissa Syfer, a fishwoman whom had been known as a "secondary" head jailer, her name to priisoners, to those on the outside, the Torturess. She had finally been relocated, to where, well thats what she would have to find out. Yet the larger than life fishwoman would bite her lip, her nerves obviously getting the better of her. She had never really left Impel for a long amount of time, sure on certain issues, when having to go bring in criminals whom could not be brought by marines. When having to escort fishmen to Impel Down and so forth. Today she would be leaving what had become her actual home a place where everyone feared and respected her. Where her methods were needed and not frowned upon. Where a lot of her bets had been forged and deals would be cashed in when needed.

Now though, now she had the opportunity for the marines to see what she truely was. How and who was sending for her, well she would have to find this out when she got to her next location. "Ok Clarissa, this is your next step, you can return, you will return" she would say gently as she looked to the horizon, the outline of a ship could be seen. Her sensory capabilities woudl allow her to detect the entirety of the crew upon the ship when it got in to her maximum range. With a smile, she jumped in to the calm belt and felt the water around her, the natural environment that felt so powerful around her. She would await for the ship to come closer, sea kings would be around yet none came for her. She had been around this place. She knew the sea kings here, her haki if needed could be used to keep them away, so this water did not frighten her.'


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2Return to the blues. [Asher/travel] Empty Re: Return to the blues. [Asher/travel] on Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:20 pm

Asher had arrived on the glorious shores of Impel Down. Well it wasn't a glorious location in terms of the eyes of lord did it set the backdrop for some of Asher's greatest conquest. He was here for a woman named Clarrisa, she was described as an Octopus merman or something of that nature. Quickly Asher's eyes spotted her and he immediately knew it was her "Oi, Board the ship. we must move" said Asher as he leaned on the boats edge before going back inside to the lower deck. They had to move. Upon her arrival the ship sailed.

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3Return to the blues. [Asher/travel] Empty Re: Return to the blues. [Asher/travel] on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:12 am



Time travel powah [Sailing]

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