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1"Defend Yourself!" [Task] Empty "Defend Yourself!" [Task] on Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:49 am

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza

Task Name: Defend yourself!
Tier: 2
Location: East Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Kaiza awoke from a nightmare, one that influenced him to think heavily about life. Wanting a bit of fresh air, he decides to take a walk outside after midnight not aware that Marines are patrolling, and still looking for him. At the same time, Kai feels as though someone is following him in the shadows. While taking a walk he is confronted by Marines and they plan on taking him down and into custody. Defend yourself Kaiza!
Enemy Details: 6 T0 Marines with police sticks | 5 T1 Marines with light armor, tazer guns and police sticks | 2 T2 Marines with guns
Boss: 0


As Kai tossed and turned in his sleep he grunted, murmuring words that nobody else could hear, switching the position in which he rested. "JOSEPH!" With a cry out for his recent father the white haired male woke up. His body jolted upward and his eyes dashed to each side of his hotel room. A nightmare? Why did he have such an explicit dream? On top of that, it wasn't like he was having your ordinary nightmare, for some reason he had dreamt that his father was killed ny marines before his very eyes. Quickly Kaiza shook the negative thoughts from his head and removed the blanket from off of him. Nakedly, he stood and for a brief moment he fell into a deep silence...A tear dropped from his eye. It's been a while since he's shed a tear. What if he somehow lost Joseph? Joseph was the only one to take him in when he first arrived in to the blues. He bathed him and cared for him, taught him everything he knew and gave him a purpose. He wouldn't allow it. He wouldn't his father to die that way or anyway.

K walked towards the window and leaned over only to see that the nights sable color remained. How long did I sleep? What felt like hours only happened to be minutes, putting Kaiza in a grumpy mood. Closing the curtains of the window, he walked over towards his bag and dug out clothing for him to wear. The poor guy needed to relax somehow and fortunately he was in the mood for a late night walk. Kai didn't waste any time putting his clothes on before he rushed out the door like he had some place to be. I just need some air. Now I know what you're thinking; "How could such a little nightmare have such an effect on such a cool, strong, hunk?" Well to answer it simply; Kaiza has only ever had 1 nightmare in his entire life. As one would imagine, having a nightmare is a pretty big deal to this young man, especially since he does believe in some superstitions. He knew, he KNEW that this meant something.

But what?

Approaching the door, Kai grabbed the keys to the room and walked out, slamming the door behind him. The revolutionary took a deep sigh, then proceeded to exit the hotel building. Immediately the darkness of the night blinded him but quickly his eyes adjusted. The night didn't scare him nor did it ever. He was raised in the darkness of Hebi, one of the most dangerous places in paradise if not the entire world. Fear was a rare thing, yet tonight felt different. For some reason the night frightened him, but he still continued to walk. Sometimes he wish he had the ability to block emotions. If anything was to happen to Kaiza, he was sure he could defend himself. Although a rookie, he wasn't weak at all not to mention he still had his bow and a handful of arrows.

The wind blew lightly as the crickets chirped to a specific rythym creating a somewhat soothing melody. It helped him rid his mind of the negativity and allowed him to focus on nothing. This was a form of meditation and it just so happened to be working. Kai had no idea where he was walking to, but for now he didn't worry about it at all.

You just need to relax Kaiza, that's all.

Word Count: 625/1,250

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2"Defend Yourself!" [Task] Empty WIP WIP on Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:34 pm

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
The wind was playing tricks on Kaiza because every time he heard something behind him and turned his head to look at it, he was greeted with pure air. Attempting to ignore the wind, Kai continued to walk but this time when he looked at the ground he could see a tall shadow behind him similar to that of a large pole. Again he turned around but was confronted by nothing. First the nightmares, then the hallucinations? He began to think that the only way to solve these issues was to whip up some sort of potion that could fix it. The last time that he even tried a potion on himself before trying it on something else, he got extremely sick. It was stupid indeed, but when you need a quick test subject and there's nothing around for you to use you only have yourself. Kaiza usually tested on small mammals or other people without them knowing, but as he got older it experimenting on people became harder. Not many people liked the idea of having random tests run on them, which Kai could obviously understand.

As the young revolutionary solider walked, he could hear whispers up ahead. Who would be walking outside at such a time besides him? Surely it was nobody to be worried about, this part of the East blue was pretty quiet all day long after all. Ignoring the whispers he continued to walk, thinking about the nightmare he had just had. Joseph... People believe that nightmares are often visions of the future, but K couldn't bring himself to believe that his nightmare was a vision. He was pretty sure that Joseph couldn't be beaten, it was nearly impossible. Joseph held one of the highest ranks in the revolutionary army for a reason - he was strong, dangerous and well known throughout the entire army. Even the government was afraid of him.

"Hey! You there!" Kaiza's head snapped upwards towards the direction where he heard his name being called. His eyes widened upon realizing that there was about 13 marines standing in front of him, two in the front while the rest remained behind. Kaiza just remained, he couldn't even respond properly due to him being completely shocked already.


"Hands in the air where I can see them!"

"For?" With a calm tone Kaiza responded, he knew in a second he would have to fight because there was probably a good reason for these marines to stop him. Before speaking and stopped to think. He had recently had a big fight in Orange town with some marines even causing the destruction of some of the town so he was probably wanted in these parts. Quickly he leaped back before deciding that fighting was the only way out of this. Using his Geppo-like skill, he jumped in the air before using that skill to remain airborn. Two marines attempted to shoot him with their guns, but it was futile while he used this skill. Honestly, this Vibe-running skill was an extremely useful technique to have.

Kai leaped towards one of the marines who had the gun and upon getting close enough he was able to land his "Vibrating Punch" move. Immediately the marine was knocked backwards 5 meters and unconscious. As he attempted to go for the other marines who had been trying to attack him in some way, he felt a bullet pierce through his arm, causing him to grunt in pain before falling on the floor. Without much focus he was able to nullify the pain, and continue fighting but there were a handful of marines already surrounding him. With their bats, and tazers they honestly dealt a bit of damage, a bit too much for Kaiza to let slide. With his whirlwind technique he was able clear the marines from arround him before turning back towards the marine who had the gun.

The tier 2 marine shot another bullet which K was easily able to dodge before using his ground disruption technique, causing the ground from under the marine to sprout and knock him unconscious. With onlly 6 weak marines left with close combat weapons, he was sure that he could defeat them all. Quickly one marine charged forward fighting Kai for only a few seconds before Kaiza put an end to the fight by punching him in his throat. The other five all came at once, allowing a brawl to occur. There were punches, kicks, slices, tazing all happening before his very eyes but he still remained strong. Eventually the ground before him was covered in blood and 13 marine bodies. With no more energy in him, he fled back to the hotel. This was not what he needed and he knew it would only get worse from here.

Task Complete

Word Count: 1,462/1,250
Stamina: 90/150:

Vibe Running (15)
Surface Disruption (15)
Whirlwind (15)
Vibrating Punch (15)

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