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1 Suna Suna no Mi (Tertiary) on Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:48 am

For when I'm tier 3 and do quest.

Tertiary Skill Set Name: Suna Suna no Mi - Sand Play
Skill Set Class: Devil Fruit 2
Skill Set Information: The Suna Suna no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into sand at will, turning the user into a Sand Human. Sand Play is the base devil fruit skillset that can do whatever Suna Suna normally does.
Sandy: Sandy is a passive that lets the user always have a supply of their sand in the area when they join a topic unstated. Their sand is located underground through crushing the land and scales up 35 meters for size each tier up to tier 3.

Filter: Filter is a passive that lets the user bring up water underground in the area sensed at the topic beginning through controlling the ground unstated. The environment, the user, the soil, and/or corpses that happen to be brought up are all cleaned as a consequence if desired. Size scales up 35 meters for each tier up to tier 3.
Skill Strengths:

  • Offensive skills using this fruit naturally cut a target up to the skill/power tier.
  • Offensive skills using this fruit naturally absorb liquids up to T2 in terms of attacks upon contact, and can collapse buildings and the ground into sand equivalent to reasonable T2 range. The user can control how much is absorbed and whether to keep people alive.
  • The user is able to sense all things touched by their sand.

Skill Weaknesses:

  • Can't do Crocodile's static shit.
  • Can't fly
  • Standard DF weaknesses, liquid not from my body makes me solid normally unless absorbed.


  • Wood, stone, and similar materials are crumbled to dust easily if required because of liquid absorption despite speed skillset, at T1.
  • Steel and similar materials can be cut with T2 skills or the passive, otherwise they need T3 to break.
  • Seastone can be lightly damaged to loosen them by martial arts at T4 but can't be cut, and higher level materials can't be affected at all unless skills are buffed to T6 and above strength. Once there, they can affect materials in any way if desired.

Future ideas: Small and remote attacks. Prevent rain, transform environment topic beginning. Cause earthquake/bring up water on edge of sea. Filter water, poison, good soil for food, make food, sandbags for war. Use Haki on it. Sand in ship with holes, control weapons with sand inside.


Come one, come all.
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

3 Re: Suna Suna no Mi (Tertiary) on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:57 pm

1. Why would I pour stamina constantly when it just appears once? I don't control it or anything. It also comes from creating sand so I don't see a range problem.

2. Uuuuh, if I can just put cutting into all my skills, there's no point in it not being a strength.

3. Again if I just put water absorption into all my skills there's no point in it not being a strength. Yes I need stamina for skills and T2+ liquid attacks bypass the strength. The devil fruit counters it's weakness whoop de doo, just like all devil fruits can if they don't suck.

4. If the liquid counts I shouldn't need to edit. Let's pretend that you didn't just deny the strengths too.


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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

5 Re: Suna Suna no Mi (Tertiary) on Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:54 pm

OR read a person's post and educate yourself instead of impulsively responding without me posting in help desk. I'm not putting more weaknesses than strengths. Go check somebody else's stuff if you wanna be biased.

Dunno why you're talking about having to keep shit up. I make sand with my passive. I don't manipulate it after.


Come one, come all.
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6 Re: Suna Suna no Mi (Tertiary) on Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:33 pm



Are you willing to make any of the changes Clarissa asked for prior?

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