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1 Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:25 am

So it seemed North Blue was really boring the hell out of her, the woman needed a break from everything that was going on over there. Given how the takeover was, things were riling up to get really, REALLY violent over there right now. She wanted to be ready, more importantly, she wanted to be over how her...Previous failure was to be exact.

Natalya was situated inside one of the bars in Loguetown, drinking minor shots in order to appease herself while looking around at the local people. Nothing more than a few marines or just some generic people, about 20 of her men were in the place in disguise as well actually. They never really did wear their uniforms on the job with how informal Natalya was either. In fact they wore casual clothing that allowed them to blend in. Off of the bullshit excuse that Nat "was going undercover".

The woman mused at how funny that sounded, when in reality she was undercover inside of the marines. Bleh. This tastes like fucking ass.The woman would remark with a disgusted spat at another drink of a shot. Annoyed at the lack of good shit here, Nat would never really get "wasted" or anything due to not affording to be unalert. Getting drunk off her ass was not something the woman wanted to do.

Hm?How would you know what ass tastes like Nattie?

The Long-leg would turn over to a familiar face. And just who the fuck are yo-Wait a minute...It took a minute for her eyes to adjust, but she turned over and to her right was her brother. Viktor, a noticabley tall long-leg who happened to be in the bar with her.Oh Shit!It's been a while Vik..Or should I say brother..?The Long-leg was rather surprised to encounter her brother here of all places actually. So what made you come to this dump?She mused at her brother as the woman took another shot glass her throat. Oh you know me. I'm just...Getting around, I happened to hear your...Trying to establish yourself yes?

Maybe..Maybe not. Lets continue this conversation another time. For now. I just wanna relax.

Natalya sighed, as she looked around bored, sure her brother was there. Though he had a history of being a stickass, always more 'calm" and "patient". Did he think he was better than her!?She wasn't angry at him, but simply flustered.

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2 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:15 am

Prince Kaiza


A few days after the whole high speed chase through the town, and here Kaiza was, still standing. Hebinoo remained lightly wrapped around his neck as he hissed about, probably spewing curse words in his language. Many people believe that reptiles are incapable of feeling love, but if that was the case then there was no point in having this snake around. The two had only met the same day the Marines attempted to capture him and Naroshi, and already they had a pretty good bond. There was something about this serpent, like a force in the universe telling him that this snake will benefit him soon enough, he didn't know how besides his basic snake vision but there was just something. Today Kai wore the mask. Although it only covered his mouth and right eye, it was still something that helped him keep a bit of his identity concealed not to mention he lightened the color of his hair. By now his bounty was high enough to be recognized in this town so staying low was the best thing to do. As the white haired male entered the bar, he placed his hood over his head and allowed his cloak to lightly hit against his heels. Kaiza hadn't been drinking in a while, so he was really only here to pick up an important letter from the army and move on with his life, although a glass of cold water would be well appreciated.

His boots clicked against the wooden floor as he approached the bar. "Romeo, it's me." Immediately the bar tender looked up at him before nodding, and reaching under the bar to grab a large yellow envelope. Before he could hand the message off to K, the white haired male spoke once more. "And a water, Rome." It was crazy how so many people were connected the the revolutionary army, and not many people knew. Now that was some 007 shit. K didn't know Romeo's history, but if the army trusted him than he had to have made a really first good impression. As Hakai spoke he was unaware of his companion getting closer and closer to the face of a woman beside him. Hebinoo seemed to be interrogating the female, except with hisses to her face. Hakai on the other hand hadn't been paying his pet any mind as he began to open the giant envelope. It was obvious that what he was about to read was more important than any female being scared of a young snake.

Quickly Kaiza's fingers bent the aluminium part of the envelope so that he could get to the paper and upon doing so his heart rate increased. Literally this message could be about anything, but considering it was mailed in a giant yellow envelope showed its level of importance. Here goes nothin'... he thought.

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3 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:27 am

It seemed the two were engaged in small talk about random bullshit, however Natalya would notice a young man entering the bar and gesture over to her brother. Yo PSST psst!Vik we got an edgelord over here!Natalya would gesture with her eyes over at the boy walking in, who appeared to sit down and ask for something. Vik on the other hand was surveying him already. Hm..He looks a little too young. Let me check him out for a second.Natalya however, would only snicker at what would probably unfold. Despite their differences as people with how BRash as fuck Natalya was, while her brother was rather calm. They both criticized people in the same manner and could be a cunt if they felt like it.

Natalya however was not getting annoyed at the snake that was not attempting to hiss in her face, though. She would then Hiss back at the snake mockingly. Hiss Hiss Motherfucker!Hiss!She nearly burst out laughing at what she did, but remained well out of the range of the snake should it try to bite her.Oh hey excuse me edgelord, im gonna need you to control that snake. Its smelling me funny.

However Vik had moved over to approach Hakai, and would sit to his other side.Why Hello there~, I couldn't help but notice your attire...It's kinda Cute for...

