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1 Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:54 am


Summary of Enies:

  • Oga Takara is alive and was transported away to be medically tended to.
  • Chie Mayumi assumes she has killed a Marine VA
  • Due to the damage done to Enies Mel, Naga, and Flash are being transported to Impel Down.
  • This thread is going to end when the 1,500 is met by the NPC Account. [3-5+ posts]
  • All three of you are cuffed behind your backs with sea stone cuffs. Your legs are cuffed as well. You are in a cell with sea stone bars
  • There are Survelience Den Den Mushi in the Cells and outside of the cells.
  • All three of you are in different cells.
  • Your weapons are in a vault in Enies. (not on the ship)
  • You all are currently not in Enies, but in the air traveling to Impel


Name:Marina Samarin
Alias/Epithet:One Eyed Death[Among-st Pirates/Revs], The Winged Crusader[Among-st Marines/Others]

Occupation:Weapon Specialist
Devil Fruit:N/A
World Position:Vice Admiral
1 T5 Seastone Edge GreatSword
1 T4 Steel ChainMail like UnderArmor which covers her arms,chest cavity, and thighs.
1 T4 Rifle
T4 Bullets.

Haki Aura:Stardust Haki

General Appearance:

Marina appears as a tall, slender Caucasian skinned woman who weighs about 145LBS and is 5'7. Possessing an eye-patch over her right eye which a pirate gave her back when she was an Ensign, her eyes are green colored and her hair is long and black, dressing in a white with golden tones formal dress top that goes down to her thighs. Sporting black stockings with golden outlines on them for her lower half, she dresses elegantly wherever she goes, even on the battlefield as she simply does not care. This does not effect her combat performance in the slightest however. Marina has a blue rose on the left side of her top, and a blue dial like pin in her hair with three leaves attached to it.

Her wings are only about 2 FT and are Birkian winged in nature.

She carries a solemn, focused look that almost never changes, a constant stern look that never seems to change no matter where she is.
Weight:145 LBS
Personality:Marina is a Ruthless person who does not back down from any sort of threat to the World Government or the marine cause as a whole. Being a firm believer in the concept of Absolute justice, she will not hesitate to take down any pirates,revolutionaries or corrupt marines no matter how good they seem. Going so far as to cut through entire towns nearly if it means the possibility of just 1 notable pirate being among-st the towns people there. She can be very grim, expressionless and stern when looked upon by others, almost radiating a very intimidating like presence from the strong gaze she has inside of her eyes. Like a dragon constantly ready to lash out at whoever and whatever stands within it's way.

Anyone who attempts to get in the way of her while she is on the job or on the hunt for anyone that is remotely suspicious will be cut down almost immediately, as Marina is almost a blind zealot to the marine cause. Although she promptly will give them the warning to stand down before they face her wrath first. She lives to eradicate each and every single one criminal within the world, openly advocating for the suppression of any new attempted "Age of Piracy" that some idiot out there will try to start.

At very rare instances though, Marina will actually smile and loosen up, though this is rumored to only happen once a year, as she is almost never seen not being so focused and determined. In truth the entire reason Marina is so fervently obsessed and dedicated to the Marine cause is so that she herself can retire and enjoy life, over time she began to grow tired of things and as a result, wanted to put an end to it all.However to do so, in her own beliefs she must eradicate every single "criminal" or threat to the world government so that she herself can be satisfied and live a life of luxury. This is all an "act" that is put up so that things will merely go faster, as time has progressed. Bits and pieces of her real self have slipped out, but still nothing too notable.

She will never immediately reveal it, but Marina respects those with strong ambitions in the world, those who have the will to fight for their right to pursue what they want, as that is the same ambition Marina possesses in her very blood. To gain her respect though takes more than just ambition, moreso being actual strength. As she's cut down the ambitions of several hundred pirates in the past already. What more are you than another kill to her unless you prove your worth in the world?

Crew:Marina has a crew of similar beliefs to her that all follow the principle of Absolute Justice and wish to see all these damned pirates in hell and behind bars.

In truth, they are a group of Individuals that all share the same goal as her, being around similar age. They all want to put all these damn criminals to rest so they can retire and live life in luxury like they believe they have earned.With some basic marines under them as well. Her newkama sister supports her out of concern despite not being a marine.
40 T1 Marine Seamen

6 T2 Marine Swordsmen

12 T3 Marine Rokushiki Specialists

1 T4 Winged Female Martial Artist who Specializes in NewKama and Okama Kenpo.

Hand to Hand:
Melee Weaponry:6
Devil Fruit:


Name: Hermes
Tier: 5
Capacity Limit: 50
Type: Hybrid (air|water)

  • Length: 30 Meters
  • Width: 13 Meters
  • Sea stone Hull
  • 4 cells that holds 5 each
  • Small tent area; where the Ship is controlled from.
  • 2 Floors under deck
  • Cells are on bottom deck


