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Link to old char:
Link to revamp proof :


Name:Syndra Ku
Alias/Epithet: Anna
Race: Cyborg
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Free agent
Tier: Tier 1

General Appearance:
Syndra ususally wears blue coloured pants and a green blouse. Her robotic arms and legs are covered with human like skin to cover the robotic parts so she looks like a normal human. She also caries armour around for jobs. Her casual wear ususally contains pant and green or yellow coloured shrts or blouses. The armor she wears at times covers her torso . Her hair is ususaly styled with a ponytail with a pink band to keep the hair in its place. She also carries around her pet Yury wich is a bear. Many people mistake it maby as a dog but its a bear. Her feets are always inside leather boots and her socks are coloured pink or yellow.
Usually :

When armored:

Bear :

Height: 1.63
Weight: 62
Crew Tattoo Placement: on the fingernail of her pink

Syndra is a really nice, kind and positivie person who smiles throughout all her life as she is one who is truelly happy, and is the first to help someone in need if given the oppertunity. As far as loyalities go she is one of the most loyal person you could come across atleast as far as her friends & family are concnerned. Though despite being such a kind and gentle soul Syndra is not someone who you would consider normal in fact her deepest wish is, that she was a sociopath because it would make what she does easier. she has killed people and will most likely again. Syndra claims she does not enjoy killing people, but admits she doesn't feel bad about it either". If someone important to her is taken away or under treat Syndra will do everything in her power to protect that person even crossing the barriers of insanity, while in this state of mind she is calculative, stratigic and exstremmly dangerous [Kills people instantly, tortures people for fun and their is no line she won't cross to stop her enermy.
Note: even while in combat, or this insanic mode she is always smiling and happy like her normal day to day self.

She can turn into a insane evil demonic person and raging and isn't easy to stop her. she care less about herself when when raging so she is reckless, stronger and unpredictable what makes it a bit harder to combat. She has a strong personal sense of what is right and wrong and was forged into her heart from her rebirth as a cyborg.

When she is near other people she will use her smile like a mask and be really nice but when she is alone or in battle her dark side of the core in her being can show itself. She got control over herself when to turn more evil or the being the nice innocent cute girl. Deep inside she actually hates everythign that lives but at the sametime she lovses everything that lives. In her head she is confused frustrated and a bit lost because she doesnt know what she wants nor who she really is. Making decisions is not a easy task for her. She always wants to make the right decision what makes life hard for her.

The conflict of love and hate withing her heart of life itself makes her an exstremmly loyal friend and ally to thoses she cares for, while potentically a loaded cannon waiting to fire.

Likes: 1) : She likes Bannana s cos its her avorite fruit
2): Animals. As a beast tamer and a animal lover she likes to be around with animals and to spend ime withnthem
3): Cute animals amd other cute things

Dislikes: 1): Jerks assholes bullies etc. Its normal for people to dislike those kind of people but Syndra is more aprotective person who helps people if they are in need and so she dislikes to see other people being bullied.
2): Dirt. SHe dislikes dirt on her clothes or on her body because it is dirty and she dislikes that.
3): People who have lack of ambition.

When Syndra was younger she lived with her parents and family in a village. Syndra was always a ahappy kid who played with every child in the village. She was passionate and loved her parents. Her life is fine and it seems like a normal boring way to grow up. She did good at school, studied hard and was extremly helpfull. This part of her still excists but through the years she changed inside. When a vicous bombardment on the island she was living with her mother, father 2 little brothers and big sister were killed. Everyone in the village got killed except Syndra. She was just playing in the forest with animals when it happened. Till today she still doesnt know that it was a marine attack which took her enjoyable life away from her. She didnt knowwhat happened and is looking for the answers while she travels around the world to discorever and find her answers.

When the bombardment happened Syndra was lucky to have some cover. Despite the cover she got injured badly if some scientist wouldnt have saved her after the attack and take her to his own personal small island. Where the man treated her and had to save her by installing robotic parts to save her life. He turned her in a cyborg. SHe was just 12 years old when this happened. She was hospilatized by the scientist for a half year. When he was done she leanred to walk speak etc all over again. As the time passed by he become like a father for her. She also made a friend on the island. It was the pet bear of the scientist. The bear didnt have a name yet so she called him Yury. The bear was modified by the scientist so it would not grow older and stay the same little cute fluffy bear it was. Syndra picked up her life again and the terror of her past seems to bother her less. When she is 16 Syndra's happyness get ripped apart again. The wounds of her past were cut open again when one day she was outside fishing and came back to find the man who saved her, took care of her was found shot dead in his labratory. She lost her sanity because of all the pain erupting in her mind and decided to find the murderers. She stays one more year on the island to prepare herself and her pet yury who was the only memory of the scientist. When she is 17 she takes a ship that is passing by and starts her journey for revange.

She doesnt know who did it. The Marines, Pirates or Revolutionists so she decides to become a free agent. It would make her nutral and help her to ask multiple factions about infotmation about the bombardement and the murders on the people she cared about.

Face Claim:
Akame ga kill seryu ubiquitous
when goodish
when evilish

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