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1 Farren "The Gourmet" Claret on Thu May 19, 2016 8:07 pm




Name: Farren Claret
Alias/Epithet: The Gourmet
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 97 (Appears to be in his early to mid twenties. This will be explained soon in a skill set)
Mode: Hard

Primary: Martial Artist
Secondary: Cook

Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Farren is a tall, attractive, young man. He considers himself "fashionable" and usually dresses in attire that he feels most would compliment someone on a runway, though his sense of style is questionable. He typically wears formal suits or semi-formal dress-shirts and long pants decorated with bold contrasting colors (usually red and purplish blue) and eccentric patterns such as stripes, flowers or geometric shapes. His brightly blue hair is usually neatly combed, with a characteristic long fringe neatly swept towards the left.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 172 lbs
Wingspan: 80"
Standing Reach: 8'4"
Leg Length (hip to foot): 47.9"

Crew Tattoo Placement: He wouldn't blemish his skin with a tattoo. 

Personality: Farren is an individual that many would categorize as either complex, eccentric, or a genius. However, if one was to ask Farren how he'd categorize himself he'd simply feel he was the most normal person alive (even though he'd be knowingly telling a lie). Farren tends to hold mannerisms that are typically melodramatic, loud, and flamboyant - as he loves to be the center of attention no matter what the occasion. This want for attention has even influenced his taste in clothing (wearing bold, contrasting colors to catch the eye of everyone around him). On top of this, Farren's outward personality is one which many would describe as friendly, outgoing, and one of the nicest gentleman that you could ever meet. 

Unbeknownst to many, this personality is one that he has purposely taken on in order to allow dabbling in the shadier aspects of life to be that much easier. Those with an intimidating or shady personality were usually the ones that were remembered as threats and ratted out to the authorities quickly. It didn't take much observation on Farren's part to realize this and decide that he'd rather go a different route. Those who were outwardly friendly and outgoing while also being so flamboyant were usually the ones that were remembered, but, they were rarely ever seen as people who could have ever done anything wrong.

Inwardly, Farren's personality is entirely different. This friendly, loud, easy going personality that Farren radiates hides a highly intelligent, cruel, selfish, ruthless, and calculating persona that he keeps in check. However, this inward personality occasionally tends to slip out every now and then, but mostly when he finds himself angered. Angering Farren is an extremely hard thing to manage, but once it occurs there is little Farren can do to control himself.  

Outside of these attributes, Farren is a very perceptive person. Farren is able pick up information by various methods such as interacting with people or just observing them. Coupled with the fact that he's a great liar, ferreting out what he wants is something he excels at. Farren also wields an extremely analytical mind. He is able to study situations and attempt to work out how to turn them to his advantage, as well as prioritize tasks to maximize his efficiency.


  • Eating - He considers himself as a strong predator that seeks to devour the finest meals made of his "prey" and would not hesitate to resort to any merciless tactics in order to achieve his goals. By eating of his prey, he feels he strengthens himself further not only mentally but physically as well - bringing him back to the level he was once on. He views his food as fuel, and will only consume meals that he feels will maximize his efficiency and skill. 

  • Adventure - A life of boredom is something that Farren simply can't fathom.

  • Lying - Lying is one of the most interesting things that Farren ever finds himself doing. Lies are able to mold and control the actions of others with nothing more than simple words, and this is something that Farren has crafted into an art form. To Farren, lying is simply a means to an end - that "end" being whatever he wants it to be based on the lie he has decided to tell.


  • Those who "disagree" with his eating behavior - Farren tends to find himself losing his temper whenever others tend to speak negatively about what he eats, and how he chooses to eat it. 
  • Losing his freedom again - After his lengthy sentence due to his past actions, and only being released due to his current agreement with them he still continues to fear the idea that he could be placed back in his cell. Though he is currently working towards their ends, he doesn't trust his employers completely, as they could always find a way to place him back into Impel Down. 
  • Long-winded conversation - Though Farren employs this tactic when he's attempting to help a mark feel more at ease, he doesn't exactly like it when this same tactic is used against him. These types of conversations equate to something that will eventually become boring to him, and as such he will attempt to separate himself from whomever or whatever is causing this conversation as quickly as possible.

History: When it comes to Farren Claret's past, there aren't many who truly know much about him. Many try to place the blame on his current state on his past, yet, details about his past seem to be just as elusive as Farren used to be during his reign of terror. Some tend to think that Farren was the product of a broken home; citing that only abusive parents could have raised a horror such as him. Others tend to believe that maybe there was something truly traumatic in the old man's life that caused him to turn out the way he has, as events like these could turn any sane man insane. Yet, the last crowd that believes that Farren was simply born a bad seed has gained the most followers. Even though information about his past is almost non-existent, information pertaining to the horrors caused by the serial killer known as "The Gourmet" have reached an almost mythological level. Even though these events occurred almost 72 years ago, many people around the world still remember his deeds. Even though murder was something that wasn't exactly new to the world, the cannibalism that "The Gourmet" added to his macabre list of feats was something that many could never get over.

At the age of 15, Farren had already taken the lives of forty men and women; each of his victims missing certain body parts that were later found to be consumed by the killer. This brutal killing spree lasted for ten years until The Gourmet was finally captured, convicted, and thrown into level 6 of Impel Down with the intention that he'd die eventually while imprisoned. Unfortunately, due to Farren's mastery of life return he found himself immune to the effects of aging, making him virtually immortal when it comes to the topic of dying due to senescence. Anybody else in a different situation would have probably been happy with this ability, but for Farren, this simply meant his life sentence was now one to be served for an eternity.

72 years have now passed since Farren had first been thrown down into the pits of Impel. Other prisoners locked in this hell with him have come and gone, dying due to old age, suicide, or a beat down at the hands of another inmate. Through all of this, Farren has managed to survive.Though he still holds enough mastery over his Life Return to maintain his life his other skills have virtually diminished to nothing. Recently however, level 6 received a new guest by the name of Wallace D. Rose. Farren initially had no clue who this man was, given he'd been locked up the entire time this man had seemingly taken up the reigns of Pirate King, but it didn't take long for the other inmates to bring the old man up to speed. It appeared that yet another Golden Age of piracy had begun, and the Marines had managed to land yet another blow against the Pirates by removing such an influential piece from the chessboard. With A King being removed, it was only natural to assume that other players would soon be making moves of their own to fill the void. There was only one direction that this would all head into, and that was all out war.

It wasn't long after this capture that the Warden soon made his way to Farren's cell with an offer that most in Impel would never be given. The Warden offered Farren release from his sentence on the condition that he join up with the Marines and assist them in their upcoming efforts. He'd start from scratching, working as an Ensign and begin to make his way up the ranks like any other soldier in the employ of the Marines, and in return he'd be released from his life sentence and also be allowed to partake in his past eating habits (ONLY if the victims of said eating habits happened to be Pirates or Revolutionaries). To Farren, the choice wasn't exactly a hard one to make. Each second he spent in this hole felt like an eternity, and with the possibility of spending a literal eternity within this undersea prison....needless to say, Farren decided it was time to get his ass out of there. 
Face Claim: Tokyo Ghoul|Shuu Tsukiyami

What you allow is what will continue

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2 Re: Farren "The Gourmet" Claret on Fri May 20, 2016 4:57 am


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Oooh. I smell jio.

I like the char,bit iffy on age but approved

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