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1 To West Coach(Travel) on Sat Jun 04, 2016 5:22 pm

Young Frank

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Light was just beginning to break through the surrounding guard of the clouds that stuck in the sky and with this was Frank’s knowledge that he was needing out along with his crew. The time that they had spent here had done nothing as he could see that maybe the group of people in this location had been suckered into being nothing more than drones in service of the foolish world government. Frank ignored everything that was currently in his head as he helped his people finish stocking up using some of the local ties that he had made for the people who actually were able to think for themselves instead of having to have order for those who were in charge of them. He was stocking up in the time that was typically between midnight and noon so it would be about 4am. He would one day return here but for now the mission required him to have to head for the western blue. There he was to scout the marine base on Yotsuba and see what type of intel he would be able to find as he looked for a quick and easy way into the grand line. As the below of the wind hitting the ship sail would cause it to cast away he was on his way to do more good than harm so long as things went well. Nobody that he straight did not trust would be awake at this time so he was safe from being spotted so long as he able to keep hidden using the cover of the high waves in order to keep away. The sun had been squirting out of the sky more and more blinding Frank as he was looking around and causing him to shake his head. Another benefit of leaving at such a time is that no one would really be able to find him, his crew, or his ship as long as he was able to stay clear of any of the other islands. He wondered if life like a pirate was similar to the work that he did consistently as a revolutionary but knew that it was not. When you were a pirate you always had the urge to always look out for yourself as opposed to those who were not able to look out for themselves. He was aware that people had defected from both factions in order to enter the other and that was why he always kept his options open. He knew that the moment that something happened that would cause him to switch the mission, be it close death or true cruel twist of fate that made him change his mind. No answer to these inquires was he expecting but that was only the future. He could see daybreak beginning to happen as he could also notice the marine island that was his destination in the horizon. It was time to go ahead and stop the voyage as for now he was on the way. The ship would dock on the side of the island that was closest to the jungle on the island. He was here. (Exit)

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