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1 Iskandar on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:39 am

Name: Iskandar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Mode: Hard

Description of Modes:

Easy Mode: Easy Mode is for people who have no major interest in their characters dying. You have access to private topics, maims turn into severe bruising that inhibit the use of the damaged body part for the rest of the thread, what would normally cause deaths turn into your character simply being knocked out. However, everything isn't good for you, this also means that your character will never be able to pass Tier 3.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: Should you attack someone on Hard Mode with killing, crippling, injuring, or maiming intent OOC or IC, you lose your Easy Mode protection and may have the same done to you. May it be killed, maimed, injured, etc as long it is the same intention.

  • You cannot make private travel threads, but they can still be No Kill due to your Easy Mode Protection.

  • Also, there are also events which your character will be at risk if you choose to enter them.

  • Lastly your character can be vulnerable to death if you will it.

Hard Mode: This is for people willing to take more of a risk for more of a reward. In this mode you can reach up to T6, and there are other things available to you, like world positions. However, your character is always death enabled. A hard mode person is not allowed to make a "No Kill" thread or a Private thread. Their whole existence is open. Hard Mode is to promote a more realistic One Piece Roleplay-verse and while people are eligible to die while on Hard Mode, our aim here is not to make this a place where people meaninglessly kill. Hard Mode is introduced to promote interactive RP where people value there allies and teammates. Hard Mode is for an experience closer to Canon.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: If you are situated on your island, or your ship, you are permitted to make a private thread between you and crew members. HOWEVER, you cannot make a private travel thread on your ship, you are still at risk of invasion in those threads.

  • Protection for Private Topics on your Ship can last for a duration of 15 IC Post, afterwards the topic is Open whether you are on the ship, setting sail, etc.

Changing Modes: Changing modes is also possible if you start out a character, and realize the mode you chose does not really suit you. Unfortunately, to prevent people making the first choice without thought, or using easy mode to their advantage getting as high as they can with Easy Mode, and jumping to Hard Mode, there are penalties to both sides changing modes.

  • Easy Mode Penalties: If you're on Easy Mode, and you change to hard mode, you are bumped down an entire tier, and will have to build your way back up. Anything spent on something you cannot have anymore because of tier problems, (You were T3 with a T3 only sword, and you've been knocked down to T2), will be refunded.
  • Hard Mode Penalties: If you choose to jump to Easy Mode, you get everything taken from you that is Hard Mode only, and a tier down.

Finally, there is only one difficulty change someone can go through ever. There will be no chance to buy/trade/sell/casino a difficulty change if you decide you want to change back, ever. So make all of your choices carefully.

Occupation: Weapon Specialist, Scientist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance:

Iskandar has bright red eyes and hair that he usually keeps his hair in a braided pony tail. He wears a black midriff tank top with a matching black short and skirt combination that he swears gives him better movement. He wears matching glove like gauntlets the same color as his top. It actually connects up to his tank top though around each bicep has a ring of fur on them. Iskandar also has a red cloak that that hugs tightly to his outfit seeming to be a part of it and not a cloak at all.

Height: 177 CM
Weight: 65 KG
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left Pectoral

Personality: Iskandar is not pragmatic, but is a person who lets history run its course and acts according to his impulses. While he is wild and somewhat inconsiderate of others, he values friendship highly and considers his bonds with his friends his treasure. Iskandar is also a very jovial person who loves to have a good time. Whether it is hanging out with friends playing games or going on adventures while experiencing new and exciting things. Iskandar highly believes in honor and justice and that they are the key components to many peoples happiness in life. As such he is firmly in belief of the marines though this may be due to his young age. So this belief might evolve and change over time. Being of such a young age Iskandar can be somewhat childish following ridiculous impulses of his which sometimes can lead him into trouble. Though this is a problem and he will sometimes later be sad of the decisions he made he never regrets them nor does he wish he made different choices.
Iskandar is naturally kind hearted wanting to help those in need. This makes him easily like able by the general population for he will take the time to stop and make sure that the innocent are not in harms way and that they are kept safe. Iskandar also has a hero worship type personality when ever he comes in the presence of an admiral. He admires them greatly and aspires to become one of them some day. Iskandar also has a great hate for pirates and wants to take as many of them down as he can and end this pirate era. He is truly determined to end the pirate era and set in an era of marines. Iskandar does believe in the one piece but believes it should be acquired by the marines to be kept in safe hands away from pirates.

Likes: Friends
Dislikes: Pirates
Innocent Death

History: Iskandar was born in the South Blue in Briss Kingdom. He was always a very kind and playful child even growing up in Briss Kingdom where most of the people were very mean and cruel. Iskandar maintained his sunny disposition even with them, he would do all he could to help out those in need. Like getting firewood for the elderly and helping with basic yard work for those who couldn't do it on their own. When he turned 8 Iskandar discovered that the south side of the Island housed the marines, he absolutely loved the fact that a marine base was on the island. He would often travel down and watch them train and when he turned 10 he attempted to join in on their training. He would try to run with the people as they were running then would wonder over to other areas such as a weight lifting area and attempt that. A lot of the marines would absolutely get a kick out of it and would help him out.Over time the marines stationed here would look at him as a little brother and would help him train though many were let down when Iskandar took up just the spear for training. They would often tell him stories of famous marines and what they accomplished. Including the tough battles they would face that made them so famous. This is what truly inspired Iskandar like no other and made him hate many pirates for what they would do to innocent people just to get what they want. This continued for 3 years where 5 times a week Iskandar would travel to the marine base and train with them mainly with the spear and his physical capabilities. Though he did discover a small talent for poison and also spent nights at home reading up on that. Finally when Iskandar turned 15 he started to ask the marines to let him join and be one of them officially. Though they turned him down many times saying he was still but a boy. They wanted him to enjoy his childhood for a little bit longer. To wait till he was 18 then to set sail on his journey to become a marine. Iskandar finally relented and said that when he turned 18 he would join up. Iskandar became curious of the world and studied more about it. This is how he came to learn that not only was their a massive new pirate era on the rise but their was a revolutionary army building as well. This just hardened Iskandar's decision though to join the marines and help all those that he could and bring justice to the world. So Iskandar continued his spear training for the next 3 years determined that he would make an impact on this world and bring about a new era where the marines would thrive.
Face Claim: Fate|Iskandar

Last edited by Iskandar on Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:12 am; edited 4 times in total

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2 Re: Iskandar on Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:42 am

History needs a little more bulk. Like a decent paragraph or two overall, since most of the history is very vague and does not offer any substantial information in how he lived, experiences, daily life and even the actual training. It's all kind of there but also not actually described to even a small grade.

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3 Re: Iskandar on Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:58 am

Bump for regrading

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4 Re: Iskandar on Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:30 pm

Little better. Lots of room in the upwards direction, but passable.
Give it a bit of time to get colored, remember to make an update sheet, maybe skillsets and such in the meantime.

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5 Re: Iskandar on Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:47 am




Pulling this application because marines must be 18 or over. Either bump the age or switch affiliation, please.

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6 Re: Iskandar on Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:25 pm

May I get a link to where that is stated please? I seem to not be able to find that on the site at all. I was making my age on the assumed age of Coby when he first introduced though never confirmed. Just speculation from fans.

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7 Re: Iskandar on Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:17 am




Our marines start at ensign. In order to be ensign, you must be 18.

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8 Re: Iskandar on Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:12 am

Bump age edits

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9 Re: Iskandar on Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:13 pm




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