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Free Agents
Free Agents

Eh Just so Someone does not attempt to Bullshit that I did not authorize the giving of any of my belongings.

Since I left, The following people can have this shit,


Yo You can have uh...My Kuja Sniper and All of Natalya's Beli while we're at it.


Can also have my fishman NPC and has full permission to Control her during the Sea King Topic

Blah Blah Outside of all the Technicalities, This is just me giving Full Authorization for EVERYTHING I SAID I WAS GIVING in case anyone tries to argue I didn't anywhere.

Oh Grey also Gets my Long-Leg NPC.

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Free Agents
Free Agents

Confirming this, and taking my T3 NPC.

Thanks bruh.

ProfileHistoryPrimary Skill

Everything that my character(s) thinks or says, is purely RP. In no way should you relate the RPer to the Character, thank you.
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denzel I accept this gift

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NPC gifting except for the fishman is valid, beli trading maxes out at 50,000

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