  • 90 Knots (in air)
  • 50 Knots (in water)

Artillery: -
Kairoseki: Yes
Den Den Mushi

  • Survelience Den Den Mushi

Domesticated Yes

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2 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:58 am

20 Mins Before Takeoff...

"Captain Marina, we've found the pirates. They seem to be unconscious." Marina heard over her den den Mushi. "Good, cuff them immediately and bring them back to the ship. We need to take them to Impel as soon as possible." The Vice Admiral quickly responded. "Yes Ma'am." After the brief exchange with their leader the marine soldiers began cuffing the three pirates. All three were cuffed behind their backs and around their legs with sea stone cuffs. The men squad of 15 that had found them spilt off 5 to each person and began escorting them back to th ship. Back on the ship, Hermes, the rest of the marine crew was preparing the ship. "The gates aren't operating Vice Admiral." Another den den Mushi rang off. "We're going air born." She spoke into a different Den Den Mushi. This one was connected to her ships intercoms.

The marines who had found the Uroboros pirates returned to the ship, which was on a lower side of the gate. They quickly took the three fugitives to the cells in the bowels of the ship. They each were thrown in a different cell amongst the 4 cells and secured down. The ship had begun sailing towards the chasm as soon as the pirates had been secured and the crew had been it sailed over the chasm. As it plummeted down the sails were turned causing ship to catch the air and shot back into the sky. This was the only ship able to fly in the Marine Core. A perfect fit for a skypiean. As it shot out of the chasm a device in the back of the device that stores air released all of its stored air. There was a port hole in the ship that had opened right before the air released allowing it to explode out casing the ship to propel farther into the sky over the gates of Justice. When the ship had gotten over the gate the sails were turned again allowing it to even out.


The ship is flying in the air headed towards Impel and the three pirates who had been strapped down for the ships ascent were released, but still cuffed behind their backs and legs with sea stone cuffs.

Word Count: 385|1500

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3 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:53 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


As the Marines were escorting the prisoners on the ship that is when Derous would join. Not making any fuss and flexing his new status of Rear Admiral to not be bothered by any of the lower ranks that questioned his presence on that ship. His response also being that more help was never bad and that he was heading to Imple down already. And the main focus wasn't really on him.

'Two women and a flamboyant male. How weak are the Marines within the Grandline that just three people were able to wreak such havoc. Shit, how strong are the Pirates. This is such a bad look. Really, bad. This isn't acceptable, I won't stand for this. Killing them on Enies should've been the way to go. Not sending them to Impel, as they probably won't be there long. Probably only till this boils over.'

Derous would think to himself. Having moved below deck to watch over one of the prisoners, the room of the male pirate. He had a chair placed at the entrance to the room and he just stared into the cell of the male pirate. He was tense and ready for anything to pop off.

ooc: Gear. KYP and 1up

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5 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:02 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Liquid time isn't existent on this site anymore. Please, delete my prior post or ignore it. Same with this one.

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6 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:25 am



Seastone shackles, both on their wrists and their ankles, seastone bars, on a flying ship, populated by many, many powerful marines. If Nicholas didn't know better, he'd swear someone was feeling very insecure about their abilities if they went to this extreme in order to keep them contained. Then again, during their time on Enies, they had trashed the courtroom, brought down the tower of justice, and set half the island on fire. So maybe there was some justification for it all.

He sat there in his cell, pondering just how the heck to get out of this. Naturally, Nicholas was not simply going to sit back and allow these guys to take him to Impel Down. Not after all the trouble he had gone through. He was not going to make this easy for them. But what could he do? Well, so far he had two options. 1. Hijack the ship and fly it to safety, or 2. Bring the ship down, jack one of the life boats (this thing DID have lifeboats, right?) and row it to safety. Of course, the main obstacle for both of them, was getting out of this cell, and out of these cuffs.

He sat there, pondering for a moment before he noticed something. This was a flying ship. In order for it to fly, they would either require very powerful engines, make this ship a lightweight material, or both. Glancing at the surveillance den den mushi for a moment, he shifted back against the far wall, making it look like he was merely sitting against the wall. His head gently bumped against the wall, hearing the tell tale knock of wood. More importantly, the knock of wood with nothing behind it. Nicholas grinned. Unlike devil fruit users, all these cuffs did was simply restrict his movement. If he could get a good amount of force behind a kick.


Nicholas blinked, looking over to his right. That sounded like Melissa. What had happened? He might hold off on breaking the wall down until he learned what was going on.

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7 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:28 am

w I p

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9 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:40 pm

Per requirements of Impel Down, Naga and Melissa will be placed in level 2 Wild Beast Hell as for Flashdance he will be held in level 1 Crimson Hell.

Happy hunger games this topic is over.

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10 Re: Enies Escourt [Mel,Naga,Flash][Travel] on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:47 pm

Also, since you're now jailed bounty is slashed in half.

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