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1 The new Rear Admiral on Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:50 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"So, what is it? Why must we head to the Sea Train Captain Zed?" Derous would ask Zed as the two began to descend down the stairs that lead tot he Sea Train. Currently though the Sea Train hadn't come in yet. 

"Because I received a letter recently and we both are to meet there." Zed will tell Derous. Zed was hiding something else, but Derous wouldn't pester him about it. Derous trusted Zed and knew he was a good Marine, and wouldn't hide anything unless he had reason to. Zed being kinda the opposite of Derous. 

"I guess." Derous would say as the two would reach the bottom of the stairs and just wait. In the distance you could hear and kinda make out the Sea Train coming. Looking around Derous could see that others also were awaiting the sea train. Maybe to use it or to see someone that gets off, Derous which he was. Did Zed want them to board this Sea Train when it arrived. Or were they awaiting for someone, or maybe someones. All his questions would be answered in a few moments as the Sea Train would begin to come to a stop in front of them. 

Derous and Zed wouldn't move from their spot as people would disembark the train, and others board it. Though, a group would make their way over to Derous and Zed. Sixteen in total. All of them wore suits and each carried a briefcase. But only one of them stood out, and he would speak. 

"Ensign Derous?" He asked looking at Zed first, then at Derous. Not knowing which was Derous.

"Yea, that would be me." Derous would say. As one of the men would step forward and speak. He held a suitcase and after hearing Derous say who he was would hand it to him. 

"Within there is the detail on your promotion. And a few other things you need to know. Sorry, I won't be able to go into detail as I must re-board the Sea Train. But everything you need to know is within there. And congratulations. Oh, and these men are here to assist you lot on your journey." The Guy would say as he began to turn away, Zed though would stop him. Not for long but to also give him something. What he gave that man isn't important right now, and would be talked about later. Derous wouldn't open the briefcase, as he didn't want to. This was had too many eyes, especially now that there were a big group. So, they all would begin to make their way back to the Ship. 

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2 Re: The new Rear Admiral on Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:36 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Soon they made it back to the ship. Derous would head to the Captain's quarters, to go over the contents of the briefcase. Placing it down on his desk he would open it, and the first thing he would see it a Marine coat. And a smile would creep across his face, as the back of it read his new rank. Rear Admiral. It was nice, and Derous was calm now. As he was truly on edge, though he didn't show, it when he sent in his request for a Rank up. As he had been denied so many times. And well this time was about to be his last. As he was planning on leaving the Marines if he was denied, but luckily that didn't happen. And Derous didn't have to become an annoying thorn in the World Government's back side.

"Zehahahah! Lord, the must have sense what would happened if they denied me. That must be it." Derous would mumble to himself as he would set aside the coat and see what else was within the briefcase. What he would find is a News Coo along with other documents. Derous would read through the Coo first, as last time he read one of these news of the Pirate King being captured was a headline. This time though nothing that juicy was within it. Only thing really noteworthy is the increase of pirates. But still that wasn't enough to have Derous really care about this Coo. 

Though, the next thing was truly something. This information was given to mainly those of high rank, which included Derous now. It talked about how Pirates are now going to be trying to make a bigger name for themselves. This going off of how a crew of rookie pirates foolishly declared war of the World Government. Though, they have been dealt with. Or well in the process of if. And also that they left Eneis in a bad shape.


Something would hit Derous in the back of the head. Not physically but within his mind, you know what i'm sayin? A flashback. And well, that was something he couldn't ignore. His past has come to make him make a rash decision. So, he would leave.

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