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1 Linda Savage on Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:49 am

Name: Linda Savage
Alias/Epithet: -
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-three
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Martial Artist | Shipwright  
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: One

General Appearance: Linda is an average sized woman with pale skin. Her aqua blue hair is fashioned into one large braid held together by a blue accessory. Her eyes are purple and she posses the traditional cross in her irises - a trait shared amongst her relatives.

Linda wears a white buttoned top with puff sleeves and suspenders attached to her black, high waist pants. A red ribbon is tied loosely around her collar, a pin attached to the material. Additionally, she wears violet sandals on her feet. She also sports fingernail polish the colour of her hair and medium sized, circular dangling earring
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 134 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: -

Personality: Linda has a great love for alcoholic beverages, so much so that it’s unusual to not see a glass of scotch or a bottle of beer in her hand. This love borders on addiction, the young woman adamant that she can stop whenever she pleases - she just chooses not to - and that people should leave her alone so long as it doesn’t impact her job in a negative manner or harm someone. Besides, it takes a long time for her to enter the drunk phase for she has built up quite the resistance - something that annoys her greatly. So, she’s rarely drunk, just tipsy, but one wouldn’t notice unless they were paying attention since she doesn’t exhibit the stereotypical signs of somebody who has had way too much to drink.

Besides expressing an almost worrisome love for alcohol, Linda displays an attitude not expected of a marine or a grown woman for that matter. For one, she seems to be oddly playful for someone who has taken up an occupation that requires some level of seriousness; the young woman makes jokes at the expense of others and is all to ready to abandon her duties for something that sounds infinitely more entertaining than hunting down pirates and maintaining the peace in her sector. Sure, she makes the occasional arrest when someone disturbs the peace, but the disturbance is usually her fault and so the arrest can be seen as a way for her to show that she’s actively delivering justice thus not lose her job - and, unsurprisingly, these arrest usually occur in bars.

She’s also an awfully friendly person… a little too friendly. Like the sort of friendly person that ask far too many personal questions and gets all up in people’s personal space. It’s nice that she can sit down and have a drink with just about anyone and she’s even nice enough to not arrest someone if they buy her a drink, but it can sometimes come off as creepy or superficial. Does she notice? Probably, but the real question is does she care - and to answer that for you, she does not. The comfort of others isn’t actually high up on Linda’s priority list and so, its amongst the last things the woman thinks about. Despite this, the locals in her sector have warmed to her odd charm, so much so that she has casual conversations with them when she isn’t patrolling the town for rambunctious teens and destructive pirates.

Though, very few have gotten use to Linda’s claim that she sometimes sees and talks to her dead sister, who is constantly trying to convince her to put down the bottle and take her job seriously. Of course, one either believes her, write her off as a little crazy, or ignore her claim altogether. In her perspective though, she carries out quite the interesting conversations with her dead sister and since this dead sister wants her to stop drinking, it isn’t unusual to see her whining to no one about how she could stop whenever she wanted and that she doesn’t have a problem.

Despite readily claiming to anyone that would listen that she talks to her dead sister, Linda isn’t willing to discuss anything beyond what the girl was like. Even if one manages to get her to spill the beans, she only hands out vague descriptions before immediately turning the subject away from said sister. Discussing her sister is one of the few times Linda loses her cheerful persona and replaces it with sorrow. After all, she carries a lot of guilt when it comes to her sister, though she’s quick to change the subject and resume her playful self, its hard to miss. Pressing her for answer after she has changed the subject is futile and results in the woman becoming mildly irritated.
Likes: Alcohol, billiards, and rainstorms.
Dislikes: Herself, responsibilities, and being alone.

History: “Father keeps trying to rebuild bridges that I burned, mother hasn’t spoken to me since I left home, brother probably hates me still, and sister is as dead as she has ever been.”

Is the answer one would receive if they attempted to pry into Linda’s family life. What they would be able to take away for said answer is that she doesn’t have a family life which is accurate seeing as how she has avoided every member of her family since moving out of the house. She has good reason to, or, at least she believes she does, but she isn’t about to share that information with anyone. All they need to know is that she was the middle kid, her brother is an asshole and her sister is dead.

She was born twenty-three years ago during the summer. In Briss Kingdom, her family could be considered middle class, her parents owning several shops that served as their source of income. Though it didn’t make them particularly rich, the couple was still able to afford luxuries unattainable by the lower class. One such luxury was a boat her father had purchased roughly a year before her brother’s birth. It was a decent size vessel and he sailed around in it every weekend. Her mother didn’t like being on that boat, she was easily seasick, and so, her father had been overjoyed when the son was born - there was somebody who could sail with him. So, the addition of another sailor to the house filled him with joy.

As the second kid, not much was expected of Linda. She was to be a good girl, do well in school, and practice her martial arts daily - her mother had been pretty adamant on her children knowing how to protect themselves. Ready and willing to please her parents, she did what was expected of her and nothing more. It satisfied her parents and that was what mattered at the end of the day. There was simply no need to go above and beyond what they wanted from her, especially since it could backfire.

She did well in school, learned how to sail her father’s vessel, and got along splendidly with others - especially her sister. Alyssa, the name given to her little sister, was five years her junior and expected to be the final addition to the household. With a little sister of her own, Linda spoiled the girl rotten, so much so that she knew she could get away with anything so long as big sister was around. She couldn’t help herself, Alyssa was adorable and it was hard to say no when she pursed her lips and gave her sad, puppy eyes. She didn’t see much of a problem and neither did her parents, though it would be this unwillingness to deny her sister anything that would result and said sister’s death.

There was a rule when it came to using her father’s boat and that rule was that he had to be on with her. She disregarded that rule for the sake of her sister’s happiness, taking the small child on boat rides throughout the week. She was fifteen, obviously old enough to sail on the ocean by herself and she had more than enough experience, so she thought her sister safe in her care. She was sorely mistaken. Linda doesn’t know why it happened, she just remembers the boat sinking and her desperate, but failed attempt to rescue her sister.

Either way, her sister drowned and though her father attempted to reassure her that she did everything that she could, after expressing how disappointed he was, she knew that it was. Family life changed then, her mother hardly spoke to her and her brother followed suit. She never touched the steering wheel of a boat again and she left home as soon as she turned eighteen, severing contact with her family.

Linda proceeds to spend her first four years of freedom sailing to between the four blues, drowning herself in alcohol and self-loathing whenever she could whilst making nice with the locals. And, to be frank, nothing much changed when she decided that being a marine would supply her with enough money to continue supplementing her habit at the age of twenty-two. However, she was stationed on Swallow Island - a nice place when one ignored the murderous birds the local marines used as target practice. And there she has been for a little over a year.
Face Claim: Death Parade | Nona

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2 Re: Linda Savage on Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:51 am

Original Character Link

1. Changed occupation from navigator to shipwright.
2. Added likes and dislikes.
3. Removed the battle aspect of her personality - shall be explored IC.
4. Added to her history.

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3 Re: Linda Savage on Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:37 pm


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Free Agents

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