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1The Escape ! Empty The Escape ! on Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:31 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
As the Ying Yang marines of base number 45, quickly moved into the ranks formating into the courtyard waiting in the dead silence, waiting just waiting for the word of death “Fire”. One marine would remind the last master present. From the narrow balcony reaching over the courtyard with a clear view reaching the temple a large man, a captain…. Captain D Eat Heart stood up peering across the courtyard and to the bloody corpse of his companion; he had witnessed Elisa kill him just moments ago. A young marine approaches him “Your orders sir, though i would remind you we need to maintain good relations with the slaves hearts and minds” “Hearts and minds did the Boss really say that *he spits on the ground shaking his head* “Good relations that's a laugh, you can’t maintain good relations with folks who hate your guts, look at this lot their have a knife in your back second you turned away” “your orders sir”, the man smiled for a moment before continued “Time to clean the slate, Kill them Kill everyone last one but bring that lass to me alive if possible”, returning to his qualters to make a den den mushi call to someone in north blue Captain D Eat Heart would simply let events unfold.

Back in the courtyard Elisa was heavily wounded, blood flowing out of each shoulder down her arms dripping onto the ground, her muscles were torn and ankles breached but still she stood ready to fight as the slaving cohorts which had formed quickly under the leadership of Elisa new found friend The Great ox of Ford, a man with 18 years of combat experience as a pirate with evidence laid across his scared body as if a map of history something Elisa had quite the interest in studying. Bullets crashed into the wooden shields the stone archway and the ankles of those without combat experience leaving their feet unprotected as the marines opened fire. Just as dust thickened within the grumpy walls as a storm mustered in as gunpowder echoed into the musky air. “The shields are holding sir” Ford was glad the makeshift shields were holding, and the stone temple was strong but alas Ford could tell this was a losing battle. Watching the courtyard from a glazed window inside the temple, a view of which was distorted but Ford could gather enough information.

As the conflicted continued black clouds gathered across the sky darkening the fates of those beneath, illuminated every so often by a dazzling bolt of lightning striking down for a moment flashing the courtyard in brilliant whiteness before plunging back into darkness “Is this how we end,,,grr if only we had a way to counter attack”. Elisa listened closely to the mutters under Ford's breath and decided to take action despite her heavily weakened state, crouching down behind a frontal shield preparing to make an attack, meanwhile at this exact moment The Great Ox Ford would give a very important speech "come on men!! Keep going dont give up now!! I know you are tired and that the situation is hopeless but are you just going to accept that? Are you going to accept to death without a single kill. Do you accept to be forgotten? Fight as hard as you can take as much down with you and keep going so our stand will not be in vain and that we might become legends today cos we choose to rather die on our feet than to live on our knees!. As the hearts of the slaves are inspired Elisa is finally mustered enough strength within herself to launch a counterattack "SHOTTOPANCHI!!!!".

Elisa Pushes her right fist over the shield towards the ranks of the marines at a very high speed, creating a compressed air cannonball with a 2cm radius before returning back behind the shield.. This attack reaches the several marines in the enemy ranks, creating holes within their now dead corpse, creating a situation of flowing blood at the base of feets lined up inside the ranks of the firing marines, moral on both sides started to shift. The marines no longer felt invisible while the slaves were pumped with 5 dead marines hitting the pavement. "Wow lass your pretty strong indeed" "No i'm not, I am weak very weak" Elisa was thinking back to her confrontation with the local leader of the Ying yangs. A moment of distant lightning silhouette the ranks of the marines firing barrage after barrage after barrage it was only a matter of time until the arching stone crumbled, the wooden shields shattered and their beating hearts stopped “Lass it's now or never” a shared nod spread among the slaves as they fully understood their situation but Elisa wasn’t looking for a last stand “Are you stupid!”.Thunder grumbled across that of base45# as the the attitudes of men stirred among the slaves. At this moment Elisa pulled herself together just as the final lines of marines had formed, 150 marines facing 66 slaves. Using soru Elisa rapidly placers herself on the far east of the ranks with he back right up against the wall, sliding down from a slight height before launching a Rankyaku attack implicating a significant group of marines a perfect distraction for Ford and his men to launch a massive assault on the marines force.

The conflict would last quite awhile with many dead with every single slave biting a bullet or sword blow killing them with a single wound, leaving just Elisa and Ford alive with 40 marines standing around them, with both elisa and ford now extremely injured and low on stamin, Ford would speak as blood carried itself outwards with each breath “Sorry lass, these weren't soldiers but please I ask grant a dying man his last wish Run and run far before Elisa could respond she would be thrown into the sky above as The great ox launch attack, futile. Lead would pierce his body from all angles as over 40 shots pierced through stopping his beating heart, before he could make a single step. Elisa would have no choice but to escape using Geppo; failing to save even a single person but with the death of an important Ying Yang Marine leader, and 110 marines it wouldn’t be a total loss but she would surely be blamed for the death of the 66 slaves as well, not to mention the attack on a marine base.

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