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1 Finally over. on Mon May 30, 2016 4:35 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Task Name:You did it babies!
Tier: 1
Location: South Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew or Personal
Description: After deafting you foes you gotta search everywhee now for that damn Log Pose. Search thier corpses, or bodies if they aren't killed, and thier ships. You will find it sooner or later.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: N/A

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2 Re: Finally over. on Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:43 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


So, it was all over. The victors no victor had been decided; as Derous would hold out the Log Pose he had sought after. He wasn't on the Island anymore, he was long gone. As at this moment he was standing on the ship, The Queens Ann's Revenge, heading somewhere. That place not important at this moment. As many things must be explained before continuing any further. 

After defeating the last enemy, Derous needed to search for the Log Pose. Obviously, the first person he would check would be the last enemy. Who had awoken, but was tied up and unable to do anything. Something was off about her, as she didn't want Derous to touch her. But, thinking about it could just be because she didn't know what he would do. As he was in a position that he could do whatever he pleased with her. But Derous thinking was right and the Log Pose was around her neck, on a necklace. Yup, this was super easy after beating everyone. But this isn't the juicy part about what happened on the Island before Derous left. 

Now that he had his Log Pose he could leave, and set his plans in motion. But, Derous couldn't leave just yet. He had to do something to not only pay respect for his fallen comrades, that he honestly didn't' care about. He had to etch fear into those that stumbled upon this place. So he would head back to his ship, dragging the female Kuja along the way. Beki sitting on her chest ready to bite the bitches face off if she did anything foolish. 

Once he arrived to the ship those that didn't disembark and were told to stay back asked many questions. 

Where is Captain Steele?

What happened to the Others? 

You are wounded! What happened in town!?

Derous would just tell them, "One of you stay here with Beki, and watch her. The others. Come with me, we have a few things to do." 

"I'm coming as well." Zed. J. Maxwell would announce, as he also seemed to just come out of no where. Though, the rowboat he used to get here was clearly visible. He was told to meet up with Derous. Not during this mission Derous and the Steele Marines were given, but after it. And Derous kinda felt he didn't tell him to. But rather have Zed join them, then there probably would've been less casualties. 

The group of nine would head back to where all the bodies lay, and everyone but Derous would be shocked. This was too much, so much death. The grunts felt many different types of feelings, as they just couldn't stomach thing. Few vomiting at the site of their comrades all laying out here like this. The weather had cleared up and the sun was high in the sky, and everything was visible. 

"Listen, we can only take back Steele's and that pirate covered in bones on to the ship. As this is still a hostile place. And we don't know what dangers still lie. But if you want, take the dog tags of your fallen comrades. And be quick!" Derous wouldn't stay to help, as he couldn't be much help. And he would head back to the ship. A few hours had passed before their departure, the grunts along with Zed will return. A bag full of dog tags and other things that they will send to their fallen comrades families Along with Steele and Koko. Everything was done, and they could leave now. Zed being the new navigator for this ship. 

Now, back to the present. Derous would give the Log pose to Zed, the Navigator putting it on his wrist as a watch. "Things can now begin, so get ready." Is what he would tell him. 

Derous would then check up on their prisoner, E.Y, who  was tied up not only with his poison still but also regular rope, to make sure she didn't get away. Beki also sitting next to her as a guard dog to make sure to not allow her to get away. 

"So, can you tell me why all of you wanted to head to the Grand line? From my observation all those pirates were devised of four crews, but why?" Derous would ask as he stood above her. 

E.Y didn't want to speak but, she didn't want to be tortured for this information. As Derous just looked like one of those creepy bastards that did such a thing to get what they wanted. "We wanted to save the Pirate King, as a group. But, I wanted to save my sister. As she was a part of his crew. That is why we decided to combined our crews and head to Impel down. As that is where they would most likely take him." 

"Oh? Wait, someone with in the Blues knows of Impel down?"

"I'm no fool. I've heard of it before I left my home...of Amazon Lily." 

"OH! You are one of those women, interesting. But why come to the South Blue? Actually, don't tell me. It doesn't matter. As whatever reason you had is now ruined. You will never get to achieve whatever dream you had here, or any of them for that matter. You will rot within a prison for the rest of your life, and for your Sister. I believe she will do the same, or is already dead." Derous would tell her. He could see from her facial expression that she hated him for his words, but he didn't care. He hated women like her, they irked him to the core. Honestly, he wanted to just torture her for that alone. Those eyes. Those damn eyes reminded of that person so much, it almost drove Derous to the edge. And without even knowing it Derous would find his fingers in the eye sockets of the girl, her screams of pain bringing him to his senses. 

"Tch!" Derous would say as he would walk away from her, cleaning his fingers. He would hear her curse his name and threaten him, but he didn't listen. To hell with her and other women like her, they could all suffer ten thousand deaths. 

ooc: Everything that belonged to Steele. Is now mine. 

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