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1 Naesala on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:37 am


Free Agents
Free Agents


Name: Naesala
Alias/Epithet: -
Race: Fishman - Lion Fish
Gender: Male
Age: 99 (preserved youthful appearance through Jio-Ken)
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: 3

General Appearance: If it isn't his 9`7 fram that catches your eye at first glance, then it would be his extensive length of black locks. Beyond that however, despite being a fishman his appearance is very human-esque. If anything he looks his facial structure and excessive amounts of hair make him seem more related to Minkmen or being a lion, but in actuality he is a Lion-Fish Fishman and if one looks at the ends of his hair they'll actually see they are quills and his gills lay on his neck. Next comes his bulky body. He comes equipped with broad shoulders and a very muscular body that has been refined over his extensive life span.

Decorating his body like pendants of a war hero are scars of old and new. Some scars have had their origins forgotten, but for the most part Naesala finds himself able to at least fabricate some extensive fairy tale about how he came to gain it on the fly. Most notable of his collection of scars are the six on his face. Angled out diagonally from his eyes going partially down his cheeks then up through his eyebrows to the beginning of his hairline. Aside from these scars his face also houses an impressively youthful look, at least for his age. Looking like a middle aged man that is perhaps forty and looking like a human nonetheless, many don't believe him when he says he's been alive for one year shy of a century. Lastly concerning his face is a trophy worthy beard that goes from his chin to his sideburns to meet his mane of hair.


Moving on to his clothing, Naesala wears a two piece black suit that seems to fit his fram very well despite his size. It's very breathable and doesn't compromise his mobility. Further it is not like the bulky suits the Marines wear, but more of a light vestment. He doesn't wear a tie nor does he have a handkerchief. He wears black pants and then black leather shoes on his feet. On the occasion he has a high end coat with fur lining that is accented at the collar resting on his shoulders. He doesn't put his arms in the sleeves just because he thinks it looks cooler just on his shoulders.
Height: 9`7
Weight: 475lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

  1. Battle Hungry
    Ever since he was a youngling on Fishman Island Naesala loved to fight. It wasn't that he thirsted for blood or found joy in seeing people laying in the dirt unconscious, he just loves the thrill battle gives him. As he's grown stronger he's found it harder to find people who can stand to him, so engaging in a good fight has become all the more exciting to him. Though above all he seeks a challenge Naesala shows no mercy even to those who are clearly outmatched. Raising a sword to him means fighting to the death, only children find themselves exempt from this rule.

    Having a reputation of one who mindlessly kills people, one would think Naesala is quite the shallow and simple minded person, but he is a man of great depth. Unlike others in the world who leave bodies on bodies, Naesala doesn't kill because he is sadistic or to be paid with Beli and lavish titles, it's all for the thrill of battle, because he enjoys fighting.

  2. Energy Lover
    Naesala loves to be surrounded by positive energy and is actually quite a nice guy, he just happens to have a bad reputation because he's taken a lot of lives. Like previously stated, he's not sadistic nor does he like to bathe in blood or anything weird. While he isn't the Captain of a crew, he does travel with a band of frivolous spirits who fully support Naesala just as he supports them. While he sort of operates as their leader, they're really just a merry band of people who traverse the world together and come and go off the ship. He has a hearty deep laugh and loves a good joke and loves being in the company of a lot of positive people. He's especially fond of children in a totally non-creepy way. He even has a son of his own whom travels with him aboard the ship.

  3. Intelligent
    Having lived for nearly a century, Naesala has his fair share of knowledge and is very much aware of the things going on in the world and social issues and stuff like that. He's not just brawn, but he has brains as he knows how important it is to be well rounded. He has a strong interest in the anatomy of the body and has written a few books focused on bodybuilding and dieting.

  4. Free Spirit
    Next comes the fact that Naesala is a free spirit. He doesn't go where the wind takes him, he has a strong sense of direction and goes where his will takes him, but he's not easily influenced. He understands the value and worth of money and titles, but they usually don't interest him or weigh much in the scale of his mind.

  5. Mule Headed
    Though intelligent, Naesala is rather mule headed. Once he sets his mind to something, he'll see it through and for the most part, he is the only one that can persuade himself to change his plans. This leads to people seeing him as someone that is hard to work with, less they choose to take the backseat and solely follow his lead.

  6. Nosey
    Having lived for so long, Naesala still retains a strong curiosity for things. It goes beyond gathering knowledge for the sake of being smart and knowing things, but he likes to poke his nose in other people's business and where it doesn't belong. It's not to the degree that he'll be the annoying guy at the bar that won't stop talking, but if he hears news about someone strong or a big event going on, Naesala sometimes will purposely reroute his course to see for himself.

