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1 Loki (Revamp) on Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:00 pm



Name: Loki Natsuki
Race: Half human half fishman
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 2

General Appearance: Loki is still a young kid in many aspect though there are some that he has exceeded these stereotypes of what a child should be like, or look like. To most eyes Loki is an average boy. Standing at six feet tall and weighing just under two hundred pounds he is quite average. Looking neither muscular or straw thin he has a lean toned body. His hair slightly long but kept swept back in a 'stylish' fashion . Bells eyes are somewhat strange for a human being a mix of grey and black, the most suitable color it can be compared too would be charcoal. He carries a light tan and his complexion is clear adding that to a cleanly shaven face he looks a year or two younger at times. He can usually sporting any of variety of clothes that he feels suits the particular day. His general attire commonly consists of shorts and a tank top or T-shirt, but on windy or colder days he dons a jacket that he's had for years and pants. His one piece of clothing he consistently wears would be his boots which are black and are similar to combat boots. When Loki gets upset or simply prepared for combat he can develop some fishman features to help him. His teeth sharpen into a row of razor sharp triangle shaped weapons. Similar to that of a shark. His skin from his elbows and knees down takes on a blueish tint and becomes rough like sandpaper. His feet gain webbing between the toes as well.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 195lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Right at his waist line and over his left leg.

Personality:  Loki, even though he's a child of only 18 years of age, has quite the mature personality. Ever since he was little he seemed to progress mentally quicker than most kids his age, which made him somewhat of an outcast among the other children. Due to him not being around too many kids his age, books started to consume his free time. Quickly moving up from childs stories to adult fiction and beyond that even towards history. For Loki he found few things less satisfying that understanding or rather uncovering parts of history that were previously unbeknownst to him. Now at the age of 18 he boasts, not literally, a larger than average I.Q. Towards most people he is quite friendly, and doesn't consider himself a mean person, though can come off as cold sometimes when trying to tell people the facts. Even if he considers himself an intellectual he tends to not act the part, erring on the silly and playful side more than not.

Likes: Reading, History, Girls
Dislikes: The Overly Stupid, People who dont admit they're wrong, The Dutch
Motivations: Learning more, Uncovering hidden things... like treasure! Wanting to support himself.
Fear: Spiders.. spiders that are bigger than small spiders... Losing his library, spiders inside of his library.

History: Loki was born in a small island that was home to a ridiculously small town off the coast of Karate island. On this small island he called home Loki had a few families he considered his own. Loki was born on the island to strapping young lad named Alex Cranel and his beloved wife Athena Cranel. At least is what he was told when he asked about them. Not too long before it would have been Loki's first birthday his family vanished from the island, the only hint towards their location being the boat that Alex commonly used was untied from his dock and gone. It had stormed quite heavily later that day and it's assumed that the two went out for a day on the sea when the storm hit and capsized. There are however, a few skeptics with Loki among them, that think there was something else to this mystery. It had been true to say the couple was nigh inseparable at times but they wouldn't have left their son home alone with nobody to look after him to simply go out at sea and have a good time. Alas there simply was no evidence supporting these few peoples claims, and even if their was it was more than likely washed away in the storm that came later that night before people had suspected foul play was involved. As it turned out Loki was an adopted child. this became a harsh reality as he realized he was half fishman half human. While he was mostly human in appearance whenever he got too angry or upset or there was a spike in emotion some of his more fishman like features would appear. He was lucky enough to have lived in a community that wasn't too judgemental, and he kept his half fishman nature from almost anybody he could hide it from. With a new adoptive family and many questions he braved the harsh realities of the world as best he could.

Years later Loki grew up into a fine kid, if anything he was a little too smart for his own good. His childhood was mostly that of a normal one, living as 'human' for the better part of his childhood. As a kid he started to grow apart from most kids as he started to read more and develop his brain wanting to spend less time playing around on the swing set and more time learning. He was just one of those brainiacs that liked to learn. This didn't mean that he didn't spend some time with kids his age, he had no problem socializing and being a kid, it simply happened to turn out that he preferred not too most times. Reading and studying history for the majority of his childhood Loki finally set out towards the mainland when he had come up with the money to afford a boat ride away from the tiny village. It was not because he wanted to leave his home and the people who had taken care of him, but rather he didn't want to be a burden anymore, and he wanted to go get his own job and support himself. Using all of the money he saved up working part time in every shop he could manage he finally set off towards Karate Island where he could enroll as a Marine... Even if he was a little young he would manage.
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2 Re: Loki (Revamp) on Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:50 am


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