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1A year on [Task] Empty A year on [Task] on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:55 am



Today marked a year, an entire year that Clarissa Syfer had been one of the marine officers assigned to Impel Down during its refurbishment. During this year, she had finally become the woman she aspired to be. Now to many this meant a strong independant woman, but for Clarissa, well she was already this woman, already strong, independant and powerful. Yet now she felt beautiful, curves, larger, more flamboyant in her demeanour. She had piled on the pounds, and many had commented upon her change of appearance, yet words could not penetrate her hide because she finally felt like the woman she was supposed to be. Today was also a special occassion, today was promotion day where she was being assigned a lower district. Finally moving to level two she was being given a twenty five prisoner district, which meant, twenty five prisoners with what she could do whatever she wanted to do with. Yes the Wardens exact words were to "Put on a show". Of course for Clarissa this was a completely different to what the warden had in mind.

So the larger than life Octo woman would slither through the hole, her suction cups allowing her to move effortlessly across the ceiling and across the walls until she landed in to level 2 of impel down, it looked identicle to level one. Just your average prison, who knew it would one day become one of the coolest, most feared places for criminals in the entire world. Dropping softly to the floor, the rather large woman would begin to gently move through the corridors. Prisoners laughed at her, the large woman, more so people were used to slim people these days, but this large girl, her body was like her, larger than life right. Because she walked with confidence, she walked with purpose. One prisoner not in her jurisdiction came to the bars, his hand wrapped around the cold metal. "Hey chubs, want a taste of sausage" he would say, and as he did, his hand's moved to his pants, pulling them down to reveal his slick member. Hard, he would begin to hump the air.

Shaking her hips, she moved to the man whom was humping the air. "You like being a little nasty don'tcha" she would utter, her voice sexual, raspy. "You know it, i heard fat chicks are always grateful," he said, licking his lips. Two of her tentacles moved, one grasping the neck of of the male, the other wrapping around his hard penis. "And i heard human men are really attatched to this organ" she would say. Now this smile, this evil maniacle grin. The man was shaken to the core, he was shaking, she felt it, and with that smile, staring at the man, eyes met. Then she released it. Pushing the man backwards. "Next time, it comes off poopsie" she would say with a wink as the male sat shaking, dick no longer hard. "Crazy...shes crazy" he would utter as the octopus woman walked away.

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2A year on [Task] Empty Re: A year on [Task] on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:34 pm



Gonna put this on hold.

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