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1 You already know :pepe: on Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:38 pm

o, I would like to claim my hits on this boy. If this isn't legit I will post a post.....I think I can do this. But anyway.

As Sa-Yin did his standard crab walk towards Ba’al, he would stop 1 meter away from the girl or boy or whatever he was. Simultaneously as he stopped his left hand formed into a fist instant imbued with Armament Haki as he aimed it at that the Commodore’s stomach, moving it at the speed with a fraction greater than a bullet (4.5).

Looking at that, I punched and stopped at the same time.

Ba'al wrote:Commodore Ba'al had already prepared herself for the counter{The Buso Haki, and Blade techniques, and Tiger} which she was about to release on the old man. Oddly enough the old geezer had halted his movements rising his left hand into what seems to be a fist. Then simultaneously imbued with Armament Haki at amazing speeds. Unfortunately for the old geezer the movement in which he halted prior before he decide to release his punch Ba'al had release her own sets of attacks.

According to Ba'al I stopped...then I released my fist. Something that would only be a blur to him due to the speed at which it is moving. Also, he said I rose my hand to punch him. Which was something I never did, considering my hand was near my chest and due to me crouching I would just need to stretch my arm to punch him.

Now if that isn't a reason for me to claim my hits.

Ba'al wrote:Because the movement in which the old geezer halted his movements Commodore Ba'al had precede his attempted. Strangely enough the bungle of hair would hit a purple smoke as Commodore Ba'al had already launched herself forward to the right well out of reach of the old geezer left hand(5 inches away). An since the old geezer was exactly 1 meter away , and due to Ba'al nature size 11 Feet Tall Even . She cover the distance rather quickly which bring forth a new set of attempts.

He moved forward to the right. So, a slant I guess. Logically if I was punching at his stomach and he only move to his right 5 inches. I would still hit him. He is 11ft tall meaning his body would be wide. I would hit the edge of his stomach.

Now, if he moved towards his right and out of the reach of my left hand. He is moving towards my left shoulder. Meaning my hair on my left side would still wrap around him and most likely my hair in the middle and slim chance of my hair on my right side. Seeing as they are large bundles. He only moved closer to the hair on my left side.

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