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1 Veis Seraphall on Tue Jun 28, 2016 1:56 pm

Name: Veis Seraphall
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weaponry Specialist|Historian
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Veis isn't a man that has many discernible features. Aside from his eyes which have been said to be "fox-like" in appearance since they seem to always be closed though he can see perfectly, nothing much about his physical appearance stands out. He has a head of blond hair that reaches to the nape of his neck and sometimes carelessly in front of either of his eyes. His face seems to have perfectly smooth and blemish free skin and he could be deemed attractive by most people. He dresses for whatever the occasion calls for, being a Marine it can vary from task to task, but he does has garbs that could be called his casual wear.

A loose fitting article of clothing that mostly closely resembles a poncho covers the outer layer of his upper body wear. This poncho is dark green and underneath is a white short sleeve tunic. When in an idle stance his arms are usually covered from the length of this tunic, leaving only his hands up to his forearms visible to the masses. On his lower body he wears deep brown cloth pants that are tucked into leather brown travelers boots that stop halfway up his shins. Veis isn't one to really wear accessories or anything of the sort, though he does seem to always wear at least a light smile that works to mask his true intentions and emotions most of the time. Aside from this there isn't much to say unless he should be on a more formal assignment that calls for him to dress more fancy or an assignment that calls for him to dawn a certain array of garments that he normally wouldn't.
Height: 5`11
Weight: 160lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A
Personality: Veis is a person that has once tasted the finer things in life, having been raised as a Noble, but was outcasted due to his single sibling embodying what it was his parents wanted better than he could. Though when he was in he confines of the gold embroidered gates he never had dreams of grasping onto power, now that his silver spoon has rusted he's become a rather ambitious person who seeks what it is he's lost.

Though being fairly handsome and his shrew like optics are is his only physical features that speak before he opens his mouth, Veis still carries an air about him that communicates that he isn't the everyday person you pass by on the street. Being from noble origins he walks and talks fittingly and that immediately reveals that he is different from others may the person he is speaking with realize it or not. Furthermore Veis knows how to talk figurative circles around people or subjects. Though he could speak for hours on end one could leave the conversation being endowed with no actual information and just find that the man is a master of light banter as the Nobles call it.

Delving into his actual character, Veis is an immensely ambitious person who seeks to conquer. What it is that he wishes to conquer has yet to be unearthed, albeit this uncertainty Veis knows he wants to sit in a position of power while he turns the gears of the world. Above all else hangs his dream to be this conquer and while he may seek out comrades to assist him in achieving his dream, above all else is his dream and in the end his comrades may be seen as the same as the obstacles in his way, simple stepping stones. While this doesn't mean that Veis has no regard for others, he will do what he has to do to make ends meet making him quite the manipulative person. There are only few that Veis can grow to trust and value that will make him go out of his way to not wrong them, but even then there must be mutual gain from this, for Veis does not believe in carrying dead weight unless he believes it is a seed that will soon bear fruit.

Being one who likes to work behind the scenes and watch what he has created from outside the circle and not inside it, Veis is still not beyond getting his hands dirty if he feels he has to, but likes to feel in control and to dispatch people on task and employ them. Although he hates to feel like he's being manipulated or a pawn in someone else's operation, he has a strong sense of respect for others who play the game as he does. Furthermore, he understands that one must toil under the command of others before they can grow to be the one people toil for.

When it comes to personality traits, Veis is unsurprisingly fairly conceited. Though he hides behind a facade of modesty he sees himself as above a large sum of people if not majority of people that he encounters. Behind this veil of modesty is also one who truly enjoys the limelight and people being awestruck of him. Veis loves to showcase his talents, intelligence, and to woo people, though he tries his best to only do these things when necessary. He may seem like a person who likes solitude and works better alone, but as one may guess he likes to be around others especially if they truly are below him and they have to talk up to him.

Likes: Reading, Being Admired, Commanding People, Power
Dislikes: Getting Wet, Nobles, Losing
History: Veis was a child born into a line of Noblemen in the Goa Kingdom on Dawn Island. Along with him was his older brother, but despite him being older his parents decided allow both children to have a shot at being head of the Seraphall family once their time was up. Being a Noble Veis was raised to be multiple heads above those who were lucky enough to be called his peers. He had combat training during the day and specialized schooling during the night. Growing alongside his beloved brother, but knowing that only one could inherit the seat of the Seraphall family head, Veis fostered ill feelings against his older brother whom he saw as superior due to his age advantage. He felt deep down his brother felt he same way about him due to things always being a competition between the two despite the fact they were raised alongside each other and were the only real friends the other had.

Veis didn't have much of a childhood as a privileged youth who lived within jeweled gates. The spark of his social life was when he was forced to go to dinner parties with his parents where all the Nobles would try to flaunt their children behind a facade of modesty. Veis saw the behavior as disgusting, but quickly learned that the children were just like their parents. They wore mask upon mask upon mask, their true intentions were never shared voluntarily, but Veis always knew when he was speaking to these people he was being sized up and weighed. Everything was a competition between the Nobles and while Veis did come to have a few blokes he could make banter with. He never considered them friends and never bothered to care if they considered him one, because he felt they were just like him and only talking to satisfy their craving for social interaction.

Growing up to a young teen, Veis was granted more freedom and had more holes in his schedule that was once bulletproof. It was during this time that he came to stumble upon his ambition to be a powerful leader. He wasn't sure what it was he wanted to subdue and conquer, but it was on the day he gathered the confidence to sneak out of the embroidered gates that he began to notice how small he really was in the world.

Being raised a Noble he still felt above commoners at his age due to his bloodline alone, so he didn't dare to try to foster a relationship with the people he saw as filthy. It was just from exploring the lower district of the Goa Kingdom that he noticed how grand the world really was and that the quote he once read in a book resonated within him. "You are only what you see." Immersing himself in this filthy yet new world taught Veis that until now his world was only what his parents were showing him.

Enlightened, but nonetheless disgusted by the lower district, Veis never returned and explored there again, but instead he sought out to learn the world and dove into books about history, cultures, trading, pirates, the world government, anything he could find that'd give him eyes to peer into the world while he ate from his silver spoon. This thirst of knowledge planted within him at such an age, majority of his time as a young teen was spent in his study and libraries learning about the many wonders of the world.

It was when he was eighteen and his brother was twenty when the appointed time for the heir to the Seraphall family to chosen was. Deep down he knew he wouldn't be the one chosen, but part of him still clung to a sliver of hope. Though he felt great pain, not for losing the the chance to be the heir to his family's throne, but from losing in general, he took the loss like one from refined Noble blood would. Good sportsmanship on the exterior, but not a night went by that he didn't wish curses upon his brother's life. Taking two years to take the defeat in modest strides, when he himself was twenty, Veis renounced his own Noble title and joined the Marines.

He couldn't find victory in the court of Nobility, but as a Marine and with his extensive knowledge and being raised with regular combat training, he found he was multiple heads above one's who shared his rank. Immensely useful to all he worked for and good reports around the board, Veis had found where he belonged and as a Marine he also has the opportunity to tour the world. He still clings to his ambitions of grasping power and rising above all the rest, but he's not sure what kind of power it is that he seeks. For now he simply serves as a Marine while searching for that answer within himself.

Face Claim: (Berserk|Serpico)

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