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1 Scouting Out [Tsk] on Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:44 pm

The redhead woke up in her new bed set in the Gold Leopard ship. Joining a new pirate crew, she was happy to finally have a fully belly and a nice bed to sleep on. Things were finally turning around. She looked at the list of things they needed as they were running short on a few things. It would be nice to show some application to her new captain. Taking the list into her grasp, it was kinda long but due able. It had that amount of a single item and what kind of supplies they needed. Mostly food items, but some were like wood and small supplies for repairing the ship. Louge town would have everything and knowing LeeAnn they would run her dry of money. Luckily, she did some extra jobs the other day so hopefully she would be able to buy everything or at least most.

Passing by shops, a lot with some decor and flashy things to catch others attention to buy their products and give them business. LeeAnn looked over on things like that since she barely had enough money to buy her food or even clothing. She found a food market where there were nice stands of fresh produce and meat ready to be bought. Walking over to a nearby stand, she bought some of the items on the list giving her a smaller list. There was more to be bought. She had some fruit, a few fish, and a bottle of beer. There was a lot on her mind about her brother, impressing her new crew and all of that. A few trips to find the hings on her list. She got lost try to find a hardware store to but a few tools that broke according to Leparo or the list at least

WC: 302

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