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1 Genève Artois on Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:01 pm




Name: Genève Artois
Alias/Epithet: The Librarian
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Historian | Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: Two

General Appearance: Genève isn’t a child! I know, hard to believe since the daughter of a noble looks no older than twelve, but she swears to god that she isn’t a child. She’s simply cursed to never assume features that would clearly show that she’s now a teenager or… at least it would take much longer than usual - much to her chagrin. However, despite not appreciating the fact that she is childlike in appearance, Genève can admit that her lack of growth over the pass six years can prove beneficial. She’s, after all, a blonde haired, blue-eyed child with a butterfly-like pattern at the center of these eyes - denoting her status as a member of the Artois family.
Height: Four foot five inches.
Weight: Eighty pounds.
Crew Tattoo Placement: -

Personality: Genève is a lady of few actions and even fewer words, the noble perfectly content with curling up in a chair with a book in hand for the entirety of the day instead of socializing with people. She does prefer the peace and quiet of her room or the royal library than the chatter that frequents the common areas people liked to visit. She isn’t necessarily against the idea of interacting with people, she understands that it’s kinda important, but she rather be the eyes and ears in the room or not be in the room at all. After all, she isn’t exactly comfortable being amongst a large gathering of people despite her status and forcing her to interact with them is enough socialization to last her a month.

She is fully capable of making friends despite her somewhat antisocial behavior, but she has only managed to maintain two of those friendships. Genève is quick to blame her natural suspicion of others for this or the fact that she seems to always look displeased in some shape or form when interacting with new folks. Oka has told her that it may be the fact that she says some pretty harsh things and is quick to judge people, even quicker to say that she doesn’t like folks before they have even spoken then quickly fleeing the room upon her declaration. It’s something she says she’ll work on, but she hasn’t made an effort to change the open hostility thrown at people.

Despite this, she is someone Oka and D’Angelo can depend on. She takes her responsibility as lady-in-waiting and heir to the Artois household seriously. Genève is quick to defend her honour and that of her friends, but is even quicker to look down upon those who she sees as beneath her. She cares not for the opinion of strangers and cares even less about their feelings. Friendly is definitely not an adjective people who are not her friends would use to describe this noble.

Likes: Reading up on current events, observing, and candy.
Dislikes: Devil fruits, large gathering of people, and attention being brought to her height.

History: As the youngest of three children born into the noble Artois household, Genève was never meant to become the first in line to inherit the house upon the death of her father. No, traditionally that title was reserved for the oldest and that had been bestowed upon Lorraine when the young girl was only five. By this time, their mother was pregnant with Corbin and Genève wouldn’t even enter the picture until Lorraine was thirteen and Corbin nine.

She was an unexpected addition to the family. With a string of miscarriages and stillbirths proceeding her arrival, her mother didn’t think the baby girl would survive. After all, it had been a solid eight years since she was able to give her husband another child and with a history of heartbreak, the woman had resigned herself to another stillbirth if she didn’t miscarry along the way. She was ready to give up hope on a third child despite her husband’s protest and so, the woman found herself stunned to hear the cries of a baby.

Meridith didn’t hear her midwife announce that the child seemed to be a healthy, if not small baby girl nor did she react when the midwife placed the distressed child into her arms. It was a solid two minutes before the midwife managed to get the woman’s attention and when she did, the mother of three could only look at the midwife with a dumbfounded look on her face. It wasn’t until her husband came into the room that her mind caught up with the situation and she found herself bringing her baby girl closer to herself as her husband approached. As expected from a man that desired a third child, he sung praise upon his wife and swooned over his new daughter. Though he wished to hold his daughter, Meridith wouldn’t relinquish her hold for her baby girl looked fragile and she feared her husband would accidently injure her in his excitement.

Any attempt to convince the woman to hand over the child so that he could hold her for just a couple seconds died on his tongue as Lorraine barreled into the room dragging a less than excited Corbin behind her. She left her brother at the door, the thirteen-year-old clambering onto the bed so that she may get a closer look at her new baby sister - she had been convinced throughout the entire pregnancy that she was getting a sister. She only managed a quick glimpse before she was plucked from the bed by her father and deposited at his side. One stern look was all the heiress needed to know to stay off the bed. So, she stood at the edge of her mother’s bed.

Silence reigned within the room for a solid five minutes before Lorraine stated in a matter of fact tone that her sister name was Genève. Her father looked ready to protest, but he quickly snapped his mouth closed when Meridith agreed with her eldest. Whilst mother and daughter drifted off to sleep, father ushered his two older children out the room in order to give his wife her much needed rest.

Genève is two when she meets Oka Takanashi during a playdate arranged by their respective nannies. She doesn’t know it at the time that the white-haired child before her is a princess nor is she aware that the girl is set to inherit the throne. All she cares about is rather or not her playmate was nice. This was, after all, the first time Genève got to interact with someone who wasn’t related to her in some fashion. So, she was a little nervous.

Oka is arranged to arrive at the Artois estate in the afternoon for tea and Genève spends the entire morning prepping for her playmate’s arrival.

Genève is three when Lorraine becomes seriously ill. She doesn’t grasp how dire the situation is at the time nor does she understand the worry look that is glued to her father’s face or the reason why her mother cries at the mere mention of her sister’s name. Any attempt to ask her parents is met with a quick “don’t worry about it” or “your sister will be fine”. She believes them and stops worrying about it. So, she doesn’t understand why, five months later, her mother is crying uncontrollably at her sister’s bedside with her father looming over the distraught woman.

She tries to reassure her mother that Lorraine is only sleeping and that her cries are going to wake her sister up. For some reason, that makes her mother cry harder and the woman envelops her in a hug. Genève doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about, in her mind her sister is sleeping. No one explains to her that her sister is never waking up from her slumber. She’s distraught when they bury her sister despite her pleas for her mother to make them stop, that her sister was okay, and that she would wake up soon.

At the age of five, the young noble is sent to live at the palace. She’s more excited than upset about moving to the palace for that’s where her friend, Oka, resides. D’angelo, a boy the duo had met not too long ago, also lived at the palace. Her father is thrilled that his daughter has managed to become so close to the princess that the king had offered Genève a place at court as Oka’s lady-in-waiting.

Genève is twelve when she steals the title of heir from her brother - Corbin had become heir to the Artois household upon the death of Lorraine. With her strong relationship with the future queen, her father only thinks it right that the one with the best chance of elevating the family’s noble status should be heir. Its not a decision that her brother, Corbin, is too happy about and he voices this complaint to his father. He believes, after all, that as the oldest that he has the right to the household. Her father doesn’t care though. Genève was more deserving of the title in his eyes and as the head of the house, who inherited the household was up to him. Corbin was just out of luck.

She is fifteen when she notices Oka’s desire to learn something no one within the kingdom specialized in, martial arts. Genève doesn’t find it odd that her friend hadn’t gravitated to archery or even swordsmanship. She helps Oka concoct a plan to find a martial arts master when they are eighteen. She begins to spend more time in the royal library, reading up on the world in an attempt to prep the group for when they left the kingdom in order to achieve Oka’s goal.

Genève is eighteen when she set sails with Oka and D’Angelo in the search for a martial arts master.
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