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1 Akali [Done] on Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:16 pm




Name: Akali
Alias/Epithet: Pink Death
Race: Kuja
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapons Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: Tier 1

General Appearance:
Akali has light pink hair, hence the alias Pink Death, and has a beauty mark underneath each one of her eyes. Her eyelashes tend to be on the long side, evoking her feminine side. Her beautiful and sexy bluish green eyes, are what make her her. Her eyes aren't as easy to read, they don't seem either cold or warm, just neutral.

On the contrary, Akali's outfit consists of samurai sandals and a white kimono. The arms width are very baggy, allowing her to have full control and great movement when it comes to fighting. Also, the dress is fully loose allowing her to have movement everywhere and be as agile as she could be normally.

Height: "5'7
Weight: 90lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Top of right hand.


Akali tends to prove to be loyal at times, based on what she is pledging her allegiance to. For the Marines, she would never betray then and she would even give up her life for the greater good of the faction. Yet, for certain people for example family and friends from other factions Akali would barely care about their well being nor would she aid them in any way, shape, or form.

Akali is in the middle of the social spectrum. She doesn't speak too much, nor does she not speak at all. Most of the time, she only speaks when she has too, or when she finds importance too. Yet, this does not stop her from getting cocky or laughing at her enemies and opponents.

She also doesn't enjoy to speak to annoying people, since she believes they're a waste of her time, and most likely is to get vulgar with them. She isn't that likable either, since she is very vulgar and enjoys fighting; unlike many other women. This may result in her to be later on feared by some of the grunts in the Marines' forces.

Akali tends to have no trust for anyone out there. She doesn't trust anyone above her, or anyone below her. She's been through many cases where she's seen corrupt marines, which is why her trust for people is limited to an amount of zero.

She has a lot of trust issues, and tends to be a sort of detective when it comes to these kinds of things. You could think of her as the crazy side-chick that never gon' trust yo ass. That's just how she is, and how she always will be.

Akali pretty much has no emotions at all, and believes that emotions are just a waste of ones energy and time. She is a cold-hearted, and cold-blooded killer that would do anything to kill you. She doesn't sympathize nor does she let anything go, she believes that her job is her job, and even if she isn't specified to kill she might do it just for fun.

1. Having blood on her hands
2. Her job
3. Drinking
1. Emotional People
2. Talkative People
3. Dogs.


Akali was born in the South Blue, on Base #45. Her parents were proud marines, and so were their parents before her; so getting a job with this faction was not only easy for her, but fairly logical. She never wanted to be anything else, and being a marine was the most logical choice for her, since her childhood.

She spent most of her stages of growing up on the Marine base, and she was known by most of the Marines around those parts. They were like family to her, and she also was a very like able person at the time. During the early stages of her life, she always use to look up to a child about 2 years older than her by the name of Jack. He was a courageous boy and his loyalty was fully alleged towards the Marines.

After many years playing with Jack, and developing a great friendship she grew to like the man he became and were soon pronounced as getting married. Yet, just before the marriage Jack was sent on a mission against a certain pirate crew and never came back alive. The death gravely hurt Akali, and at the time she was 18 and had just began to see the world for it's true self. This event resulted in a full fledged change in Akali's personality. She became heartless, cold-blooded, and began to have trust issues. All of this because of the death of her fiancée.

She continued to work with the Marines, since it was the only logical thing for her to do, but she changed and nobody liked her in Base #45 anymore. She felt like an outcast, and felt different, so she decided to get relocated, in Baterilla. She didn't feel at home, but she was too busy with work to care. Her life had begun and she had big ambitions, and she planned to fill in roles just for the sake of her one true love, Jack.

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2 Re: Akali [Done] on Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:23 am



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