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1 Oka Takanashi on Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:30 am




Name: Oka Takanashi
Alias/Epithet: Princess Oka [Lvneel Only]
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Martial Artist | Scientist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: One

General Appearance: Oka is a small, fair-skinned female in her late teens. Her shoulder length, white hair is left alone, her long bangs allowed to do whatever it pleases with the only accessory in sight being two black hairclips. Her dark blue eyes standing out thanks to the lack of colour in her wardrobe.

As for clothes, Oka has the tendency to avoid pants, preferring skirts and dresses with biker shorts underneath. So, its not unusual to find the white-haired teen in a short, black skirt which is paired with a sleeveless, nondescript shirt and a plain white, long-sleeved or short-sleeved hoodie. Black, thigh high socks and mary janes usually finish off the look.
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 111lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: -

Personality: Oka can easily be described as the stereotypical nice girl that goes out of her way to help people. She has all the clichés down: helping the elderly, watching children, caring for the sick, and feeding the hungry. So much so that it’s hard to see the young princess as anything more than a nice girl.

Thanks to her upbringing, Oka is incredibly friendly to everyone regardless of their status. She isn’t the stereotypical brat that hails from a prestigious family that isn’t use to getting her way and is ready with a bag of insults when she has been wronged. She has a good work ethic for she wasn’t raised spoilt rotten to the core and so, she’s willing to work for what she wants instead of having it handed to her.

Also thanks to her upbringing, true sadness isn’t something Oka has ever truly faced in her life. Sure, she has felt sadness, but that was typically over the lost of a favourite toy or the temporary departure of someone she really liked from the kingdom. She hasn’t faced having someone in her life abruptly die nor has she had to pray that a loved one pulls through a difficult wound or sickness.

Despite seeming like the person who can’t be knocked out of her calm state, Oka is very capable of losing her cool. She doesn’t lose her temper easily, but she also isn’t that person who can’t be angered no matter how much one does in their attempt to infuriate them. She’s both intrigued and frightened by the world that lies outside of her kingdom, but she’s willing to face her fears in order to learn something new.

As expected from somebody that hails from a religious kingdom, Oka is also religious, but she isn’t one of those people who are unable to see reason nor does she jump to God in every single situation. Her mind just won’t allow her. If there’s a logical, scientific reason for something she will take that.
Likes: Learning new things, her parents and her kingdom.
Dislikes: Devil fruits, bullies and the smell of cigars.

History: On a cold, snowy day in the kingdom of Lvneel, a baby girl was born into the Takanashi family. Her father, the king, welcomed his daughter and heiress to the throne with open arms, the man delighted to have a successor after many years of trying. So long as the child lived, the throne was secured by the Takanashi family. Sure, a son would’ve been nice, but the man would see no reason to discard his beautiful daughter until he had the heir everyone expected of him. No, a woman could rule just fine and so, regardless of if his wife bore more children, the bundle in his arm would always be the first person in the line of succession to ascend to the throne if he died or retired. After all, that was her birthright as the first born and he wouldn’t take that from her.

As a member of the royal family and the successor to the throne, Oka grew up in the lap of luxury though she wasn’t given everything she wanted. Her father showered her with lavish gifts that even the upper class would find hard to obtain, but such gifts were bestowed upon her on special occasions such as her birthday. Sure, the king could definitely provide his little princess with whatever she wanted, but as his successor, he thought it best to not spoil his daughter rotten. Lvneel was in her hands upon his retirement or death after all, and he didn’t want to leave it in the hands of a selfish brat of his own making.

Despite having a country to rule, Oka’s father was very present in her life, the man going out of his way to spend time with his daughter without neglecting his duties as king. Playtime in the courtyard was common place in the castle, the sounds of giggles that seemed to be contagious filling the air. Her mother would join in on these games for she to enjoyed the company of her daughter and she could only spend so much time at various tea parties before being driven mad. Her mother wasn’t too concerned with rather or not Oka was ladylike, but she did well to instill the values expected of a lady in her position.

Though she was the successor to the throne, her parents weren’t overprotective and therefore Oka wasn’t confined to the castle. She got to go out a lot, participating in the various festivals that occurred within the kingdom and going to playdates arranged by the nanny - her parents couldn’t watch her all the time. So, she received a good deal of exposure to the world outside of the palace, the young girl allowed to interact with various people regardless of their class. She even went to school in the kingdom when she was old enough to instead of having a private tutor.

So, Oka definitely enjoyed her childhood and has only fond memories. When she entered her teen years, her father took it upon himself to teach her how to govern a country for she was now old enough. She found the lessons her father gave her to be interesting, though they were also boring, but she really enjoyed the company of her father so she didn’t mind too much. She did, however, always enjoy the instructions she received in self-defense, particularly hand-to-hand combat.

Alas, Lvneel was not a country focused on training the finest martial artist, but the finest swordsmen and archers around. So, there wasn’t a martial art master within the kingdom and so, she only received the most basic of the art. Yet, determined to learn the style before it was her time to rule, Oka would gain permission from her father to search and learn from one upon turning seventeen. It would be the first time she left the kingdom and, to remain lowkey, she traveled alone with promises to remain in one piece and to hurry home if she was sent for.

It has been a year since she has left home and Oka has found herself apart of the marines - a group she has come across on several occasions since they came through her kingdom. Because of this development, she has found herself distracted from her original purpose though she’s getting back on track with the help of D’angelo and Genève.
Face Claim: Haegiwa | Ringo-chan

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2 Re: Oka Takanashi on Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:32 am




This is a revamped character from the account Oka which belongs to big sister. She says since she hasn't honestly used the character that I can use her. If not allowed, I shall let her know and her repost on her account and think of something else.

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