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1 Vector [Waiting For Approval] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:31 pm



Name: Takumi Sanada
Alias/Epithet: Vector
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Navigator/Thief
Affiliation: Marines
Tier: 1

General Appearance:
Vector is a young man weighing around 190 pounds and his height being 6'1. He has spiky black hair and is generally seen with blue eyes, although he has a condition with which his eyes change quickly depending on his current mood. When not in a marine uniform, he sports a black jacket which is usually unzipped, and underneath, a steel gray shirt with small skull and crossbones. On his bottom half, you'll fine black cropped trousers with black buckled boots featuring red soles, and a distinct black glove on his left hand.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Personality: Takumi is a calm calculated young man who already has his major life goals set in place. He's shy, and usually tries to hide that through remaining silent in an attempt to appear cool, albeit causing people to be suspicious of him the majority of the time. Although he tends to act and speak in a way a marine shouldn't, especially when giving his opinion and view on rules, laws and the order of the world government, Takumi has a deep respect for all the people who give up their life to ensure that order, in some way, is kept. Despite being a sneaky thief in the ranks of the marines, most people that know him, see him as a navigator. Having a desire to locate every piece of land in the world, Takumi's main steal seems to be books on land, maps and charts, and of course, Beli. Although if anything is with him, he'll tend to just try and barter for the items instead. Being shy doesn't stop him from having a need for companionship however, as Takumi values any friends he makes deeply and will tend to be protective over their well being. Sometimes, whenever he sees someone as a big threat, he'll tend to act tough and overestimate his own strength, usually ending with bad results. Takumi has a need to not only prove to the world, but also himself that he can be of use to people, not only by serving as a marine, but also by finding new and better routes to sail through, as well as new lands for people to not only live, but to thrive. One of his dreams, being finding a large island in which he can keep to himself or a few friends, and build a life there. As much as this seems to be unobtainable, he still tries to hold onto hope that he can make these a reality. However, because he's constantly thinking about maps, routes and his dreams, he tends to have a short attention span and will often become drowsy and sleep whenever comfortable. Takumi hasn't been in a lot of fights, and because of this, is fighting style is unknown even to himself. He'll give mercy and sentence a person to jail whenever he sees them commit a crime, unless however that person has killed, in which he will attempt to maim them, and if that person killed was close to Takumi, he will not hesitate to kill the criminal and show no remorse in the slightest. These traits are obscure for someone in the marines, and its often on his mind as to why he was accepted in the first place, not that he complains, even though he's a hypocrite.

Likes: Maps, Order, Stealing
Dislikes: Crowds, Criminals (hypocrite), Forgery

History: From birth, Takumi lived a peaceful life. Living in a small village with his parents for as far back as he can remember, everything was calm. Even as a child he charted out the area for the family crops to be planted, and eventually helped out other villagers with this as well. Each harvest season, many sailors would come from other islands to trade with us, whether it be money, or luxury items, for a large amount of food and wine for their travels. Getting to meet people from around the world, which he adored. Hearing peoples stories of travel, and monsters. However, that's all life really was for Takumi; work, and then a few times a year, he'd get to speak with someone new.

After a few years, at the age of 14, he decided this life was too dull for him, and snuck onto one of the visiting ships during harvest season, as it was anchored. After a few hours he heard a lot of laughter, footsteps and the sound of people rolling barrels onto their ship. Standard stuff. A day or two after they set sail, Takumi had used up all of his food and water, and decided it was time to reveal himself and ask for something to eat. However, while climbing up the steps to the open area of the ship, he witnessed something horrifying. He watched with his eyes spread wide, as men in dirty clothes surrounded a bound man, with a sack over his head. As one took out his sword, Takumi realized what was about to happen. An execution. However, what he didn't expect, was the swordsman; the captain of the ship no doubt, to lift the sack, and witnessing a familiar face, Takumi's eyes watered as a man from his village was beheaded and laughter filled the ship from its crew. Takumi sank to his knees before running back to the hiding spot he found when he boarded. He knew he couldn't reveal himself for fear of death.

After a few weeks of travel, Takumi had become quite the thief. Being able to steal food, water and wine - with no doubt in his mind that it came from his village. He also managed to find a few more blind spots where no one could notice him. He used this to overhear conversations about when they were next setting down their anchor for another "easy pillage".

When setting anchor, Takumi waited for an hour, before attempting to escape. However, his luck would fall short this time, as the captain, refusing to "leave his ship" (although he was probably just lazy) caught Takumi, grabbed him by his hair and held him with his sword at his neck, and began to ask how he got aboard when he suddenly stopped, noting that his eyes, reminded him of a woman in the last village the raided. He then began to taunt Takumi, telling him in graphic detail, all the things him and his crew did to his mother. In blind rage, Takumi punched the captain in the stomach, quickly grabbing his dropped sword and pierced him through the chest without second thought.

With the mans blood dripping down Takumi's face, he ran. He just kept running without a second thought, as he saw flames in a nearby village, no doubt where the crew was. However, out of fear, he kept running in another direction. Climbing a hill he looked back towards the village, and noticed how it was no longer in flames, and a new vessel had appeared on the shoreline. Sporting a flag he had never seen before. He ran back to the village, and arrived long after that ship had set sail. He noticed many villagers in the streets, their homes destroyed. He wanted to ask one of them about that ship...only he couldn't. After the experience he went through, he couldn't trust another person, let alone talk to someone he didn't know. Instead he decided to sneak into someones home and ransack their books and documents until he found someone resembling that ships flag. The Marines. People dedicated to catching the corrupt and the criminal. He was awestruck, and yet inspired. If he had been a Marine, then those pirates wouldn't have been able to attack his village. This he was sure of. He wanted to find the nearest recruitment base, he wanted to become a marine. Instead he set his priorities, he stole a few maps and attempted to locate his home island. Only to discover it wasn't on any map or chart. At least not a common one. With this in mind, he decided becoming a Marine was the next step, afterwards he could set out and find his home island himself, and make sure there was always a map to any place anyone wanted to go. He would create his own world map of all locations, and never let what happened to his village, happen to any other that he can stop.

To this day, Takumi, given the nickname "Vector" by his "peers" become of his obsession with all routes and locations, is a marine. However, his experience in that pirate ship is still with him, shy and stealing to get by even though he has no need to do so, as well as lying about his opinion, when he usually gives the opposite of how he usually feels, especially when it comes to law and order. Despite all this, Takumi has still yet to find his home, and his dream of making one for himself, is still strong in his heart.

Face Claim: Final Fantasy XV|Noctis Lucis Caelum

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2 Re: Vector [Waiting For Approval] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:34 am

Looks ok.

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