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1 Base 45# Trouble on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:13 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa Darkwalker had landed on the walls of base45#, preached like a tiger ready to pounce as her legs were spread firmly, allowing for a lowered body posture covered by the blanket of darkness as dawn was coming.  Elisa Darkwalker noticed them first, a small band of men with hoods covering their heads casually entering the crowded courtyard from a dark passageway and merging with the flow of marines stationed within the courtyard, the courtyard filled with troubling fact. The marines had turned local folk from near by islands into slaves, whipping them into submission with most not even having the comfort of a shirt on their back it was truly horrifying.  The band of hooded marines merging with the crowed walking casually to the farest point, where a small temple had been risen from labour with a small wooden cart situated besides it stone stands filled with straw, animals and strange fruit it would seem to Elisa.

Despite dawn only beginning the sun was already beating down on ¼ of base#45 ripping the air open courtyard with evocative intensity as the kitchen staff had begun preparing a morning meal with familiar smells of spices, chips and the all too familiar smell of a cringing gunge of sloop sourced from last night's remains of the marines stationed inside the base, all smashed together, this was the breakfast of these poor souls.  Elisa would sneak into the busy courtyard and quickly disguise herself in order to get a better look at the hooded group, they seemed important though she would nearly be over whelmed with the rotten smell of sweat reaking off all the men within the area including the marines “Whatever they are doing, baths and showers do not reach the schedule and the heat is insane” Elisa would mumble to herself catching the attention of a slave who would simply smile in hope “is she here to save u or at least kill me”.   Standing in the baking crowded, and glaring heat Elisa could feel herself begin to sweat down the back of her neck Elisa wondered how anyone could bare to go hooded in these conditions. She stared at the group of men not 22 feet in front, they did not talk to each other or take any regards to those around them and simply moved forward with the flow, towards the temple.

As Elisa shuffled herself alone keeping herself blended in with the slaves while following the hooded group until one of the slaves purposely blocked her path using his body to block her from sight. A 6foot tall brute with nothing but muscle in sight “Ay lass, their up to no good” “hmm, what you talking to me” Elisa wasn’t in the mood for this guy but she played along. “Why yes, you see that lot with covered heads”, Elisa nodded “well don’t you think it’s odd; hooded marines... walking towards a temple surrounded by prisoners, slaves at that.. Who are they hiding from”!.  The man befor Elisa Darkwalker was no ordinary man he was one of war, experience and had quite the intellect not to mention the physical strength of a commander to support his prowess. Elisa couldn’t see because of all the dirt covering the man's body but the evidence of history was all over him, scars covering his body and even the remains of barbed like wire shredding through his left arm and yet he was still here.  

Unlike the man before her Elisa lacked experience, wisdom of age and the appreciation of her surroundings as shown by her mark less skin and eagerness to strike. “You must identify all threats, before it is too late”. This man knew instantly that she wasn’t a slave, marine or someone who had been located here for anything over an hour and had indeed spotted her the moment she landed on top the walls, this was thanks to 10 years of his life depending on his profound appreciation of his surroundings though he had been in many situations where he found himself identifying a threat once it was too late, and thus was even stronger for it. “Right lass, I don’t know your objective here but free us and you will have our full support, get us out of this fortress and you have our sworn loyalty”.  Elisa wasn’t sure what to do.. Should she free them is a revolt the best way her brain was tossing between ideas “Oi you thinking of something earth shattering importance, must be something real grand but for now just decides “ “Yes”. “ Quick look their making their move the Ying Yang sec of the marines.  

They had reached the temple a stone archway was glowing with light as two heavy doors were swung open “Its him” the man who had kidnapped the old man from before, most likely the leader of this establishment.
How ideal for Elisa he had split himself from the main forces of this base, she knew how to accomplish her goal. Get inside and kill him while her slave recruits battled any incoming marines, she slipped him a small blade before continuing forward.

As the two stone doors closed behind the four hooded men Elisa Darkwalker had barely scraped in causing the confrontation battle between the boss and herself to be set . “FIGHT” the battle that would take part inside between Elisa and the leader of this establishment would last for nearly an entire hour after its swift initiation as Elisa death killing blows to the four hooded men she followed inside, a decision she would one day come to regret. Most of the fight elisa would find herself on the defensive unable to keep up offensively to the sheer speed she was presented with, let alone the strength, though with the conclusion being a simple luck of a draw, as elisa is forced through a stone wall into the courtyard triggering a searing screeched as her back skated across the stony floor. her foe quickly followed with a ringing bell hitting the nerves of all those within the base, “Intruder !!!!!”. Though luckily for her the slaves were freed and started rallying under the sound of chimes ringing,ringing into their hearts “rRARARARAR ARRA”, Taking this opportunity Elisa quickly lands a killing blow onto her target using a blade shoved to her via one of the slaves working with her.

1000+word count.
250 x 4 = 1000

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2 Re: Base 45# Trouble on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:44 am

Elisa DarkWalker


The entire battle with this man would open her eyes to reality, she was weak really weak as she barely escaped this encounter with her life, covering in her own blood, cuts bruises and who knows what other damage had been done to her body. “I can still stand, thankfully “ she smiled just before the sound of gunshots pierced her ears, unknowingly to her back a war was beginning to pick up. The man from before was standing besides her “You did it then, i'm impressed, really lass quite the feet you pulled” standing firmly with the goal of not showing the level of pain she was in she turned, facing the man “Whats the plan here”. Looking at elisa with a confused face not understanding her question, as he raised a kitchen knife “Fight mi lady, we must escape”. The man would spit onto the ground, “blue bastards, i will kill every last one for this” Elisa noticed the anger swelling in the mans voice unaware of who he was, why he was here, or what life he had lived up to this point. “Whats your name?

Before the man could reply all slaves had gathered on one side of the courtyard with the temple at their back armed with kitchen supplies, equipment for the animal testing, and large breaks of wood from the stands, carts and such forming a nice military movement with the goal of escaping, which might seem impossible. They would need to to break through the courtyard and locate a ship…. How will events unfold in the great ecape.

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