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1His arrival & departure Empty His arrival & departure on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:04 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

His arrival & departure Tumblr_ntdhdqgnqY1tzyhdqo1_r1_400

"Keep going."


"I said, keep going."

"Sir, if I do that we will crash right into it."

"Do I look like I care? Keep, goin."

"This isn't a good idea."

Derous didn't care what the conductor had to say, just as long as he kept going. As the grew closer and closer horrible crashing was the only thing that would follow. And right before impact Derous would close his eyes and brace himself. Though, when he would open them again everything would just be fine. As he wouldn't be where the operator of the Sea Train was, but rather in his seat somewhere in the middle cart of the Sea Train. Hi pushing the conductor to keep going without stopping just being some weird dream he had as he waited to reach his destination. He wouldn't think much on his dream as that wasn't important. Looking out he would see that he had reached the placed that he had wanted to be at. That place being Eneis Lobby.

Quickly, and without and hesitation Derous would be push toward the ground. One hand on his head and another gripping his right arm and holding it backwards, "Such a warm welcome."

Someone else would come and thrust thier spear, or was it a glaive, down into the ground in front of Derous. Though, it was strange looking. Derous had never seen such a weapon coated in that kind of substance. "Who are you?"

"Well, I am a Marine."

"How we are certain of that?"

"Look in that suitcase. My Name is Derous. And I am a Rear Admiral. I should've said I was going to be coming after hearing what happend, but wanted it to be a surprise."

Whoever it was with the weapon would call for another to come over, and then would look into the suitcase. The one told to check would then whisper intot he ear of the one wielding the weapond.


Derous would be let up. And would begin to dust himself off as he ws given his suitcase. "Thanks."

"Sorry for the misunderstanding. We just are on edge from what happened." The Marine with a weapon would then have it look noramla again, which was strange.

"Why did your weapon look like that?" Derous would ask, exstremly curiouse.

"Are you asking about Haki?"


"Wow, ugh. It's hard to explain. If you want to know more about it you have to talk about it with Vice Admiral Oga." The Weapon user would say as they all would begin to head in the same direction.

Derous actually got hyped. This would be the first time he would talk to another Admiral, well as a Admiral. "Sooo what is this Oga guy like?"

"Vice Admiral Oga is by the far the strongest and most respectable Marine we've ever been under. He is the sole reason those Pirates that attacked didn't get away and cause more damage, truly unstoppable."

"I could probably stop him, If I wanted." Derous would say. He actually didn't want to let that slip, but didn't regret it. He was confident within his abilities, even if he didn't know those of Oga. Soon they would be at the docks. Having gone through the city, just so that Derous could see what happened. A large group of Marines were heading on a ship, it probably departing.

"Vice Admiral Oga was planning later today or tonight, so he might see you. I'm not sure. You are a Rear admiral though, so I don't know." The Marine would tell Derous when they all got on the ship. The Marine leaving to go and get Vice Admiral Oga, also to tell him what Derous had said.

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2His arrival & departure Empty Re: His arrival & departure on Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:01 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Derous would see the weapon user come back, with a grim look on his face. "I thought...I thought he was okay, dammit." He would say as he began to fight back tears.

"Are you okay?" Derous would ask.

"I'm fine. But, sorry but Vice Admiral Oga isn't here at the moment. Sorry for getting your hopes up. The injuries he had suffered were too..much, and he had to go receive treatment."

"Oh, is he going to make it?"

"We...I don't know..." The Marine would break down. Everyone was on the shio listening to what he had to say and were all close ot tears. Seeing this Derous had to say something, he was the highest ranked Marine here. He just had to say something.

"Men, relax. From what you said about Vice Admiral Oga, he will get through this. He is a strong man. But, this isn't all that must be done. He suffered those injuries due those pirates. So, I will do something for you lot. So don't worry." Derous would say as he would disembark the ship. From then he would talk about the incident. Oh, and he would find out many things that he wouldn't be able to know if he wasn't a Rear Admiral. He found of the names of those that committed these crimes against the World Government and also where they were going. So, he would follow. No, he would join them on their journey. As he must talk with them.


He must of missed them or had made some type of mistake. As there was no ship waiting for him, well one that had those specific prisoners on it. There was though another ship heading to Impel Down. Of other prisoners sentenced to serve time there, so Derous would join that one. Fuck this liquid time.

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