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1 Pet the Stray [NPC Event] on Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:07 pm

Name: Baker, Ayplus
Alias/Epithet: Clean Massacre
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Occupation: He only wants Cook.
Affiliation: Marine
Devil Fruit: Janitor Janitor no Mi - Unique in that it is only able to be used by giving it's power to non-human non-races listed in the rules organisms. The fruit allows the creatures touched by Ayplus to clean the environment, but not individuals or items on them. The tier of the animals don't determine the power of skills, and they clean the environment by rolling it up at whatever percentage desired by Ayplus. At tier 5, skills can be especially dangerous and equivalent to devil fruits used by giants hypothetically.
Tier: 5
World Position: Vice Admiral
Equipment: A T5 rifle which he puts his body parts in. He shoots animals from a long distance, and they then attack a target after playing dead, using the ability of Ayplus's devil fruit as well. Also, a T5 sick mask that reduces the time needed to suffocate others to a post.
Haki Aura: Eagle Eye

General Appearance:

There's always something in that darn eye of his. Besides his pure blue eyes, Ayplus has the most revolting piece of flesh around. Ayplus doesn't tend to himself and he's unreasonably dirty. His clothes are always clean, but they're never consistent. The only consistent part of Ayplus is what he was born with. His body is unreasonably scrawny and fat in unnecessary areas. The only redeeming part of Ayplus is his black hair hiding the dirt by a small percentage. Besides that, his pure white skin is never naturally pure white.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 pounds
Personality: In a way, Ayplus is depressed. Maybe he should have picked a different path in life and been a pirate. Ayplus doesn't like leaving things half-done and knows where his calling is though. Headstrong, Ayplus perserves even though nobody wants him in their crew. The reason is simple as to why nobody loves Ayplus, and it's that he's smelly. Smelly Ayplus thinks with all of the special abilities in the world, he shouldn't have to clean himself. He curses the fact he has the one devil fruit that couldn't be used as a utility to clean himself. Whenever Ayplus sees all of the people roaming with their same outfit all the time and in perfect shape, he can't help but be jealous. Ayplus despises pirates with a passion because of their eccentric and consistently same outfits. Ayplus may be smelly and not wash himself, but he at least changes his clothes.

Maybe people would like Ayplus if he didn't try to enforce his views on others. His views are simplistic in that all he wants is for others to be smelly like him, and he wants the environment to be perfectly clean as the environment's done nothing wrong. In fact, Ayplus is disgusted with how humanity has corrupted the environment, and passionately tries to defend it. Therefore, a lot of people hate Ayplus cleaning their smelly ships with special smelly areas filled with memories. In a way, it can be compared to healing the scars of a proud warrior.

The first few days of being in a crew or around others are always fine with Ayplus. Nobody smells him immediately. In fact, Ayplus even can be respected for his desire to clean and cook in his position. Except, people start to notice far faster that Ayplus has another issue. Sick he is, the boy. Always coughing or doing some nonsensical illness ploy, but never being affected in battle. Actually, he might be sick mentally too. While he loves the marines, he messes with animals and treats pirates like animals too. Obsessively with his cleaning, he'll take out his frustrations on any living being he comes into contact with. While in battle, people don't put it past him to smother people with his sick mask or to feed pirates to his animals. Besides all of his human flaws, the dude also abuses his Haki, and the non-knowledgeable can clearly perceive he's always watching them somehow.

Crew: He lacks a crew, but joins some temporarily.

Hand to Hand: 0
Melee Weaponry: 0
Devil Fruit: 5
Marksmanship 6

Haki: A


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