  7. Alcoholic
    Naesala has times he finds himself extremely alcohol dependent. WHile he is fine as a social drinker, sometimes he'll go just a bit beyond the limit and find himself in a drunken stupor. In this state he gives into what is perhaps dormant alcohol dependency and he sustains his drunken state by constantly drinking while drunk, leaving him in this state for days on end. When drunk he becomes a very gloomy, short tempered, and emotional person, often shouting out to his late lover who died roughly five years ago. At times he becomes violent and hates to be bothered while drunk. While sober he doesn't have an alcohol dependency, it is something that is dormant and only awakened when he starts to drink.
    Likes: Good Tasting Food, Fighting, Positive People
    Dislikes: Nasty Food, Easy Fights, Negative People
    History: Naesala was born with a human father and a fishman mother making him a half breed in one of the most turbulent times on Fishman Island. The King having succumbed to a sudden death, he left a pair of twin sons that had reached an age of maturity without choosing which would inherent his throne. This set the stage for what eventually erupted in a chaotic civil war that included the entirety of the island. Orphaned as a result of the violence, a seven year old Naesala wasn't necessarily adopted, but he came to find himself following a solider in the war named Ramza. Ramza didn't dislike Naesala nor did he find himself really liking him. He just took the child in under his wing because he understood his situation, but in return Naesala had to serve under Ramza in the war the Island was going through. Not really able to fight at his age, Naesala was treated as a messenger on the battlefield as helped load cannons and things of that nature until one day Ramza decided to teach Naesala how to fight. Perhaps it was on a whim or he figured the child needed to be able to protect himself, but regardless of the reason why Ramza had took it upon himself to teach Naesala Fishman Karate.

    It wasn't a fighting style Ramza was really proficient in, but he hadn't the patience to try to teach Naesala how to use a blade. Taking the teachings very seriously Naesala learned the basics of Fishman Karate and molded it to a style that suited him. The war raging on for many more years, Naesala found himself to be twelve years of age and a proficient fighter on the battlefield. He wasn't a legend or anything of the sort, but he was a bit better than your average soldier. Maybe it was a result of his body understanding the environment he existed in, but at this age Naesala was already standing at about five fight tall and had the brawn to match his height. This background lead to the reason why Naesala never really saw anything special about fighting and death other than the fact that fighting was fun and felt natural to him. Just living his life battle to battle, Naesala was destined to have grim times and soon enough they came when his unit lost a battle and became prisoners of war when he was sixteen.

    Subjugated to a term of imprisonment and torture, it was during this time Naesala built up his resilience to pain and gained his first few major scars. Whipped, burned with coals, skewered through non-vital areas with oversized needles, Naesala endured this for roughly four years until the war finally came to a close and he was released. At the age of twenty with no real sense of direction since fighting was all he knew, Naesala was lost in the new society that was began to have peace settle into the ruins it left.

    He figured he'd serve as common guard for some time since it'd involve fighting, but it actually supplied him with little to no action. Normally there would be "sore losers" or resistance groups on the prowl set on redeeming the honor of the losing faction, but with the way the war came to a close there was no such thing. The toll the endless fighting was taking on Fishman Island was recognized and the words of the late king, their father, eventually go them with their mother as a medium. Signing a mutual peace treaty, the two princes decided to rule the Island together. Many who aided in the war effort saw this as a backhand to those who died in the war, but after a while saw it as the best possible outcome, for what's done is done and can't be changed.

    Nonetheless, Naesala was bored with his job as a guard, even when promoted to being a Royal Guard, so he resigned and left Fishman Island in hopes of finding people to fight on the surface world. Island to Island he went and with the idea of being a pirate and exploring the world just now taking off, vigilante work was always on the table. Soon enough however he met a woman who gave him purpose. He'd live with her in Sabaody Archipelago for the rest of her days until she succumbed to a natural death. Such was the fate of humans that didn't have the life force a Fishman had.

    Having learned the wonders of a woman and saw love's lifespan go from a roaring fire to smoking ashes, Naesala went back to his old ways. The transition wasn't necessarily peaceful, it was just swept under the rug and never spoken of, incredibly unhealthy. Naesala is still haunted by the thought of her and disgracefully tries to repress the thought of her from his mind. He's disgusted in himself for being such a way, but feel when he's feeling selfish he can convince himself it is the right thing to do.

    The vitality of a Fishman being a gift and a curse, at the age of ninety-four Naesala left his home and resumed his journey as if it had never paused. Up to date with the happenings of the world, Naesala was very aware of who Gol D. Roger was and what his death and last words meant. Heading to the Four Blues where he new gobs of rookie pirates would be setting out, Naesala raised the murder rate and was actually well respected and appreciated by Marines since he had wiped out so many sapling pirate crews. Not even the Marines were safe from his thirst for combat however and he went to be respected by all factions though equally feared and hated.

    He wasn't quite sure when it happened, but in time from roving the Four Blues as a drifter just fighting those who seemed strong, Naesala went on to have a following of sorts. They were just random people he encountered and perhaps it was because of his feats and they originally feared him, but they came to become a conglomerate on a single ship sailing the seas. Each of them had their own goals and dreams and while Naesala did operate as the leader, he was not the Captain, because they weren't a pirate crew. There were people who fought amongst them, but not being a bloodthirsty savage they were off limits for Naesala to fight, not that it needed to be said. People came and went on this ship as they traveled. Naesala's actions were no secret nor were they something to be ashamed of. There were many people on the ship that did shady things like have dealings in the underworld, but there were also bright people like musicians and cooks. Above all else everyone on the ship were allies and supported each other and their decisions.

    The last chapter of Naesala's life is when he chose to adopt an orphaned child. It had nothing to do with the fact he came from a similar background that he did, it was just because he was a compassionate person. Thing were rough at first, but in a year his son he come to warm up to Naesala and even aware of what he did and how he killed people, he came to call him father and treat him as a normal child would their parents. His child Satoshi having an interest in his father's line of work like many kids did, Naesala, like Ramza, came to teach his son how to fight.

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