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1 Terrell Trilla Tunka ( Done) on Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:59 pm



Name: Terrell Trilla Tunka
Alias/Epithet: The Reaper Of The World Goverment
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Historian,Navigator
Affiliation: Marine
Tier:Tier 1

General Appearance: Terrell is a young man who is slim yet muscular. His eyebrows are very shrap with curls at the end of them. He wears his hair staright down each side or sometimes in a ponytail.He is very clean cut as he always wears suits. His most famous one being his black one.Which is a Trilla exclusive being made with only the finest softcovers.He wears silk skin later dress shoes all black which shines in sunlight. He also has later sunglasses as well.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 185
Crew Tattoo Placement: He has tattoos of world noble names on his back.

Personality: Terrell is a very serious person never one to smile. He is the type to stay ahead of anyone he deems weaker.Terrell doesnt even talk to people unless they talk first. But just might respond with a yes no or maybe. One thing he holds dearly is hos code of justice and that is  one must win a war not survive it. Meaning he is willing to kill even his fellow allies if it would mean a win. Or to not let them leak info. Terrell rather die than to be dishonnor. He has trust problems having been betrayed by 3 of his 4 great loves all to the same man. That is the reason he doesnt trust people to much. He rather get in and gdt out with no problems whats so ever.Terrell has genius level intellect and can read people the moment they talk. He could even read the polygrams around the world. To put it blank Terrell is a man who will do anything to get ahead in justice. Also he tends to look at the sky whenever the wind blows. But that is an unknown reason for that. Terrell also tends to fall asleep at the strangest times. Durning battles he is calm and serious and keep focus at all times. But Terrell biggiest trait is his sense of no mercy justice. He feels if you are a marine go out like one do not surrender like wtf no. He would rather die then to do that. Growing up he seens things that would be shamful to the warrior code. Stay and fight the good fight do not run unless it was an order to run. Other then that Terrell loves to take napes. He is working all the time so he sleeps when he get the chance too. Also Terrell views of the world is only the winners get to decide the losers fate. As in the loser has no claim to anything for he lost.

Likes: True justice people should pay for thier crimes.
Bink Sake song is his favorite.
His suits he just loves them they make him look shrap.

Dislikes: His mother-reason she always put his half brother befor him showing favoritism.
His sister-After siding with his half brother be truly lost all the love and respect he once had of her.
His half brother-He seemed to always make a fool out of Terrell taking bis girl mother and sister love from him.

History: Terrell Trilla Tunka such an odd man thats for sure. Nobody truly knows where he come from. Because he never ever talks about his past. However Terrell was born on a ship in the grand line. On an unnamed island his mother and father was treasure hunters. However Terrell birth was a sad one indeed many claimed he is a seed of rape. However this just may not be the case. Terrell mother shuned him growing up but was really fund of his brother. They was 11 mouths apart in age Terrell being the younger one. Terrell was not as lucky as his brother to be bless with his mother trademark white hair and eyes as his brother or younger sister. Instead he was born looking alook like the man they claimed so called had his way with her.True she didnt treat Terrell as good as his brother or sister she just didnt love him as much. He felt a hole in his heart that he thought was soon filled by his lover zen. She was the most prettiest girl in the world to him. However just as fate would have it his brother was too in love with her. This made him made Terrell younger sister skai seemed to alway cared for him more then the others. This made Terrell feel wanted in the world by some one. Terrell took an intrest in history in learned alot about the world. He wanted to find out all it had to offer to him. But to do that he had to get stronger which he began doing. By getting info on haki and devil fruits of all things. One day Terrell brother Darrell took his mother crystal skull which Terrell tried to get back. Darrell knew thier family fighting style as Terrell wasnt allowed to learn it. This led to a very big fight which Terrell got the upper hand out matching him in every way. But what shocked him was the fact that zen had helped Darrell fight off him. Did she stop Terrell from killing him so she claimed or did she choose whom she truly loved right than in there. Terrell ask why but she oy said he needed her help more Terrell was speechless. But he stuck to his justice of trying to make Darrell pay. Again Terrell got the upper hand quickly turning the battle in his favor. But just as he was about to hand cuff Darrell Skai jumped in defending him. His first great loved broke his heart by siding with the brother he hated now his 2nd great love ripped it out by doing the same.
Exmaple: Terrell-Skai why are you helping him when he's in the wrong.
                 Skai-Right or wrong Terrell im defending him because he's my brother.
By then Terrell was emotional when he said
Yeah well so am I.
This event left a hole in Terrell heart to make matters worst. His mother said if he ever touched her son again she beat the hell out of him and that he talk when he shouldn't. All because he was doing what he thought justice was and that is the maim reasons. Terrell dont really say much have trust problems and rely mostly on his self. Soon after doing his brother birthday party his 15th one he really wasnt there he packed him self a bag whick Skai and Zen took notice.Terrell quietly vanish from his home town. But before that Skai saw him leave and followed him to the out side streets asking where was he going. He simply said NO WHERE BECAUSE WHERE CAN YOU GO WHEN YOU CANT GO HOME. This answer greatly shook Skai who didnt truly understand what he meant. She was about to say something else to him hoping he would stay but Terrell looked at her with dreadful eyes. Clearly showing her he had no interest in reforming bonds and trust that just wont be the same. Zen was standing right there as Terrell was walking pass she said. Hey you its a party lighten up. He didnt reply back he just kept walking. This was the last time he would ever soeak to them and only see them atleast once or twice a year and thats by chance.
Soon Terrell join the marines for some odd reason. He quickly grow in popularity as the reaper of the world goverment. Rumor has it that he killed 137 men all at once but that could be a rumor or is it. Soon 6 years pass as his brother became a pirate this didnt shock him. Upon meeting his brother again he said. Congratulations ass hole your no longer under arrest. Right before killing him but no one knew that pirate was his brother they just knew he was unlucky to face the reaper. Skai and his mother saw him once more. They both said hello to him however he just said good bye as he walked away. His mother looked then said im sorry son only for Terrell to say no im sorry lady Sharon. Clearly deowning them all together Zen was there as well as she looked he smiply walked pass her again. The only time to see or hear from Terrell is in the world news paper that was at least when he was 20 now he is 23 and ready to make a bright future to out shine his dark past.

Face Claim: One piece/Rob Lucci

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2 Re: Terrell Trilla Tunka ( Done) on Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:26 am



That should do it oh yeah

True justice fears no evil-Terrell Trilla Tunka
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3 Re: Terrell Trilla Tunka ( Done) on Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:30 am

personality should be no less than 300 words

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4 Re: Terrell Trilla Tunka ( Done) on Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:42 am



Bump i believe its 300

True justice fears no evil-Terrell Trilla Tunka
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5 Re: Terrell Trilla Tunka ( Done) on Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:33 pm



My hustory is longer then i intended but i had alot to say

True justice fears no evil-Terrell Trilla Tunka
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6 Re: Terrell Trilla Tunka ( Done) on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:03 pm

Iv seen much longer so its k approved marine

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