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1 Call of Duty [Task] on Fri May 20, 2016 5:21 pm

Damian Draco

Free Agents
Free Agents


Task Name: Call of Duty
Tier: T1
Location: Centaurea island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: In a small farming town on the island of Centaurea, a group of gang members that call themselves 'The Great Khans' are terrorising the town, stealing crops and beating down on the citizens. Passing through the village, you are called upon by the townspeople  who plead for your assistance. Can you return peace to Greenville?
Enemy Details:  15 T0 1 T1
Boss: yes

Boss Name: Genghis Breningoch
Tier: T1
Genghis is gigantic and muscular.  He possesses black eyes with yellow sclera, pale gray skin, sharp nose, prominent forehead, and jagged fingernails. He also has dark and abundant hair, but half bald. He wears a stocky tunic consisting of black on the right and cream on the left with both a eggplant animal pelt brim and cuffs, an eggplant pelt sash, and a fluffy gray pelt scarf with timberwolf stripes. He only dons a black glove on his left hand. He also sports gray trousers and a pair of black boots with gray linings. He also has a katana strapped to his belt.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
1x T1 Katana
1x Hidden Pistol
Weapon Mastery:2
Marital Arts: 1

Night had fallen and the young capoeira practitioner calmly strolled through the streets of  a small farming village, hoping to find somewhere to find shelter for the night. Unfortunately that search was about to be delayed.

"Hey buddy, you got a minute?"
Damian turned his attention to the group to a group of five young adults dressed in various outfits that made them look like your run of the mill thugs. The one whom he assumed had called to him was roughly 5'6" and wore a white jacket, orange shirt, black pants and shoes. He had short brown hair and three rings pierced through his left eyebrow and one in his lip. He approached Damian with a sinister look on his face, obviously showing that he and his buddies were looking for trouble. Damian, who was being used to facing demented psychos, wasn't frightened by a group of thugs.

" what do you want?" Damian responded calmly but with a slight demanding tone underneath, indicating that he didn't want to deal with this. Unfortunately for the guy and his buddies they didn't take the hint.

"Well, here's the thing. See, were part part of a gang that runs things in this town and we require everyone to pay a toll when they come around here. So seeing as how we ain't seen you around this place we assume you're new, so here's the deal: you pay or," The guy slowly pulled out a black switch blade knife and smirked. "We mess you up."

Before the guy even knew what hit him, he was up in the air after feeling something smash up into his jaw. He didn't even have a chance to regain his senses before he felt another force collide with his chest, knocking what little wind was left in him out before crashing into a nearby trashcan. The other thugs blinked as their jaws dropped in shock at the sight of their boss flying.
"What the hell just happened?" One of the thugs voiced.

"Yeah, one second the boss is gearing to slash that guy the next he's – " The gang member's sentence never left his mouth as a foot swiftly collided with the left side of his face.

The gang members figured it would be a be a good idea to use their larger numbers to overwhelm the dark skinned martial artist and then beat the shit out of him. Unfortunately for them they weren't just fighting any old run of the mill martial artist. They were fighting an opponent that specializes in fighting multiple opponents at once.

Damian smirked , instead of charging forward like his opponents where Damian began to slowly  swing his arms side to side while placing one of his legs forward in a lunging position. He then began to move his legs side to side with his arms, gradually increasing in speed.  


Damian then spoke,"Ginga"

Just when the thugs entered kicking range Damian placed his hands down on the concrete below him and began to spin his legs like a helicopter blade. The results were instant, Damian smashed his feet into the thug's faces at high speed, sending them in various directions which were always interrupted by buildings and other inanimate objects .

The boss managed to regain his senses enough to look up and see his four buddies flying. However, what really surprised him was seeing his intended victim defeat all of his cronies with some kind of break dance move.

"Damn it, I don't know what's going on but no one makes a fool out of me!" The thug reached into his jacket and quickly pulled out a much larger knife with a six inch blade and black handle. He glared at Damian who had his back to the thug.
"Hope you're ready to die, bastard!" He quickly charged at Damian, his knife raised high and ready to end his life.The instant he had said those words the dark skinned stranger spun around so fast that he could barely be seen. As he turned he spun his right leg and delivered a fast roundhouse kick that knocked the blade of the knife clean off and into a nearby wall.
The nameless thug just stood there in shock, his eyes slowly turning to the now empty handle that had once been his knife. He then looked into the dark hood of the stranger, only for his eyes to meet a pair of cold brown eyes. The thug could feel those eyes almost piercing his very soul, he was that frightened by them.

"Listen pal, I am only gonna say this once so listen up." The taller said teen in a firm and cold tone that sent chills down his enemy's spine.

"You didn't see me here, none of this ever happened and you won't breathe a word of this little encounter to anyone, got it?" The last words were spoken with a small animalistic snarl that made the question sound more like a statement.
The thug could only stand and stare, he was past frightened and subconsciously noticing that he pissed his pants less than two seconds after looking the guy in the eyes. Using what little of his brain was still functioning, he slowly nodded in response before falling on his back unconsciously.

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2 Re: Call of Duty [Task] on Sat May 21, 2016 9:59 am

Damian Draco

Free Agents
Free Agents

The window shutters were all drawn closed but as Damian walked through the small town he noticed the eyes of people hiding behind the slats. “This is a bit awkward,” he thought to himself. It almost feels like they are scared for some reason. Why are they scared though? He let out sigh as he shook his head at the current situation. He had realized that the people seemed scared, and quite possibly of him.

As Damian walked towards one of the houses a crash could be heard from inside. Damian walked over to the house that produced the noise and knocked on the front door and waited for a response…, which didn’t come so he knocked again.

Still he got no response. “tch,” he exclaimed in frustration as he knocked for a third time, when no one answered Damian was about to walk away believing that the whole ordeal was a lost cause, but just as he was to leave the door opened slightly ajar as a child stood meekly on the other side. Although the child had opened the door it was obvious, by the fact that the door was still locked with a chain, that the level of trust was near non-existent. The child looked at the young man

who was standing outside her door and with a slight trembling in her voice she asked him, “y-you’re n-n-ot part of The --Khans?”

“What is a Khan?” Damian asked genuinely having no clue what this young girl was talking about. She let out a sigh as she relaxed visibly and lost the tremble in her voice,

  “The Khans. They are a gang that has been raiding our town for months now. They are the reason why everyone is hiding in their homes for fear of their lives.”

The little girl continued, “ The problem is  that the Mayor was recently taken hostage and is being held in the Town Hall. The Khans thought it would make the perfect statement that they now run this town if they made the Town  Hall into their base of operations… Can, you help us?”

Damian looked at the girl on the other side of the door as he scratched his head in frustration. She appeared to be an innocent girl and her eyes were full of anticipation and hope for help from the new stranger. He shook his head as he answered her question,

“Sorry Kid, but I'm no hero." The girl's face fell visibly as she thought that Damian was turning down her request and abandoning her town. “Point me towards the direction of the town hall."

“I thought you said you aren't a hero mister ,” the girl said as she pointed towards the direction of town hall .

"I'm not, I'm just doing what's right. You don't have to be a hero to do what's right. " Damian stated as he walked towards the direction of the town hall.

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