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15 Re: Prologue: Sworn Brothers (Flashback Arc) on Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:22 pm



Naro witnessed as Arata ignored what he'd asked for the most part, asking Naro who he was and stating that he may have hit his head too hard. Naroshi chuckled slightly, acknowledging it as one of Arata's attempts at a joke, something that he didn't do very often. The two both noticed a strange looking fruit on the ground, something of which Naroshi hadn't ever really seen before. it was a strange purplish pink color, and abnormal markings etched over it. he'd never seen a fruit that looked so strange, it intrigued him.

"Hey Arata, what kind of fruit is that?"

Before he could finish his sentence, Arata abruptly bit into the fruit. He acted as though he was struggling with it as he chewed. It must have tasted awful. For whatever reason, he kept eating it, bite after bite until there was nothing left of it besides it's stem. He then stretched himself out from side to side, and told Naro that he was ready to get started. He stared at Naroshi as he'd taken his fighting stance, and prepared to ask him something before reacting to something. He'd hold his head, falling over to the ground in pain, like something was hurting him. He began coughing and heaving, and Naroshi immediately ran over to him.


He put his hand on his left shoulder, and then grabbed his right arm with his free hand, attempting to help him up. Eventually, he stopped, and before continuing on, notified Naroshi that he was okay. Naroshi was skeptical, but complied when Arata told them to simply get started. He let go of him, and stood up, offering Arata a hand to help himself up. It was ignored, and as Arata stood up on his own Naro moved back 3 meters as Arata got into his fighting stance. Naroshi smiled, and followed along with his fighting stance as well.

"Okay Arata, you ready?"

Seemingly out of nowhere, Naro felt something heavily breathing down his back. It startled him, but he stayed still, not moving his body even an inch. It intensified, and he felt a drop of saliva fall down onto his head. He slowly turned his head around, and was extremely terrified by what he'd seen. An extremely wide, and tall boar, hovering over him. The boar was above average size, mounting over both of the boys in height. It had no trouble standing up on it's own, and had strangely red and bloodshot eyes. Foam fell from it's mouth onto the ground below it, and it appeared to be angry. Naroshi slowly backed up the same distance that he'd made between him and Arata, stopping when the two were at shoulder's length.

"A-A-Arata?.......What do we do?"

The rabid boar gave the two no real amount of time to think, and began screeching, preparing itself to charge forward. Naroshi listened to his instincts, and said the first thing that had come to mind.


he turned himself directly around, and began running in a straight line away from the boar, assuming that Arata was traveling behind him. He kept himself moving at his full speed, which was somewhat impressive for a boy his age. He wouldn't let his pace go down as he heard the footsteps of the boar stomping on the ground closing in from behind him. He sped up, increasing the distance between him and the boar, and closed his eyes due to the fear. He wasn't sure of how long it'd lasted nor how far away he was, but it all came to an abrupt stop. As he ran, his foot had connected with a rock upon the ground, and the speed that he was running at wouldn't allow him to stop. He tumbled forward, tripping and hitting his head directly onto the forest ground in front of him. He refused to look up, but could hear the footsteps of the boar closing in on his direction. He was too stunned to get up in time, and he couldn't defend himself. What was left for him to do?

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16 Re: Prologue: Sworn Brothers (Flashback Arc) on Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:45 pm

Right as the two were to begin, Arata's heart sank. He could barely hear what Naroshi would have said, as he was already staring over the younger boy's shoulder at the looming beast behind him. This extremely tall and wide boar, one which towered over Naroshi, would be the creature behind him, breathing heavily, drooling like the pathetic, stupid, dangerous beast it is. He could barely tell whether or not Naro had noticed himself, as Arata continued staring at the red, bloodshot eyes it held. Seemingly, the creature had a foam falling from its mouth, a telltale sign of a rabid beast, meaning that he and his friend were in even more danger than previously thought. It would be no doubt in the elder male's mind that this large creature would sooner kill them both than to return to minding its own business, though what had attracted it to them, he wondered. Could it be that fruit which had harmed Arata so, the purplish pink food which had dropped from the tree? It must be quite a devilish fruit indeed, if the scent of the juices which had lightly dribbled itself onto the grass had attracted the creature.

"I-I don't know.." Arata would respond to his friends' asking him as to what they should do. He didn't wish to abandon Naro to the beast, as it seemed more fixated on him than Arata himself, but the boy was crippled with fear, with ignorance on how to handle this. When the creature screeched, about to charge towards the two, Arata would have already bolted off in a different direction than his friend would have taken, instinctively running off in fear. He could hear Naro scream for them to run, but Arata had already known that or, at least, his body already knew to do that. 'I should try to make sure Naro is okay.. Why can't I move from the direction I'm already taking?' He would think to himself as he continued to run off at full speed. He would crush fallen branches and leaves under his feet though he didn't hear the sounds of a rampaging beast behind him. It seems Arata was right in assuming that it went after Naroshi and, with a sigh of relief, he would hide behind a tree, waiting.

"Stupid, stupid stupid!" He would say furiously to himself as the sinking feeling arrived. He had abandoned his friend to get most likely killed by that boar. He could hate himself all day for this as he had felt guilt. The one person that he actually befriended, and now he left them behind. Talk about a great friend Arata was, he knew he should have just minded his own business back then, when those bullies were attacking Naro. If he had, he felt neither of them would be in this mess now. He knew he had to do something, but what? His legs trembled with fear, a silent prayer to an absent God would be made, prayer to give him the power to make him able to save his friend, though as usual there would be no answer. Night after night of prayer for his father to show up, for his mother to just give up her concern about her personal appearances and just love her son, yet once again, when the boy truly needed it, the Crickets had Arthritis. Knowing no one else would be around to save his friend, Arata would have to suck it up and try to do it himself. Naro was a kind boy, Arata knew that much, he knew that if anyone deserved to be mauled by a Boar, it would be him instead of Naro.

