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1 Black Lotus Society (Task) WIP on Sat May 21, 2016 10:11 pm

Task :
Task Name: Black Lotus Society
Tier: 3
Location: North Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: A society in which Asher studied at once upon a time has called him back as a means of taking over the organization. Asher goes back just to see old friends and old enemies who all want the title of leader.
Enemy Details: 20 tier 1 Goons, tier 3 villain

Asher had received a letter in a black envelope several days ago asking for him to return to his former stomping grounds. Here he flourished as a great up and coming assassin during his youth. Anyway their name was the Black Lotus Society. Recently the man who had took Asher in as his son had died from old age. He lived to be roughly 142 years old. His training with Asher was more mental than physical but for someone of his age he sure could go if needed. He was a gifted old man and he made sure people knew that, hopefully even until the day he died. Now Asher was getting off his ship where his men were waiting for their leaders orders. "I'll return soon" said Asher as he made his way into Rubeck.

About an hour or so later through the woods Asher was going he noticed an odd rock formation. Asher would approach it and within some secret language he would write out "Sun, Pluto, earth through mercury" Asher stepped back at the rock formation opened up and revealed a tunnel. Once through the tunnel Asher would see men in robes who all bowed at his arrival. "Lord Kringle, you've returned" said one of the men "When did this happen" said Asher who nodded towards the men "Last week, In his sleep" Asher lowered his head for a moment of silence before raising it once more. "Who all is here" said Asher continuing his walk through the chambers. "Chess is here first all" those words stopped Asher in his tracks. "Tell him to prepare for combat" said Asher as he removed his gloves. Him and this chest fellow had a great past. They had issues they needed to work out eventually.

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2 Re: Black Lotus Society (Task) WIP on Fri May 27, 2016 3:43 pm

The reaction Asher gave when he heard Chess was around alarmed people. Asher seemed different. His body language was more violent and uptempo than usual which wasn't really a good thing for someone as methodical and patient as himself. He was obviously eager to see his old "Friend" on the battlefield. They both knew what coming here meant especially with them both being the top students for their sensei."Lord Kringle, Your attire is prepared" said the same man who addressed Asher earlier. As Asher approached the table he saw his former blade, during his youth who was Kutai. Also on the table was a sash and a pair of black pants. Placing the pants and sash on removing all other formal clothing Asher noticed his sash was now gray which meant he had reached the highest level there was to reach here. "He said you should wear it. Maybe one day, the black sash will be yours" said the servant which made Asher smirk. Walking through the room Asher came into an arena which featured a circular stage and a few torches.

Coming out adjacent to him was Chess. His sash was red which was the former sash color Asher wore. "Looking good in gray Asher." said Chess as Asher noticed his black hair got longer. His blade was black, the model Asher's current sword was based off of. His blade in this fight obviously wasn't black since he never used this back when him and Chess had known each other. "Cut the small talk Chess. Get to work" said Asher as he picked his blade from the drapes being carried next to him and walked to the center of the arena. Asher's bare feet touching the ground and he could feel the nature around him.

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3 Re: Black Lotus Society (Task) WIP on Mon May 30, 2016 11:54 am

The battle waged on. No one besides those here knew what this battle was about and boy would Asher like to tell the world but it wasn't there place. This battle was for something far more simple than those would think. It was for who would rule the Black Lotus Society. These were the two brightest pupil in the Society's history and their friendship aside they knew what had to happen here. Someone had to die or exile their self from all Black Lotus Society matters for life.

"You're stronger I see" said Asher to Chess. He actually enjoyed fighting Chess because his mental was always on the same level as Asher's. A jab step feint from Chess caused Asher to block high allowing for Chess to come low slashing across the mid-section. That slash would open Asher up allowing for blood to seep out. "Thank you" Chess would say to Asher in response. "I must ask. What made you show up for this duel. I thought you removed yourself from our family years ago" Asher who would clash his blade with Chess's responded. "I never left the Black Lotus. I've been in a different space mentally and the Black Lotus just couldn't be apart of it" Chess would smirk "I see" before headbutting Asher clearing space between the two.

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4 Re: Black Lotus Society (Task) WIP on Tue May 31, 2016 6:40 pm

This battle was waging on as Asher struck Chess a few times to match the scars left by his old teammate. They had been at this for hours now and their bodies weren't failing on them yet. Asher hadn't battled this long since him and Chess's first fight. "Remember that duel?" asked Asher as he smiled thinking about his last encounter with Chess. The two went toe to toe for about a day or something like that before neither could go on anymore. Their master called the battle off as a draw and scolded both men for their lack of drive to kill one another "I remember. It was the day I should have killed you." those were words Asher didn't actually expect from Chess. He wasn't this brash back then.

"You think I'm trying to get in your head... you're wrong" Asher was just thinking about time with his old friend. Their blades clased once more as Chess couldn't look Asher in the face, he was solely concerned about winning this battle now. He wanted this more than Asher did and that was evident in his effort throughout this contest. "Time we take it up a notch Chess. What do you think?" both Asher and Chess began to take off their sashes after Asher made that comment followed by Chess's response "I agree"

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5 Re: Black Lotus Society (Task) WIP on Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:19 pm

The destruction done to the battlefield was grand. A giant thin wave of energy headed straight for Asher and he simply side stepped it allowing it to cut off half of the battlefield. Those who were needed to watch simply watched in awe as they to had to assure their safety by simply running while glimpsing back to see if they had missed action. Asher and Chess continued their bout even if it meant they would both die, "Not another draw this time Kringle" Asher smirked "I would hope not" sending a wave of his own back towards Chess who cut it in half with his blade. Asher simply watched as the rocks around him broke as they were cut right through. The sash on their heads showed the emotion in the fight as they were both blood stained and drained of energy.

"How are these men still standing?" asked one of the spectators "I'm trying to make sense of that myself" said another. The formation supporting both men began to slowly detach from the rock mountain they were attached to. The slow decline didn't distract the two from their bout as both men left it all on the battlefield tangling their blades once more. "Why did it take us this long to fight Chess? I always thought we would have crossed paths by now" asked Asher as he continued to slice away at his friend whom dodged each and every blow "I thought so too, but we didn't" Chess would stop being defensive and kick Asher in the mid-section causing him to roll backwards. They weren't falling slowly anymore.

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6 Re: Black Lotus Society (Task) WIP on Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:33 pm

The rock had separated completely and now they were damn near flying down as they stood on this rock formation. That didn't stop them still attacking. Asher didn't care much about this bout anymore. Leading the Black Lotus was of no interest to him but if he won he would do this for his master. Debris came down over both men and Asher still didn't care. A weave followed by two low cut steps under one of Chess's diagonal slashes allowed for Asher to counter and make his own move against his opponent which caught Chess off guard. He was slashed from the armpit a towards his ribs which caused him to drop his blade and tend to his wound. "Chess, Submit"

The anger on Chess's face was clear and obvious as he answered without even speaking. They were nearing the ground so Asher had to make a choice as to how he was going to end this. He would grab Chess and throw him against the mountain itself before impaling him without killing him. The strength of his stab would stick the blade through the rock. Hanging from both the blade and Chess they would watch the structure hit the ground. Upon the arrival of the elders to see the end result of the battle they saw Chess on the ground wearing the sash that Asher had previously warn with both men's swords in his possession. As for Asher he had left. Planning to return home.

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