Ok what the hell are you wearing...That mask is rather unusual. If I didn't know any better I would say your into some....Crazy things?If you catch my Drift.
Vik would say that to Hakai while offering a wink, clearly suggesting what he meant.Not really caring about what the boy was holding exactly.

Upon hearing her brothers remark, Nat would giggle like a little bitch. Placing her hand over her mouth for a bit.Oh my, was he seriously going to get this kind of conversation with a random stranger?

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4 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:57 am

Prince Kaiza


Just when he was about to get the the good part of the meal, he Kai heard a woman's voice. She seemed to have a problem with Hebinoo all up in her grill and what not. The young rev caught what she called him, but he didn't think of it too much. "Edgelord? And my apologies." With his hand he directed Hebi away from the females face. With a slight head-shake, Kaiza attempted to give all his attention the the letter, but he couldn't even do that before being distracted by another person. This time it was a guy, he greeted Kai before complimenting what he was wearing. Kaiza didn't have time for this shit right now. All he wanted to do was read the damn letter. With a quiet sigh he rolled his eyes and looked over at the man with a nonchalant attitude. His complimenting words were followed by an interest in his mask. He said that it looked like he was into some crazy things, then proceeded to wink at him. Ah, so this guy was flirting with him huh?

"Years ago my mouth was horribly burned by the Marines who took over my homeland and slaughtered my entire family before my very eyes. I also lost my eye, so I wear this mask to hide it."

He lied, but his story rolled off of his tongue as if he had actually lived through those specific events. After throwing his reply out there in a matter of seconds, he faced his envelope once more before pulling out the paper that read in big letters:

Kaiza, I am sorry to inform you that Jo-


"DAMMIT ROMEO!" He complained as he swung his fist down to slam upon the bar in frustration.

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5 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:09 am

Oh yes Good Good. Wee WeeNatalya would take a shot glass and shake it aroun das if she was some form of sophisticated french woman when in reality she was just a generic long-leg. mmm Yes your attire. Along with that snake, you look rather...Edgy you know?The Female long-leg had thrown her own point outward, before Vik would resume his own talking. Oh my... Hm...I don't want to sound impartial, but would you mind taking off the mask a bit?I know it might sting but I'm curious. Actually~. Not trying to be rude or anything. Your poor thing.

IN reality, it seemed kind of odd. For such a young man to have this attire, and a snake, and the edgiest looking mask he had ever seen. Burns were capable of healing rather well albeit with some slight skin scars in his book according to what he knew, that, but he was just curious for a minute.

Natalya however, would lie back simply. Having a stare off with Hakai's snake now. Oh my,Vik great job you fucked it up! Move back before he kicks your ass or somethingNattie would say partially laughing at what may have been her own brothers bumble when it came to an attempted flirt. In reality she didn't know at all what was said or why it was said. Goddamnit Natalya. Ignore her, she has a habit of being rather...

Loud?Attractive?Tall and Classy?She was far from that last word, for sure. Though the woman took pride in her own personal appearance and how she regarded herself.

Ugh, don't make me come over there and strangle you. I swear :v.The male long-leg was clearly annoyed, and would actually go over to kick his sisters ass if this kept up any longer.

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6 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:47 am

Prince Kaiza


It seemed Hebinoo didn't like the vibe that was being given by the female as he hissed one last time before moving towards the man. The tall man asked to see under his mask which was rather odd considering he didn't even know him. Hakai heard the two people going back and forth. They couldn't be married because she was well aware of the mans actions, so that left the option of really good friends, or siblings perhaps even partners. Quickly while they spoke, Kaiza read the letter.

Captain Lui wrote:
Kaiza, I am sorry to inform you that Joseph has been taken into custody by the Marines. His defeat came just after destroying a Marine base along with his crew. We suspect that he is being taken to Enies lobby since none of the other prisons seem to have him. I understand you are well aware of Josephs extremely high bounty, and I am also aware that you know what happens to high classed "criminals" deemed extremely dangerous to society but please, allow us to handle this situation. If you have any questions, feel free-

Before reading any further he paused, then proceeded to rip the paper up. Now he was losing his marbles. Joseph? How could Joseph... be captured? If anybody was to ask who was the strongest person out of everyone that Kai had ever heard about, he'd say Joseph. Joseph was a master when it came to combat and it was extremely hard for Kaiza to believe that he was... captured Anger began to dwell within him and his hands began to shake, not because of the vibrations. Slowly Kaiza turned before he finally sat at the bar and stared at the wall behind the bartender. He simply ignored the mans request to see under the mask and instead changed the subject. After the male had playfully taunted his long-legged female friend, K spoke.

"Whaddya two want from me? Are you buying my products? Or are you the opposite, here to arrest me for the crimes I've committed?"

At this point, Kaiza didn't give a fuck about who these two were, talking about the crimes he committed showed that he didn't care about shit at the moment. By telling these two that he was selling "products" he could potentially make clients, or enemies both were fine with him.