One trembling step would be taken after the other as Arata would step from his hiding place. The steps would grow faster as he would go off in the direction he assumed Naro had taken, and soon they would increase to a jog, then running, and then a sprint. "I'm coming for you, Naro!" Arata would say, still ensure about his choice in doing this. Second thoughts had already crashed upon him like a wave, screaming about how he can still turn back and try to forget about him, and that he won't be connected to what had happened if they found the body, that he can still turn his life around and try to be a better kid, that Naro wasn't worth it, though those were lies, he knew. Naro was worth it, it's the one with those thoughts that really isn't. Sprinting on and on, Arata would quickly attempt to scope out where Naro and the Boar had gone, only to eventually end up seeing the Boar itself, or at least its backside, as it had begun to slowly close in on something out of sight.

The creature was but a few meters away, and all Arata would have is a broken branch he would pick up from nearby, hoping the shattered, jagged end would be enough to hurt the creature. Slowly he would attempt to near it, though another intense pulse would shoot through his skull, echoing the word "Calm" while Arata himself would hold his head, his eyes closed. "Calm" He would say, and as he said it, the pulse would cease, and his eyes would open. When he had stepped towards the beast once more, the leaf he had just then crushed by accident would make no sound, surprising Arata himself for a moment, though he assumed that perhaps his prayers were answered, after all. He had no time to figure out what had just occurred, and instead he would focus on the Boar itself, whom of which didn't seem to hear him in the slightest. He would run as fast as he can towards the back right side of the animal, thrusting the jagged end of his stick towards its hide, attempting to pierce it in the section of skin in between its thigh and rib-cage.


Tier 1 Skill Name: Calm (凪(カーム) Kāmu)
Tier 1 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range: 5 meters
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4-6 posts, depending on how long this ability remains active. The duration is 2-4 posts.
Tier 1 Skill Description: Arata cancels all noises caused by him. This also applies to noises not caused directly by the user such as objects being thrown on the floor and breaking or explosions caused by weapons. Through this technique, the user can accomplish otherwise loud tasks without attracting the attention of his enemies. This technique can also be used on other people, via Arata touching them, granting them and whatever they use complete silence for 2-4 posts. Arata can deactivate this ability at any time via the snap of his fingers. Should an object fired or thrown or detonated outside of the range of this ability the sound it makes is restored. Tier 2 and above explosions and weapons that use sound as a weapon are not affected by this ability.

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17 Re: Prologue: Sworn Brothers (Flashback Arc) on Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:37 pm



After several moments of sitting down in the forest grass, eyes closed and awaiting a target to approach, Naroshi knew that wasn't what he was supposed to be doing. he still didn't know where Arata was, whether or not he got away. So why was he sitting there? He'd allowed his fear to overtake his judgement, and his judgement was telling him that there was no room for cowardice when his friend was out there. Arata meant more to Naroshi than anyone else ever had during his time in Orange Town. He was the first kid to stick up for him, the first to even talk to him respectfully. He was his friend, his only friend, and he'd not allow himself to cower and hide while he was still out there. Still shaking, he quickly got up from his fetal position on the ground in front of him, and slowly turned around. He began moving backwards, towards the direction of which he'd heard the footsteps of the boar from behind him. He moved as fast as he possibly could, and after a few seconds came across something that he honestly didn't expect to see.

He saw Arata, a jagged stick within his hands, attempting to strike the boar from his hide. Strangely enough, the boar didn't seem to notice that he was there, couldn't he hear him? That didn't matter at that moment. What mattered was ensuring that the boar didn't hurt his friend. While still scared, he slowly began moving his body into a run, that turned into a full on sprint forward, his eyes closed and his body moving rapidly.


As he was in a sprint towards the two of them, he heard another screech from the boar. He stopped in his tracks from about five meters away, and opened his eyes to see something that he initially didn't expect. Arata's attack with mere stick with the rugged end had connected at the right place and the right time. For whatever reason, the bore didn't respond to his presence there, and didn't have any cue to react to the attack. The stick pierced into the Boar's hide, going past an entrance in it's rib cage and directly into it's vital organs. It's oversized lung and intestine were both punctured. The damaged caused the boar to fall over upon it's side, opposite to where Arata had struck it from. It's weight prevented it from getting back up, and the damage to it's insides made it nearly impossible for it to scream anymore. As the lung was punctured, the boar began to excessively get quieter. It's screech slowly turning into a whimper and pant. Naroshi slowly made his way over to it, moving towards it's side where the stick had entered. He stared it in the eyes, watching as the animal's eyes began to water as it struggled to breathe. Naro tried to keep non caring look upon his face, but that simply wasn't something that he was capable of. His eyes began to water, and his nose began to run before tears began streaming down his cheeks. He turned to the direction of which Arata had been during his attack, and then spoke to him.

"Arata...... It's suffering...."

It was strange how the young boy had so much sympathy for the wild beast that had just attempted to take his life, but for whatever reason, his regard for life as a whole was too strong for him to disregard it in it's time of pain.

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