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1 Life Reflector on Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:58 pm

Eventually, Finale had arrived through ferry to Logue Town. Today he'd have some reflecting to do over his past and future actions. With his newfound power and objective in life, the doctor had decided that he'd have a new beginning. Logue Town was as simple as the world could get and Finale relished in the non-fluffiness of the society before him. Civilians walked about peacefully and minded their own business despite the history of the area. The past was the past, and Finale had no hold or say over it. There was no grand ambition to be had in Logue Town, as Finale simply wanted to stay low. After arriving via ferry, he'd found himself in a distant corner of Logue Town and he'd take shelter in a random civilian's house after wandering in his plain grey clothes. There were no oddities about Finale, and he overall minded his own business. Sitting on somebody else's bed, Finale cycled out unnecessary thoughts in the closed walls of somebody else's accomplishments. At all times, Finale had been watching his surroundings with his full martial prowess and if given the opportunity thinking about what he could do to elevate himself above taking shelter uselessly in a little town. Finale wasn't alone in particular, as there were other houses surrounding him and civilians roaming all around, but he made sure nobody found his entry into some poor soul's residence. All of his movements and crimes were made hidden to the public and all those that wanted to catch a breath of Finale's.

The success of getting a devil fruit motivated Finale to try his methods in the marines even more. Despite his first impression of a marine of being a weakling, Finale was okay with the weak as they helped build character in a way. Unrealistic expectations tried not to plague the doctor, as he didn't feel particularly bad about his encounters in South Blue. The future marine didn't wouldn't harm himself unnecessarily whether physically or mentally and he approached his interactions with grace for the sake of a well-earned future. After noticing the information and possessions he himself could acquire, Finale learned that he shouldn't rely on others to get the job done. Going to multiple islands recently himself drove his efficiency to it's peak in his opinion. Driving his own perspectives and revamping them helped Finale learn how to steer his life in the best personal direction he could muster. Realistically, if he'd told somebody else to go fight people with devil fruits, he'd probably never learned about them himself. If he hadn't killed a marine of high stature himself, he wouldn't have learned the morality that needs to be established to succeed. In fact, if he hadn't gone and got what he wanted upon noticing the devil fruit before him, Finale might have pleaded pathetically for his life in exchange for some fodder's that was dying. Some pride on Finale's part was lost in being unable to save the young man that had been shot in the vicinity of his precious devil fruit, but the experience of learning what needed to be done would certainly help Finale craft his priorities. Now that he had realistic expectations, Finale was ready to set off for bigger markets and better paths to becoming a marine. Quantity truly would surpass quality in dealing with the marine he'd killed, as resting hopes on one individual shattered the expectations of the doctor inevitably. Scanning his environment, Finale would safely exit the area upon noting he was safe to do so.



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