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1 Sky's Falling [NPC Event] on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:26 am

Name: Cater, Willy
Alias/Epithet: Heaven and Earth
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Occupation: Weapon Specialist and Dial Specialist.
Affiliation: Pirate
Devil Fruit: Mail Mail no Mi - The devil allows the user to combine non-organic materials with clouds and have them follow him. In particular, the NPC over time uses his devil fruit over a long period of time because of having to reach the clouds and the materials manually. He mainly prefers to turn the clouds into a hard material and then slash or shoot them down to hit people like meteors at an increased tier. In addition, he likes to have them hit dials for his crew.
Tier: 5
World Position: Supernova
Equipment: T5 gunsword, various dials
Haki Aura: Savage Soul

General Appearance:

Willy prefers to look dressed for success. He wears all white outwardly for the most part, as he switches his hats, ties, and shirts around often. In addition, his eyes and skin are slightly tanned white. While Willy is toned, he's mainly toned in his legs. Willy's never dirty looking, and he sometimes even cleans his dark hair with his devil fruit.
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 230 pounds
Personality: Willy is a kind person, as he decided to be a pirate to help people efficiently but illegally. Willy's always looking a way to better himself so he can help others the most. In a way, Willy is selfish when it comes to the individual needs of others. The pirate believes in operating only for the greater good, and he wants to be as strong as possible to fulfill his needs. In fact, Willy can be said to believe that nobody is able to help others unless they help themselves first. Willy is always looking to improve the attitudes of his crewmates so they don't do a disservice to the world. The captain is a bit obsessive in his needs to help others, and he'll be insanely displeased if others don't measure up to his standards. Crewmates dying to Willy happens constantly, and they only stay in his crew to get money from stolen items. Obviously, Willy also keeps some of the money from stealing to himself. He doesn't believe people can help others without helping themselves first after all.

Most of all, Willy is immature. He'll put aside his objectives to fight people if they spite him. He realizes he looks strong and he's renown. Whenever he's interacting with somebody, he'll let them know he's strong most likely. Willy doesn't get intimidated by potential items to steal and he'll always be looking out for a new idea. It's almost impossible to garner Willy's respect, and people don't join his crew for it. Willy expects respect from others and he doesn't go out of his way for it. In a way, Willy acts like a spoiled rich kid.

Crew: Wet Willies: The Wet Willies like to help out the needy by stealing massive amounts of items with their captain's fruit. They enjoy cleaning the environment as their pastime.

Hand to Hand: 0
Melee Weaponry: 5
Devil Fruit: 1
Marksmanship 5

Haki: A


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