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7 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:58 am

Oh My A criminal, a vagabond, Oh dearie me! Oh Ropadopedope dopeNatalya mused with utterly retarded words, her brother would smirk actually at the idea of it. You know, I should give a shit that you supposedly are one right now. Actually, buuuuut. The man would make a silent mouth gesture to natalya, tapping his index finger against the middle of his mouth like a silent sssh. To which she actually complied. If Hakai looked at either of the duo, he would notice both of them smiling a bit.

What products do you sell?What exactly have you done? Don't worry. Nothing bad is going to happen to you right now. Simply, we are just curious.The Male Long-leg had kept a firm direct look at Hakai while Natalya simply mused over. Fah, It's not like we're so clean ourselves. Right Boys?The woman would gesture over to her grunts, clearly signalling for them to shout. Mixed yells of yeah and all that blah blah would be heard clearly. Indicating to Hakai there was more than just those 2 with them right now.

But yes...What is it that you do?

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8 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:32 am

Prince Kaiza


They were actually still here. Two people who he has never met in his life asking him about the deeds he's done and getting nosier about his personal life. Kaiza sighed, and following that sigh was a slight head shake. The man proceeded to say that nothing bad was going to happen, as if he cared if anything bad happened anyway. Kaiza looked forward, still staring at the wall behind the bar with 1 million thoughts fighting in his head. Still, he kept it together. The female shouted to some other people who agreed with her having some dirt on her slate as well. Hebinoo was actually calm now, he slithered down Kaizas arm to actually sit on the bar now giving all his attention to the female he was bothering before. I won't tell you what I've done, because to be quite frank that doesn't concern you. As for what I sell? Products. I'm a scientist, I create shit that does shit. Speed drugs, love potions etc."

Kai paused before looking over towards the male, then over towards the female. He wondered for a second just who the hell they were asking him about his damn life. Remaining calm he began to speak.

"Why are you two so concerned about what I do? You two are asking a lot of marines."

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9 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:36 pm

Oh my, that snake really does seem interested in me. Do you believe in interspecies love?Because I sure don't.The woman mused rather comically as she took another shot simply. Not really caring as Natalya was more than capable of carrying and handling her liquor once it was within her body.Such a killjoy. If your going to bring up crimes and simply not say them. Oooh, a scientist. I never really see your type often.Meanwhile, Viktor had done his own personal analysis of the young man himself, Well Maybe it's because-Natalya would Sssh Vik, and place one hand covering her mouth on the right side, blocking out her mouth movement to anyone else besides the two of them [Hakai and Natalya]

It's Because we are marines!We just simply..Ain't like the rest.The woman would remove her hand from her mouth. During this entire conversation, the woman was actually surveying that snake. A snake on deck was pretty bad, as if that thing lept at her. She was ready to react, likewise if this boy was suddenly going to get hostile. Natalya and Viktor may have been rather nonchalant and otherwise lackadaiscal right now, but the two of them were ready to spring if shit got funny. Viktor himself had carefully surveyed the boys and the Snakes movements. Being ready for any other pop-ups as well.

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10 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:45 am

Prince Kaiza


The female commented on his snake, asking if he believed in interspecies love. Odd question because he sure didn't. The idea of that happening was just disgusting in every aspect of the word. Besides, how would one have sex with a damn snake? The female then proceeded to say that he was a killjoy if he wasn't going to admit to them the crimes he's done. It wasn't that he was a killjoy, it was more like being... I don't He sighed and tapped his foot, getting annoyed of this damn female already. She finished her first comment by saying there wasn't a lot of scientists around but as her partner was about to speak, she hushed him and continued talking. That was the only thing capable of making him chuckle. Was she drunk yet? He thought she was, but when he really focused on her it didn't seem so. Weird. Upon hearing the words "Marines" Kaiza immediately was filled with rage as his eyes widened. Any second now he would just turn around and go beserk on the two of them. Hebinoo began to hiss louder as his hood was just about to open, but luckily the female finished by saying "Ain't like the rest". Kai calmed himself just a little as his companion did the same.

Kai turned towards the long legged woman before standing up and holding himself back from snuffing her. If he was to snuff her, it wouldn't be for him, it would be for Joseph. He remained calm, and Hebinoo slithered back to him before slithering up his arm. "I will admit, you do seem different. Not your average Marine, that's for sure. If you really aren't like the others, then you will be a valuable asset to me in the future." Whilst he spoke, he took one of the woman's empty shot glasses before placing one in his pocket. He loved shot glasses...

"Dr. K." Was the last thing he told them before exiting. Natayla, he was glad he met her because he may have just found a possible business partner and he was going to need it for the plans he had in mind.

~ EXIT ~

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11 Re: Stuck in this Boring Ass Town[Hakai] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:59 am

It seemed the boy would unusually stand up, and she was ready incase things were aboutta get bad. However, upon the explanation of his intrigue on them being customers. She simply smirked.Well well well. Looks like the Mysterious Doctor K is gonna do business with me buhuhuhuhuhuh.She said mimicing a retarded laugh she heard off some other pirate. Alright Boys. lets move.The woman would throw out for her and Viktor to start moving out now as well, they had other blues to get too.

Blah blah


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